Edgy but cool…it ain’t no big thing

The writing thing.  Always a damned challenge.  Lines (usually from songs but just as often movies) will stick in my brain like a fly on a fly trap.  Struggling at first to get free, then giving up and finally dying.  And so it is with the simple phrase “it ain’t no big thing”.  I can’t tell you why or when in the last couple of days those words suddenly appeared in my brain.  “Tap, tap…check, pff, check”.  Sound check complete.  For the time being I carry Lita  around in my gig bag.  Not bad company. For the time being.  

Once upon a time I thought it would be fun to create the “soundtrack” of my life.  Huh.  Did I say fun?!  Digital Headline: “Girlieontheedge Goes Into Studio!  Doesn’t Come Out!  Swallowed Up Whole While Mixing Final Decade!”  But you know, I have to remember it ain’t no big thing. 

That’s it!  Life, career, relationship(s)….ain’t no big thing.  Takes the pressure off doesn’t it?  It’s cathartic relying on familiar lines from songs or movies.  Releases the power of the moment.  Several years ago a friend and her young daughter came to visit.  We thought it a nice day trip to drive up to St. Augustine. It was February in Florida and should have been sunny and mild except it wasn’t. It was cold, overcast and windy. Felt more like Vermont than Florida.  We were trying to keep our spirits up pretending the sun would come out soon.  We finally arrived at our destination.  Kathleen and Lindsay were seated in the back of our Chevrolet Astro van and as my SO opened the door, Kathleen asked for help getting out of the van.  “Help ya down!” was the immediate response from my SO.  She knew the reference immediately. So happens she shared a love of that movie as well.  The movie of course is “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  The sun peeked out just little bit at that moment.

Communication via lyrics, lines from movies, books, etc. can be a kind of therapy.  Huh.  Did I say “therapy”.  What am I trying to say here.  Perhaps the only therapy anyone needs can be…  “What?  Say what again….frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn but if you want to live, come with me….of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world…you talkin’ to me….it’s Wednesday, anything can happen day…..it ain’t no big thing.



  1. Glenn · February 5, 2011

    We’re gonna need a… Leave this for… They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls..
    Attica!Attica!Attica!…I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.,


    • girlieontheedge1 · February 5, 2011

      Excuse me but do you have me confused with somebody else? Did you mean to comment here?
      What pray tell are you talking about?!
      Is the comment you meant for this Post on someone else’s blog?! Quick – go check and then report back to me. Go.


  2. clark · February 5, 2011

    …actually the scottian view is the more interesting…
    clarks will see movies and songs as representations of the “realer real world”
    rogers will see movies and songs as support of their place in the herd/culture
    scotts like them cause they wear (the lines and lyrics) like the skins and hides of (sucessfully) hunted animals…prey
    show me a scott in a social setting…tell me the lines he/she (but mostly he) is quoting and I will tell you who he (hardly ever she) is quoting them at…


    • girlieontheedge1 · February 7, 2011

      I tend to agree with you on the first point. Most of the time. Tell me why is the scottian view more interesting?
      Is it always illustrative of the predator/prey; dominant/submissive? Surely there is some tenderness somewhere? Surely a scott is capable of quoting a poignant, even romantic line from a song/movie?

      Note: To Reader Glenn. As unbelievable as it sounds, I have not seen the Godfather. Having said this, I am certain that I glean the meaning of your last comment. Hope you will return.


    • AKH · February 15, 2011

      “…don’t plead with me, I’m not bound to bleed for you…”


  3. clark · February 7, 2011

    naw…mostly it is a Paradise Lost thing (for clarks watching the fuckin antics of the scotts)…
    here’s a fuckin premise for a movie…suppose Adam and Eve were actually the failed results of an experiment by god…that is was not their fault…that god was trying for something totally different…a new model angel or some frickin thing…
    Anyway God creates these two, “New and Improved Angel(s)” and almost immediately realizes that He has screwed up…but has a moment of sentimentality…like seeing a puppy born with only 2 legs…creates Eden (which is an exaggerately friendly place) and the He gets distracted and forgets the whole failed experiment…’goes back to the lab’…Adam and Eve do not have a clue that they are rejects, mistakes that should have been destroyed, but they do have a memory of the Creator…but not the fact that they have been abandoned…

    Who wants to write a screenplay?


    • girlieontheedge1 · February 8, 2011

      Not having read Milton’s work (you are referring to to Milton are you not?) I can only glean the reference. I know only of basic premise. Your idea does sound intriguing however. Perhaps it will be your second screenplay. Would make for a nice collaborative work.


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