Color only to the edge of the page, please

I awoke in the wee hours this morning with fleeting ideas and bits of sentences that, if remembered, just might make for a halfway decent post.  But no somnambulistic blog writing for me.  At least not yet.  Damn, can’t remember a single “idea” I had.  Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night while having a particularly vivid or exciting dream/nightmare, grabbed a writing utensil and pad (old school) so that in the morning you could impress yourself with what your unconscious self  was doing while you slept?  Remember reading it and thinking “wtf ?”   

“Vapid”   That is the perfect adjective to describe my brain as of late.  I can’t put it down to too much television as I don’t watch all that much.  Hm….maybe we should have cable TV after all… If circumstances were different and I had all the advanced techno gadgets and gizmos at hand would I be any more creative, more prolific, more accomplished…..would I be more than I am?  Is Technology a tool or a crutch?  Does it help or hinder?  Perhaps it is simply a function of age.  The older one is the more items on the “to do list”.   Is the cumulative effect (of aging) too much even for modern technology?  There is still only 24 hours in a day, only 7 days in a week.  Why in the world would I not be able to sit down and write a post everyday?  Or practice a musical instrument or read or heaven forbid, write a book.  The things we put off doing one day for another day simply increases the” inertial reflex”.  Don’t know if that is a word or not but I like it. 

How ’bout another?



  1. clark · January 19, 2011

    hey, you should get some of them ‘social sharing’ thingies for the bottom of these here Posts here that and/or photos of attractive wimmin is what gets you Readeration…they can’t all be at Teenie Girl Crush sites


    • girlieontheedge1 · January 19, 2011

      Yes, that is an option I had considered. Shall do so.
      No, no they can’t…..


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