There is always an edge if you need one

I wish.  Unfortunately, the edge of which I speak is not so easily conjured.  It is not summoned simply because I want or need an edge.  More often than not, it comes as a result of something else.  Some external stimuli that suddenly affects us in an extreme way and thereby induces an “edge” – by default.  What I need, and my like people* need, is the ability to have an “edge” whenever.  Sure that’s a scary thought.  But think of the possibilities!  Gone are the low paying, creatively stifling  jobs, gone is the self-imposed loneliness, gone is the….fear.  Success can simply be a way of life.

Try and think of life in terms of having the ability to be “on” at a moment’s notice.  No, I’m not talking about being “on” in the way a scott is “on”.  ( they don’t have an off switch so the point is irrelevant).   I know you know what I’m talking about.  The joke that rolls out of your mouth like a gumball out of a candy machine,  the sudden onset of physical prowess (“damn, never knew she could throw a football like that”), or perhaps going at it with your boss but leaving his office while he pats you on the back like his best golfing buddy telling you to keep up the good work.  There isn’t a person out here who hasn’t experienced it. 

The catch is not everyone is aware of what it really is (the state of being “on”) or that it is something one can control, acquire or direct.  I suppose it requires a lack of self-consciousness.  It requires perhaps scottian certainty peppered with a little rogerian assumptive self-direction.  What I can tell you unequivocally is that it involves energy.  A certain type of energy.  (You are undoubtedly at this point scratching your head, finger poised on the delete button, wondering what the hell I am babbling about – clarks, scotts, rogers etc.  Guess I will have to be “on” the next time I write and explain more cogently…….


 * clarks    You need to visit…. 



  1. Glenn · January 25, 2011

    I know I’m supposed to like Bruce Springstein–but I don’t. Never got it. I’m sure he’s got something but it ain’t something I need. Sings with his mouth full of golf balls. A little too ponderous…too sure he is saying something…IMPORTANT every time he farts. There seems to me to be a difference between art..and an ACT. Bruce is just a well-polished ACT. Not really original. Did not take us anywhere we hadn’t already been–or wouldn’t have got to without him. I’m sure I’m missing something. But if you gotta look that hard for it…bound to be disappointing if you find it.
    To your point, girlie: Your “edge”…if it is truly YOUR edge, it must then be a clarklike edge. Therefore you already have it. May take years to learn to wield it, but it’s the only real edge you’re ever going to have. The clark progenitor is only now learning how to wield his decidedly clarklike edge. I’m probably wrong about that too. But…maybe not.


    • girlieontheedge1 · January 25, 2011

      When I started reading your comment Glenn, my brain began to yawn. But then kablaam! there was a second paragraph – such counterpoint! You most likely are correct. I find your use of the word “wield” interesting. (but not unexpected as you are a scott).
      …..maybe not.


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