Meanwhile back at KSC…

 Over at the Rag, that’s The Secessionist Rag , there was a little discussion of timeline jumps.  Anyone  familiar with such things will attest to the fact that there is always a “weirdness”, as Mr. Coyne describes it, upon “returning”.   In other words, there is a ripple effect.  A person cannot “jump” to a former or new timeline, return to the present one and not experience  some sort of disturbance.   There is always a ripple effect, the strength and duration of which depends on several factors:  1.)  “length” of jump (distance in terms of years or cirmcumstance  from present timeline);  2.)  “duration” of jump (time spent in new or old timeline) and lastly, 3.)  motivation for the jump(why). 

Motivation is the heavy hitter here.  The “why” of anything in life is tantamount to it’s success.  The simple motivational choices for timeline jumps?  1.) The present timeline is unsatisfactory and the impetus is to construct a new one;  2.) The present timeline is unsatisfactory and the impetus is to return to a former timeline;  3.) The need for more.  More of everything – change, challenge, choice.*  

Sidestep with me a minute.  Let’s talk inertia.  It’s like being asleep.  Sort of.  It’s stasis.  No movement to speak of.  Simple example?  For me, it takes approximately 16 ounces, divided by 2 of a hot, caffeinated beverage to “clear my own damn head” each and every day.  If I don’t do this?  The world is coated in a thin layer of fuzzy, film.  Like really thin cheesecloth.  Make that really, really thin cheesecloth.  It covers the eyeballs in my face and on my brain.  Words sound different (and therefore interpretation of those words is “different”).  My perception can be altered by the absence of my morning go, go juice.  Altered perception as a result of a change in what has always been.  It’s seeing something out of the corner of your eye.  A peripheral only.  Viewed head on, the monster in the closet turns out to be a sweater hanging over the edge of the shelf.  Or does it?  Energy vs. perception = potential for timeline displacement or timeline jumps.

O.K.  Back to my initial point:  the ripple effects of jumping timelines.  How do those ripples manifest themselves and secondarily how can they be utilized.  Anybody have brain freeze yet?  Good.  Perhaps an example is in order.

Once upon a time I was a paralegal in a midsize law firm in the Washington, D.C.  metropolitan area.  Through circumstance, choice and arbitrary events,  I find myself 8 years later in an unsatisfactory timeline that is lightyears from that law firm never mind from the year 2011 or civilization in general.  (a hint to geographic location look to the title of this post…..)  Very recently, I received a call out of the blue from a law firm wanting to interview me.   Now kids, this was the first hint that something was up with the universe.  I had applied, via e-mail, to this same firm 3 months prior with not even an acknowledgement they received it yet apparently they kept my resume “on file”.  Was this a “sign”?  But sign of what?  A reminder of how far off the beaten path, how close to the edge of sanity, I had strayed?  Or was it literally a life preserver thrown to one who knows the time has come to jump(timelines) but can’t find the right cliff.   So here I was with a chance to experience time travel.  To “wear” the legal suit and “be” a form of who I was once before.  Sure, the external props were different, the geographic location ( i.e  cultural differences) was wa-a-y different but essentially the opportunity was present to “be” someone I used to be in another timeline.

But nothing in life is free.  What happened when I got back?  Were there repercussions?  Yes and yes.  Nothing an outside observer could see.  Or could they?  Next up:   “Evidence of  The ripple effect.”        

*At this time I would like to remind my readers of my February 27, 2011 post “It’s called an edge-ucation dumass!”



  1. clark · March 25, 2011

    no! no!…I got it…wtf?!
    (It’s alright, I can say that cause I’m a Progenitor)…actually this Post makes sense, provided you have as empty a life (or at least devoid of interpersonal relationships cluttering up your quote emotional unquote life), as I do.

    Heres the 911: your life is a series of choices, choices of how to perceive the world around you. Tiny, micro-second choices, long-drawn out thoughful choices all going on at the speed of life. Taken as an aggregate these choices create the reality that you call home.
    The thing about choices (especially the sub-conscious, automatic choices such as “do I like me”, “do I hate them”) is that when you have a lot of choices you sort of get in a habit of making the same choices that you made the last time.
    And that ‘last time’ might be yesterday or the day before or 5 minutes ago. But you tend to make the same choices and the more you do, the more you do.
    There is an old bible kinda saying, “as it was in the beginning so shall it be, yo” (or words to that effect).
    Your reality, or the timeline that your consciousness inhabits tends to repetition. Which constitutes a habit. And the older a habit is, the harder it is to break. Or change. Or alter.
    This is why fat people tend to stay fat people, they may lose a ton of weight, but, for the most part tend to go back to the decisions that they have made most often….eat…be big…etc
    So the question posed in this Post seems to focus more on recognising the fact that you have changed your habits.
    You will know when you do it, if you are paying attention to the mind you have when it is not busy making decisions.


    • Girlieontheedge · March 26, 2011

      No shit Sherlock. Here’s the 411: who doesn’t know that life is a series of choices? What you speak of is true in a general sense and I agree about choosing how to perceive the world, but….there is still a difference. Those who wish to change a timeline who exist in a stable “home” and those who do not are different. Yes, I did say that.

      (Funny thing about this post. I had a few lines, a few thoughts and figured I would play around a bit until I realized I either didn’t have the brain power or just wasn’t cut out for this shit anymore. Tore a chunk from another draft and voila! we have Frankenstein’s bride’s secretary’s post…)


  2. RCoyne · March 25, 2011

    You are one who will, by your nature, always contemplate and consider all the ramifications of such situations. Your sense of philosphic ‘immediacy’ illustrates that you have not ever really been in stasis. A wonderful, endearing, and perfectly reliable quality; it has always served you well. Please allow it to continue to do so.
    If you will ( and you will ) always be in your natural state of contemplation, better to be comfortably contemplating from inside the timeline that offers a few economic advantages and a bit of well-deserved prestige. Why the hell not??


    • Girlieontheedge · March 26, 2011

      Thank you for your kind words. You hit the nail on the head with the statement “better to be comfortably contemplating from inside the timeline that offers a few economic advantages and a bit of well-deserved prestige.” No arugment there.
      Why the hell not??” you ask? Lost the coordinates. I lost em. Gone baby gone…


  3. Girlieontheedge · March 26, 2011

    MAKE NOTE TO SELF: never change title or format of those titles. Look at the mess now I have to deal with! The original title was “Step away from the edge of the launch pad…” Now that makes sense! What is up with the substitute “Meanwhile back at KSC…?” For those of you who think I am speaking of the Colonel, I am not. I refer to Kennedy Space Center.
    Need I say anything more?


  4. clark · March 26, 2011

    (Damn! no wonder I couldn’t find a reference to ‘extra crispy’!)

    Before I Comment I would like to make the following announcement: [“Would all the people with lives, please proceed to the Exits marked: ‘and they even talk this way, too!’] and go on about your day of acitvity and interaction. Working and playing and feeling accomplishments and occasional disappointment, but overall leading lives that are satisfying and worthwhile.
    There that takes care of most rogers (delusional though they may be) and scotts (what!?! you talkin to me??!) which leaves clarks.

    As to your primary response to my initial Comment: I did not make that statement…you weren’t listening, but you know all animals with ears like yours, motherfucker, after they been put on some human ears, …cause you have them goddamn things way down on your face…you didn’t have no ears on your cheeks at all, just a hole.
    But seriously, I fear you are totally under-estimating the power of decisions such as those that go into creating reality. These are not the, ‘ should I take that job’, ‘should I marry her’…’do I like this meal’ kinds of decisions.
    (It should be so easy).
    No the decisions we are talking about are the…’still me’…’still blue sky’…’still english language…totally basic decisions.
    This is what goes into creating a timeline and it is not anywhere close to being an intellectual exercise to change it.
    (Castenada explains it better, of course with the concept of stopping the world…but)
    …but the thing about stopping the world, it is not about changing the description of your world, it is more about putting your hand in the river.


    • Girlieontheedge · March 26, 2011

      No, you did not make that statement. And I knew you did not make it. You are correct about the “under-estimating the power of decisions…” Will have to make mental note not to forget this particular point.
      Stopping the world and controlled folly. Kickers that go hand in hand. Who said it would be easy?
      But back to the attempt at “describing” that which is next to impossible to describe. Ripple effects do exist. Recognizing a change in “energy” via the ripples requires a response. Energy must be met with energy.


      • Jade P · April 12, 2011

        Hey Girlie… funny where throwing the words “timeline jumps” into Google will get you. Fascinating discussion… any other links on this ripple effect you have handy and wouldn’t mind sharing? I haven’t thought about it as a ‘ripple’ but should have; it makes sense.



        • Girlieontheedge · April 13, 2011

          Hi Jade P. Thank you for stopping by. I am amazed that you found me here! And more amazed someone would search on “timelines”. But then, I am a newcomer to blogging and probably should spend more time on the computer!
          It pleases me that you found the discussion interesting as I was having diffiuclty translating the idea of what happens when one someone either attempts to change one’s current timeline or return to a previous one. Having read my fair share of science fiction from the 70’s and 80’s, it was something I more or less took for granted. A thing I like to refer as knowing “osmotically”:)
          Unfortunately, I do have not have any outside sources to share with you.** I have only my own fleeting interpretation(s) of what happens. In my own case, I briefly returned to the “template” of a former timeline and subsequently noticed, upon my return to present life, that there were remnants of energy flying around from having inhabited that former template. The “ripples” were the manifestation of how that energy impacted me and my interaction with my present timeline.
          I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about this topic.

          Hope to hear from you again,

          **Actually, I can refer you to clark at the Wakefield Doctrine and RCoyne at The Secessionist Rag, both are on my blogroll.


  5. Glenn · March 27, 2011

    Uh….what? Jane Fonda sure is sexy. Not for nothing, but you gotta stop hating the way you are. Can’t believe I’m echoing the roger. You think about weird stuff–you think differently. You latch onto esoteric ideas and search in them for “answers” for which there are no questions. Is this about “timelines” and science fiction concepts–or is it about not liking your job? If it’s about the job, then there is something “wrong” with the job. Get a different one. There is nothing “wrong” with you. I think you’d like there to be something wrong with you–some unifying explanation for every disappointment and setback. Sorry. Disappointments and setbacks are part of the game. There is no “explanation” as to why they happen to you–except that you happen to be alive. And that means that you are also available for joy and success. They too are part of the game. So, enjoy your ability to think differently. But,I think the secret is to not let that difference become a handicap. People who think diffrently also can think joyful, positive thoughts—differently. Professional athletes talk about a turning point in their development. It’s called “dealing with failure”. The most successful Baseball hitter fails two out of every three times up. It takes some of them years to realize that that those “failures” cannot be allowed to define them–they’re just part of the game. “I failed” is not the equivalent of “I’m a failure”. Feels like it is sometimes, but logically, rationally, it is not. I hope this is useful and toothsinkable. If not, Jane Fonda is just so hot. Her Hanoi exploits make her even more hot for me. Feel free to post more images of Jane Fonda unclad. It makes my “timeline” shine.


    • Girlieontheedge · March 27, 2011

      Thank you Glenn. Really. A day without learning something new is like a day without sunshine.
      In future posts I will try to provide you with more Janelike entertainment. If you’re good.


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