Climaxing on the edge

Have you seen the movie ladies?  If not, it’s a must see.  I give it both thumbs up while standing up.  Now, if you are like me and appreciate a movie with well done violence and a gorgeous leading man (like Antonio) then you will not be disappointed.  What isn’t a turn on in this movie?  If I were a man I’d be having sex with myself throughout, but thank god I am not a man.  No sirree.  I can sit and appreciate this film –  it’s choreography, music, firearms and use thereof, in quiet delicia-tude.  You see, women have psychic orgasms.  It’s true.   How many of you guys out there have watched movies with your wife or girlfriend and caught a glimpse of a smile on her face?  Wondered why she was smiling during that particular scene, which btw does not have to be a love scene.  In fact, it is usually not during those particular scenes when your loved one is doing her fantasy thang. 

You men out there?  I know you tease your women about their crushes on male actors, musicians, maybe even artists but do you ever know when they, we, do the substitution thing.  Yeah, women do that.  It is not a male dominated sport.  As a matter of fact, if I were to search in the right places I could probably come up with some amazing statistics on female psychic orgasm.  OK.  Maybe no amazing stats but it’s out there in cyberspace.  Information on psychic orgasms is out there.  Personally, I don’t give a shit.  What I do care about is finding more film clips of  hunky leading men. 



  1. clark · January 26, 2011



  2. AKH · January 26, 2011

    bravo! ain’t that the truth. all you guys out there disappointed? stunned? thinking wtf!? surprise! now when see your girlfriend or wife seemingly smiling at nothing you’ll just have to wonder won’t you.


  3. Glenn Miller · January 27, 2011

    Song by the Texas Tornados–Who Were You Thnking Of…Goes like this:
    Who were you thinking of when we were making love last night?
    Was it a good looking stranger or a close friend of mine?
    You got more out of it than I put into it last night.
    Who were you thinking of, when we were loving last night?

    Rodney Dangerfield said.. Johnny at my age sex ain’t what it used to be. Last night I tried to make love with my wife. I look down at her..I say “What’s the matter…you can’t think of anyone either?”


    • girlieontheedge1 · January 27, 2011

      Thoughtful response Glenn. And thank you for the TT reference. Nice lyrics but I am afraid the accordion just doesn’t do it for me (under any circumstance). Me? I’m hearing the lyrics sung by Graham Bonnet a la Impellitiri.

      Just can’t relate to Rodney. There is always someone to think of.


  4. rogercoyne · January 27, 2011

    So this is why I have HBO,Cinemax, SHO, Netflix, Starz, and all that…hmm….


  5. clark · January 27, 2011

    (to glenn and rcoyne) well pardners, I’d say we done stumbled into one of those saloons…best we git on them horsies we rode in on and vamoose

    (AKH…remember what Freud said (maybe about blogs), “sometimes a Post is just a Post”..


  6. rogercoyne · January 27, 2011

    Question. No…statement. No, wait. I can’t handle the truth. So I’ll stick with question.


  7. AKH · February 1, 2011

    this definitely ain’t “just a post”


  8. Clark · February 1, 2011

    hey!! roger Hey, yo glenn!! thems wimmins is commencin to talk again…!

    hot damn!


  9. AKH · February 9, 2011

    without divulging the mysteries of the female climax i will say this:
    clarks, use your insightful imagination. use that quest for knowledge yo
    rogers, what is the general consensus of the herd?
    and last but certainly not least
    you scottian males (glenn) keep panting.


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