…on the edge of tomorrow…

I’m seated in front of my computer, doolin dalton.  Music soothing the storm that’s brewing like cowboy coffee over an open fire.  Turning ever so slightly I look to my right, then to my left and I can see 180 degrees of grey skies, heavy with the threat of rain, “just biding time”.  And I ask myself, “do I want to leave that peaceful life behind?” 

For now I’m curling up with my music blanket all comfy and co-o-zee cruisin’ the “Tube listening to Willie, Lyle, Emmy…. soaking myself in a tub full of “country”.  Melody and harmony gliding over my skin…. slick with nostalgia.   

Anyone who asks the question “is time travel possible” I say yes, yes it is.  Music is the vehicle,  books are the vehicle.  Both are the finest modes of transplantation possible.  Thank God we have them to take us to new and exciting places, to old and treasured landscape(s), to the as yet unexplored…

While drifting to the edge of yesterday, I reminded myself  how much music (the listening of) is not only a necessity in life but an extremely valuable tool.  It can transport me (Jason doesn’t have a corner on the market) to any level/plane of emotion out there.   The proper music/song/composition can motivate and energize, soothe and calm, soften and sadden.  All the “faces” of life are reflected in music.  Some would argue it is an indulgence to rely on music to relive, revive, renew, reinvent.  Does it matter that I disagree? Nah…..If I need a boost there is always “someone” to grab me and kick my butt in gear, if I want to waft away in a quasi state of reflection, well, there is always “someone” to guide me.  If I need to “drown in my own tears”, damn I have plenty of company.  

Oh, alright.  I’ll get out of the tub.  Hand me that towel while……



  1. Glenn · February 12, 2011



  2. Glenn · February 12, 2011

    Elvis Costello and Emmy-Lou Harris–sublime. Johnny Cash song. Breathtaking. Performed so perfectly…and such a perfect song. By the way, I just reread your text. I could read it again all day. When you crank it up, you write as well as Elvis and Emmy-Lou sing. What a double pleasure today’s post was! Keep bringing it.


    • Girlieontheedge · February 12, 2011

      I loved that one too. Emmylou has the voice of an angel. Her rendition of Pancho and Lefty is one of my absolute favorites.
      Thank you. It pleases me that you found pleasure in the words.
      I will give it my best effort:)


  3. clark · February 12, 2011

    great music blog, good videos when ya gonna do some Hendrix

    thats music, you cut and paste real good

    keep up the good work!!


  4. RCoyne · February 13, 2011

    Well I’ll just second what Glenn said. You have a wonderful smooth rythym in your writing that just hits it right on the nailhead. I’m there.
    And no hurry getting out of that tub, you take all the time you want.


    • Girlieontheedge · February 13, 2011

      I’ll take seconds:) Thank you.
      Well, if you think it’s alright then I might just linger a little bit longer….


  5. clark · February 14, 2011

    Attention Maintenance Department!! Testosterone Spill in Aisle 4, janitor and blue sawdust please proceed to Aisle 3, stat


    • Girlieontheedge · February 14, 2011

      I believe the loud speaker system is inoperative…..don’t slip on your way out…..


      • AKH · February 15, 2011

        hey how about those red cowboy boots? look familiar?!!

        p.s. love your thought-provoking metaphors. and yes, music is a fully jacked up vehicle that can take you to anywhere your mood leads. it can also alter your mood. best of all one has total control over it. if you’re in a good mood and are digging the music then that’s great! if you’re in a perhaps more somber state of mind music can go two ways. it can bring you down more in which case it is necessary to change it immediately. or put on some music from The Tubes. Now that’ll transport you. If that doesn’t get you to a happy place, well you’re on your own.
        Amen to music!


        • Girlieontheedge · February 15, 2011

          Beautiful. Dead giveaway. Even a neo-phyte (go to the Wakefield Doctrine, it’s on the sidebar) could see she is a clark – cowboy boots with evening wear. Now what’s wrong with that:)

          They do indeed look familiar:)
          Thank you. You make a good point about control. I think that is key. You have a choice of where you want to lead yourself emotionally. I find there are times when I need to indulge in the blue-est of blues simply to get it out of my system. Then there are times I know I can stimulate the endorphins simply by choosing the proper song. Why, it could even be the Tubes, especially Completion Backwards Principle – can definitely go full circle there:)


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