Lunchbox Lenny and the Edge of Chaos

His name is Lunchbox Lenny.  Folks around here just call him Lunchbox mostly, although the under 40 crowd is inclined to call him Mr. Lunchbox.  One part dervish, one part imp, Lunchbox would give even Wile E. Coyote a run for his money.   It is perhaps no small coincidence* that the character of Wile E. (Coyote) “was based on Mark Twain‘s book Roughing It,[3] in which Twain described the coyote as “a long, slim, sick and sorry-looking skeleton” that is “a living, breathing allegory of Want. He is always hungry.”  That’s our Lunchbox – free rangin’, unadulterated, on the loose, untethered – always hungry as scotts are wont to be. 

So you think the cartoon is cute? Let me ask you this: “how cute” is a baby lion ripping open the belly of a gazelle peacefully grazing upon the plain?  My point exactly.  Kids, what we have here is a fully matured scott.  To quote Merriam W.:  Matured = “having attained a final or desired state“, not meaning the opposite of immature. 

I have referenced this term (scott) before just as I have referenced myself as being a clark.  So as not to exclude that most socially conscious, or is that conscious of the social (collective) group, here’s a nod to rogers.  These 3 – clarks, scotts and rogers are the 3 ways in which a person views the world according to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

,..”No, Lenny! Sit down. Now! I’m still writing…You wanted me to write something about you didn’t you?… I said you can’t…What? Are you stupid or something?! You can’t do that. Why? Because sensible people just don’t that’s why. You know expletives won’t work with me. Yes, I am aware that Gregory Campbell was the best teacher you ever had…

My apologies.  Damned if I did not let myself get distracted again.  Yes, yes it is a true statement that the scotts of the werld demand, no make that “command” attention.  They do not stomp their feet in the manner of a roger but rather scotts will jump up and down and talk real fast (literally sometimes and figuratively).  They are the  most certain of the 3.  Certain of themselves, their opinions, hell they just know how it’s all supposed to be.

Enough for now with the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers, and back to my friend Lunchbox.  What kind of testimonial can I give him?  Hm…haven’t seen him in many a year.  Truth be told it’s been a coupla decades at least.  Let’s see… the ole brain projector is running footage of playing basketball with LB only he wasn’t ever on my team (I’ll check with the archivists to confirm).  Very competitive, he’s full of energy; loud.  Show me a scott and I’ll show you one loud mf’er if you know what I’m sayin’.   Scoundrel = scott. (yes, this also applies to female scotts)  He likes to read; enjoys travel and prefers warmer climates over cold.  Lunchbox Lenny likes sports (oh, mentioned that?), music of the variety I would label “hillbillyish” but you can add pseudo ethnic and classic rock to the list .  

I would be remiss if I did not utilize the word “carnal”  to describe LB or any scott for that matter.  He loves that word because of it’s implications.  C-A-R-N-A-L as per our Ms. Merriam W. = “b: relating to or given to crude bodily pleasures and appetites”.    clarks!  Lock up your children.  rogers!  Hide.  And lock up your children!

*I know you like your Mark Twain, baby.



  1. Glenn Miller · April 7, 2011

    Well now….I think you nailed it! “A living, breathing allegory of want”. Mark Twain’s use of language was impeccable–and so descriptive. And you, of all people, know that. You’ve captured the essence–and made it sound mostly OK. Not evil, the way “The Creator” sometimes limns my literary portrait. (I hope that word is the right one. Limns. Love that word. If it is not strictly the correct word, I hereby designate it as “even better” than whatever other word experts think would be more correct..) Scotts are all the things you described–but we’re not really evil or cruel. I have to Google Gregory Campbell. Not clear on that reference. Good question…How cute IS a baby lion ripping open the belly of a gazelle? I say–pretty fucking cute. Getting his little cub face all covered with blood and gore—adorable. Thanks for the thumbnail sketch. I like it. Truth be told, though, no need to lock up the children. I love them–and they love me. Always been able to engage kids. Kids are all id. I respect that. I relate to it. In fact, as old as I am, I’ve always associated maturity with soul-crushing boredom. Kids are WAY better people than adults. More entertaining. More honest. And they live in the moment like nobody’s business. People ask me why I’m so good with kids. The answer..I’m one of them– and they sense it quickly and instinctively. My idea of good company is someone with whom I can be 6 years old–and they enjoy that about me. In the movie “ET”(which “The Creator” hates), the adult authority figures are always shown with keys dangling from their persons. I’ve always seen that as metaphor for the way that adulthood “locks up” the “imp” in all of us. I just refuse to let mine be locked up all the time. Love to let that little feller out. He causes havoc–and havoc is GOOD. The only times I feel truly alive is when that little bastard is on a tear. When I have to put on the “big-boy” face, I can do it–but I find it stifling and lifeless. A little wildness –or even a lot of wildness–is good for ya. Stirs up the blood. The more primitive we are–the more childlike we are. What could be wrong with that? Anyway, thanks for the sketch. What time does Bullwinkle come on?


  2. clark · April 7, 2011

    …the ‘Lady’ is reference to the square vinyl record that I have in my possession, from college days. The recording of the paranoid schizophrenic woman… ‘on the ‘morrow in Pasadena, we the university majors who had a Harvard Dean come to teach us…’ (etc)
    (that ‘Lady’)

    You express the nature of the (predominately) scottian personality well by saying ‘they are all id’.
    We could get psychoanalytic on yer asses and say this: scotts are the (unstrained) expression of the id, rogers are the (interconnected) functioning of the ego and clarks are the abstract(ed) superego.
    But still the Doctrine rules!
    As Freud was quoted on his deathbed in Vienna, “I have conceptualized the soul of man, each part showing it’s handiwork though history, but them fuckin scotts!! vat am I to do with them, even that meshuge mamzer, Jung couldn’t make them look good”!


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