What is the root of all evil? Know-l-edge

I know!  That’s not how the saying goes.  But if you think about it just a nanosecond longer it makes sense.  Do I need to preface it by saying it makes “perfect” sense if you are a clark?  Good.  Glad everyone has visited the Wakefield Doctrine aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogersand acquainted themselves with the basics. (psst…on my Blogroll)

clarks think.  One of my favorite descriptions found in the Wakefield Doctrine (for it being so spot on) is how important knowledge (and it’s bastard son information) is to clarks.  And that my friend is the evil of which I speak.  The search for knowledge and information very often can lead a clark away from that which he/she seeks.  The need “to know” all the facts or “have all the information”  before acting for clarks is more often than not, a burden and at times detrimental.  The cerebral interferes with the physical.  What I mean by that is that the body “knows” first, before the brain (“knows”).  I’ll call it ” instinct”.   The brain interprets a situation with the handicap of time – time for various synapses to link up and “tell” a person what is going on, what he/she should do etc.  The body on the other hand can automatically lead a person if they know how to listen.  At times the challenge for a clark is how not to allow one’s brain to interfere with spontaneous action.  Speaking of….

In contrast, scotts actOf the moment, spontaneous, scotts have no need to sit and think about anything really.  Their behavior is predicated on the “hunt”.  The instinctive need to separate the dominant from the submissive and not in the fun way.  Oftentimes charismatic, they very often emerge as leaders – just because.  Damn don’t they sound like they know what they are talking about?  They are so certain.

Rounding out the 3 rd way by which to view the world are the rogers.  rogers feel.  Everything.  For they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.  They are the keepers of humanity, of history, the engineers that tweak the gears of society.  rogers are of the masses, they travel within the ulitmate herd.

Hey!  Here’s an idea.  The Progenitor clark and Downspring Glenn have for many years engaged in a Saturday Night Drive about the very real town of Wakefield discussing among other things, what has come to be known as the Wakefield Doctrine which describes how if one knows how someone views the world then it can be known how that person will act and react in the world.  Pretty damned helpful I’d say.  Anyway, thanks to emerging technology, the Progenitor clark and Downspring Glenn will be available live during their weekly driveabout to answer any questions a person might have regarding the Wakefield Doctrine – anything from “what is the basic premise of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers?” to “what exactly is a clark or a scott or a roger?” or “how do I tell what I am and where can I go for more information?”  AND IT’S FREE!  Here’s all you need to know to call in tonight, Saturday night:

Now you can call the Doctrine and your Questions will be answered…from Wakefield!! Free! Fun!! Informative!!! (and free) Saturday Night 8:00 to 8:45 pm EST Dial: 1-218-339-0422 Enter Passcode: 512103#
Hear you then!




  1. clark · March 5, 2011

    “Anyway, thanks to emerging technology, the Progenitor clark and Downspring Glenn will be available live during their weekly driveabout to answer any questions a person might have regarding the Wakefield Doctrine – anything from “what is the basic premise of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers?” to “what exactly is a clark or a scott or a roger?” or ”how do I tell what I am and where can I go for more information?”or, “why does everyone else seem to know how to relax?” or “if I look at myself in the mirror, why do I start to feel anxious?” or “…my friend who is a roger…we get along real well when it is just the two of us, but when there are other rogers around they get real cruel, wtf?” finally “…my bff is a scott and when we talk I believe that they are really kind and considerate but sometimes this person gets all “Hey!!! Hey!!! Look at me!!! Look at me”!!! why can’t they ever give it a rest?”


    • Girlieontheedge · March 5, 2011

      Thank you clark for the additional potential questions. Certain food for thought.
      One of my all time favorites “why can’t I just fit in?”.

      May there be callers this evening who finally get some answers to these questions and more that finally make sense…..


  2. clark · March 5, 2011

    don’t forget!
    …”there are no stupid questions, just your questions”


  3. Glenn Miller · March 7, 2011

    The mind-body separation is a major theme of Gestalt Psychology. But, as a clark, you may be unable to realize any benefit from it. Clarks are so caught up in intellectual machinations, they often CANNOT listen to their body. EVERYTHING is intellectualized. Gestalt techiniques are designed to bring into immediate consciousness exactly what the body is ( literally) saying. Intellectualization is a defense against total consciousness. Purls called it “Elephant shit” Worse than bullshit. Clarks often shield themselves from their own emotions by employing elephant shit. They can talk ABOUT their feelings–but cannot fully experience them. Rogers and scotts do the same, but clarks do it the most–and often have the sense of feeling—incomplete–cut off from vital self-awareness–as you described in the above post.
    Those “banished” emotions go right to the body–and become “somaticized”. So, cultivating an ability to dialogue with your body could be immensely valuable to anyone–but especially to a clark–all that untapped instinctive wisdom–banished from consciousness–but still stored in the body–and waiting to be re-integrated into the whole. What the Hell ARE those boots saying, Girlie? What is your hand saying as you nervously tug at your hair? What is your leg saying as it shakes. What are your arms saying as they cross in front of you? Good stuff here. But, requires a bit of disinhibition, and a bit of courage. Not everyone likes everything they learn. Come on, Girlie! Be the boots!


    • Girlieontheedge · March 7, 2011

      Gosh, I don’t know where to begin…Let us start with a “positive”. I appreciate you sharing various theories of personality, well the Gestalt flavor anyway.
      It is a true statement that clarks often get caught up in “intellectual machinations” but it is NOT a true statement to imply that most of the time they do not listen to their body. But maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I believe strongly in the notion that the “body knows first” and if you have read Castenada then you know the specific reference.
      May I suggest that there are clarks who are well aware of the self-sublimation that takes place in their brains/bodies, and yes, there are times when they do not and/or refuse to “listen” to what their bodies are telling them.

      The “instinctive wisdom” you reference? Is it not a “body” thing?

      I still cannot wrap my unsuitably unadorned head around the idea that I “be” my boots! Wait a minute and I will go put them on…….OK, I’m back. Um, nothing. I got nothin.

      So let me see if I am really “hearing” what you are saying – clarks are zombies? We “become somaticized”? Are you telling me that clarks are all stupid for not mining the “untapped instinctive wisdom- banished from consciousness” (and stored in my boots)?

      I have to run now but I promise to return and write about my boots, shoes, hair and why for all those years I refused to wear a matching pair of earrings.


  4. Glenn Miller · March 7, 2011

    You’re funny. And resolutely blocked. It’s Ok. Whatever revelation lies in “being the boots”, may not be needed right now. No need to force it. Let it happen when and how it “wants to”.


  5. clark · March 7, 2011

    (to paraphrase an old joke), ‘that a pretty abstract discussion for a grounded scott’!
    It has been written in the Doctrine that those of us participating in this thing of ours are not the run-of-the-mill clarks or scotts or roehers; your citing Perls and Existential Psychology with such clear enthusiasm is the proof of this fact.
    The funny thing about the characteristically clarklike intellectualization is that we ‘know’ that we are disconnecting from the emotional aspect of our personality. Of course, this kind of ‘knowing’ is not very different from the active alcoholic insisting that he ‘knows he has a problem, but would rather not change’.
    With the intellectualization of (most) clarks, it is a case of knowing that we have a problem and are recognising the (in)ability to change.
    I mean, what the fuck, how can you intellectually reclaim the emotional aspect of a personality? Adaption, compensation, dynamic balance are all strategies clarks will employ to make up for the deficiencies we know are there.
    Now the question of how the other two ( scotts and rogers ) cope with deficiencies is more telling.
    I would venture that both simply ‘legislate’ the shortcoming out of existance. The roger by deciding that he doesn’t really want to play with the ball, that it is the wrong color or texture and besides, no one he knows likes those kinds of balls.
    The scott by simply chasing something else, a ring or a stick, he doesn’t deny the existance of the ball (that he knows he can’t have) he simply does something else… with the scottian personality, “activity trumps introspection” every damn time.
    (I think Harry Sullivan would have said, ‘them clarks is showing syntaxic thinking yo, but scotts…wtf? how prototaxic can those fuckers get? Hey dude, the ball is under the blanket, the blanket did not negate the ball it is covering..”


    • Girlieontheedge · March 9, 2011

      True statement – “intellectualization” is both the bane and bailiwick of clarks. I am of the opinion that the ability of clarks to “know” can be an effective tool in the(ir) lifelong search for fullfilment. Notwithstanding, if clarks learn to “develop” their scottian and rogerian aspects (of personalitiy) then all is within reach……


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