It’s called an edge-ucation dumass!

Greetings and salutations! I be your edge-ucationist in residence, Girlieontheedge.  You can call me Girlie.  I sit this morning having awakened from a poignant, if not literal dream.*  2 posts ago I brought up the subject of dream analysis and how it was something I had a knack for.  Of course, it is a much trickier task to self-analyze.  It requires an objectivity not easily come by.  Let it be said that yours truly has been collecting this special brand of objectivity for many a year clipping it to my bandolier as I put one foot in front of the other for yet another day. 

Uh. Huh.  Point?  Is there a helpful point to be made this morning?  Y-e…es? How to deal with inertia.  Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines inertia first as:  “a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force”. 

I know I have plenty of company out there.  Inertia is not relegated soley to “old people”.  It can afflict individuals of any age – the 20 somethings who suddenly declare they are in a “rut” (wait until you hit 50 kid), the 30 somethings who proclaim their job is going nowhere (no buddy, you are going nowhere), 40 somethings who wake up one morning and wonder what else has been taking up their time besides raising the kids (ya, kids are not self-sustaining units) and the 50 somethings who wake up one morning, and then another and then another and another to ask the same old question” what the fuck?! (like ya didn’t see it coming)

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE another day can begin and end with NO movement forward (pay attention – that’s forward not backward kids)  Is it a single action that breaks the kink in the gears?  A shot of juice to lube the connections?  See where I am going with this? (me neither)  Forward motion  (implied success and happiness resulting) becomes more difficult with the passage of time.  Someone I know uses the analogy of playing the same song on a record, hell the same record, over and over and after awhile the needle is stuck in that groove unable to advance to the next song.  For those of us who still own records and those young enough to puzzle over needles and vinyl enough said.

Inertia and Energy.  You think the cost of food and gasoline is exhorbitant?!  The cost involved in the energy required to fight inertia is huge if too many years have passed.  Not impossible, just shall we say, challenging.  Seems I may be moving on to a secondary, yet related topic:  “Tools Helpful In Restablishing Movement In The “REAL” World” or  “Can I Exercise My Way To The Top?”, maybe “Anybody Have a Lighter I Can Borrow?”…

Gonna head over to the Wakefield Doctrine  now .  It’s great knowing I’m a clark , but I really need to get my scottian thang on today.  Remember, today could be your last day on earth.  (What? It’s what? … “today is the first day of the rest of your life?”.  Yeah, sure, that’s what I said.

* It was nice to have an old friend show up and do the most simple of things.  Hold my hand.  It was a nice walk.  The part about throwing the lobster back in the ocean, well, it wasn’t me!

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