…back from the edge of…

Let’s talk re-invention.  For some, it is re-animation but let’s leave that for another post.  People talk about it all the time.  “Hey, did you hear about Bob?  His business failed, Heather left him and his kids hate em.  Have you seen him lately?!  Damn!  He must have re-invented himself!”  I know.  I know.  So many questions, where to begin!  There are a kazillion websites to address this question seriously and some, not so seriously.  

The proverbial question:  “What am I looking for?”  On a smaller scale, we ask ourselves this over and over:  in the grocery store, drugstore, department store, etc.  (For today’s discussion we’ll hop up on the big stage.) Let’s suppose for a nano-second that anyone/everyone can re-invent themselves, pre-supposing of course that lucidity is not fading and there are no psycho-tropic drugs involved.  Where does a body start?  As a clark, (that’s correct, clarks are all about thinking.  go to  The Wakefield Doctrine  to confirm), we are always looking for something, but there may come a time when it becomes necessary – no, make that mandatory, to re-invent ourselves.  Disregard the individuals who do this for sport. (scotts, mostly)  Wait, maybe that’s not such a bad idea…?  Nah, forget the scotts.  For now.   

What have all the self-help books, websites, coffee mugs and cartoons have in common?  Inventory.  That is correct.  Take a re-e-a-l good looksee.  Put on the 3-D’s.  LOOK  in the mirror.  Have no sharp objects nearby and do not under any circumstances have music playing in the background.  This last suggestion is tempting to disregard.  DO NOT DISREGARD.  The proper music in the background can either: enhance, amplify (yes, there is a difference between enhance and amplify) or destroy the current mood at the time thereby nullifying the first step of re-invention.

Next Post:  what to do if the 3-D’s keep sliding off your nose.



  1. clark · February 3, 2011

    you realize, of course, that you have a pre-conception regarding the concept of re-invention, yo.
    Will resist urge to get all, ‘original face’ on your little discussion and perhaps take a more scottian approach….nah that’s an oyymoron…the scottian response would be: is it a predator? is it prey? eat..sleep…defecate…reproduce….
    Whats so hard about that?


    • girlieontheedge1 · February 3, 2011

      Yes, yes I do.
      Don’t hold back. Please. Get all “original face”. It’s only you and I here for the moment.
      I know and what’s so hard about peace love and understa-anding…..


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