It’s time to for-edge…ah, make that “forage”

Or should that be “rummage”.  Damn.  No, it’s “forage”.  Works better with the whole “Edge” motif of this blog.  Yeah, that’s my hook.  “Edge“.  What a wonderfully superfluous word and I mean that in only the most complimentary of ways.  So back to the “edge” concept.  Didn’t take any major brain power on my part to come up with “GirlieOnTheEdge”.  No sir.  Came to me pretty much instantaneously.  “Really?”  Yes, really.

Took the “Girlie” from my own damn self (having been given that moniker by someone inhabiting a particular place in my heart).   “Edge”?  How easy is that one considering I am a female clark.  You all really, really must go to the Wakefield Doctrine.  It is an interesting, if not challenging, blog offering a unique theory of personality.  One that alleviates the many questions we all have about why people act as they do, or why you and I act/react to certain people.  Go ahead, I dare you to go there, then come back and tell me I was right.

(“Where was I?!”)  Oh yeah, me, Girlieonthedge, always looking for what is just right over the edge of what is.  All that it is, is what it is. (dontcha love that saying)  So I need to do more than simply catch a glimpse of , take a few step towards,  the edge.   Dammit! I need to step right on over the damn thing and land on the other side.  Cross over, jump across, leap, crawl over the edge of  life I think is preventing me from having all the good stuff.  Say like  personal/professional/creative success, happiness, fullfillment, financial security, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…(the 2 additional “blahs” denotes just how damn serious this all is) 

Funny thing is, all of those things were pretty much in place but you know what they say, one wrong turn and…well you know how that movie ended.

In case any of you worry, I am the hot looking heroine who manages to get away in order to star in Part 2 of the same saga.  And shitdamn, if I don’t save the world while I’m at it!



  1. clark · April 1, 2011

    …er I write words…here? (you sure she is not around?)…better not be lyin…
    The Post above is meant to be of a value to any clarklike readers… of genuine value to (Enlightened) rogers and… only of the most spurious, dog toy with bells ‘and’ streamers-type of value for scotts (Ms. AKH excepted).
    There is nothing to add to the Post…a lot like sex and faith in god, you either get it or you don’t.
    And no matter how skilled you may think you are at words and writin and such, if you don’t get it, ya should just set this one out.
    (I will add one of my favorite ‘wise sayings’ aka koans aka ‘hey young acolyte, I’m just messing with your head’, the context of Master to Supplicant: ‘If you have to ask the question, you cannot understand the answer’.



    • Girlieontheedge · April 1, 2011

      And so I would retort this way don clark.

      If anyone has anything to add, yes, you write words……here.


      • Girlieontheedge · April 2, 2011

        You say you “don’t get” my reply vid? Besides the enjoyment of watching the ageless Bolo, the point is what took place after Jean Claude closed his eyes. Guess people either need to know the movie and/or sit through a 7 or 8 minute film clip.


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