Edge of what?

Whenever I use the word “what” in a question, I cannot keep the image of Samuel L. Jackson (in that very memorable scene from Pulp Fiction) out of my brain.  “Say what again. I dare you.”  

Edge of my seat, edge of sanity, edge of enlightenment, edge of self discovery, edge of disaster, edge of happiness, edge of boredom?  Insert an “L” and you have an altogether different and immediate answer to the question.  I am tempted to digress but shall not.  Perhaps subject for another post…

As introduction, this blog came into existence on a dare.  I will admit that once upon a time I had a brief (very brief) thought to do this blog thing and the more I thought about it the more I disliked the idea.  Yet here I am peeking around the edge into another world, one of which I have very little knowledge – the blogosphere.  This poses many numerous challenges not least of which is what the hell do I write about?

The first obstacle I need to eliminate is not so much the discomfort of knowing I am writing words that either no one will read or many will read and then no one will read again but rather the discomfort of typing my words on a keyboard.  It is uncomfortable for me to sit in an office chair in front of a screen that sits upon a desk and write something (hopefully)interesting, creative, thought provoking.  I am a dinosaur.  Part of my self-expression through words was (once) not generated simply by putting pen to paper (I am still partial to legal pads) but the setting within which I chose to write. 

Accoutrements are so very important.  I am partial to the floor for instance.  I find it relaxing to lay on the floor.  No pillow.  Just the floor.  My mind seems better able to relax and unwind in a horizontal position which does seem to make sense – gravity is not involved.  “Gravity”.  Get it?  Maybe not now but you will.

3 thoughts on “Edge of what?

  1. clarkscottroger October 18, 2009 / 3:16 pm

    Loved that scene.
    (What country you from?) What?
    (‘What ain’t no country I know. Do they speak English in ‘What’?) What?



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