The Horn of Edge-utopia

In an effort to better myself (“uh, huh”) and to broaden my horizons (“oh yeah”) I have tried to browse the ethernet more (“that’s cybernet”), no, wait, cyberspace (“bingo“) and read a variety – an “eclectica” of stuff to see what I can see.  I am looking for insight, inspiration and maybe a little psychic push.  My name is GirlieOnTheEdge and I’m a lazy diletante.  There I said it.  I acknowledge what I am and damned if I don’t need some help!  Tell me.  What are the steps I should (need to) take to become a writer of words that please, pleasure, dazzle and amaze?  Yeah, I know.  Write every day.  I’m thinking discipline is the unspoken bad boy here and no amount of cropping his butt is going to make it eaiser to aquire.

Aquire, aquisition“.  Isn’t it all about “aquisition”?  Hey, what?! Did I not just answer the most frequently asked question by individuals since the dawn of time?  (yawn)  Artistic, intellectual, emotional, financial – all these are the answers.  All of us wish to aquire all or some of these “things” in an amount sufficient to satiate ourselves.   “Identify longing and desire then proceed to the office on your right and please, keep the line moving!”

So your number’s up.  Over a loudspeaker you hear “next!”  You walk up to the door, hand trembling. (ignore the beads of sweat breaking out on your forehead – someone just forgot to turn on the ac. ya, right)  You take hold of the doorknob and begin to turn.  Appears to be opening  just fine.  Whew!  The sigh of relief you exhale leaves you lightheaded.  Finally, you’re at the place where you sign the papers.  You read them over, everything seems to be in order….except you d-i-d-n’-t r-e-a-d t-h-e f-i-n-e p-r-i-n-t.

Thank you for coming in Ms. GirlieOnTheEdge.  We just need you to fill out this supplemental questionaire…”



  1. clark · April 12, 2011

    Thats a fine and interesting world you have written about in this here Post here, only one problem….no one cares
    No one.
    (Thats not the worst part)…

    Oh, all right, I’ll tell you
    …the worst part is despite how the (follow-up) Comments you will receive may sound, not only do the Commentators not care, (and they don’t…not the way you really would like the to care, they are enjoying the decorations and diversions of their frames of reference, thats all. You know those giant furniture superstores? run by Italians…designed to get people to believe that if they spend a little extra, then they will be conferred that most elusive of life’s qualities, class? Well your Commentators are the customers in such a store (like Cardi’s) and they are browsing, and you know those clever little furniture set-pieces? dining room suite…with the ‘oh!-I-thought-that-was-real-food’!….well, bad news is:
    you and your Post is the fake food on the dining room table.

    …and the worst part?
    (yes, even worse than the fake Comments)
    ….even you don’t (not really) care


    • Girlieontheedge · April 12, 2011

      Tell me something I don’t know.


      • AKH · April 12, 2011

        of course you care. feeling a little disgusted about something today?


        • Girlieontheedge · April 12, 2011

          I “do not care” by way of controlled folly. (ask the “Creator” to explain)


  2. AKH · April 12, 2011

    btw, great vids. listen to the tubes a few times. maybe that will turn that frown upside down:)


  3. RCoyne · April 12, 2011

    When there are words that need writing, you write them with a characteristic grace and elegance. Your job is simply to put them in motion when they’re ready to go; they will let you know when it’s time. Have you noticed how persistent they can be? They hate to be kept waiting, and yet they won’t budge an inch if something’s not right. They’re all bad three-year olds. They’ll hold their breath, fight amongst themselves, and OD on sugar.
    You know what I think, Girlie? I think you should see if some of them would help you to get a short story going. They like that sort of thing sometimes. Maybe after they’ve had their afternoon snack and a nap, and Blue’s Clues is over.
    Story!Story! Story! We want a story!!!


    • Girlieontheedge · April 13, 2011

      Thank you, as always Bud, for your support. You aptly describe what it’s like when there are words in queue and patience has run out. Timing is everything isn’t it? There is no better feeling than when the words seem to write themselves. It is when they are stubborn, non-compliant and playing somewhere else that is the challenge.
      Coincidentally, I was ruminating this very thing early Sunday morning as I browsed the Jan/Feb Poets and Writers’ Inspiration Issue. Guess what? A bunch of 3 year olds grabbed my hand and wrote some poetry. Damn! Hadn’t written those types of words in years. Felt good.
      Short story, eh? I suppose there’s no telling what can happen post snack ‘n nap…


  4. RCoyne · April 13, 2011

    And aren’t they just adorable when they’re being helpful? Little angels, every last one.
    I suppose this would be tantamount to running down the street in your underpants, but… is that a postable poem?
    I can vouch for myself, and 62 loyal SecRag readers. Poem! Poem! Poem!


    • Girlieontheedge · April 13, 2011

      No, no, no funny man! Now you force me to visualize your adult body, baby haid attached, leading an unruly pack of toddlers to my cyber door – every last one of you with rattles raised, demanding the aforementioned poem.
      You realize of course that the appropriate response at this time is: “if you are good”.
      So. By way of little hands, should this poem be presented in a new post or stand alone as reply to those 62 loyal SecRag readers?

      P.S. I don’t think I will have finished Ode to a Pop Tart (tentative title) in time to include it …:)


  5. RCoyne · April 14, 2011

    They’ll go with a post, but they also want pop tarts ( the really revolting chocolate ones ) and milk, of course. Also, Blue’s Clues will be on soon, so they need their red chairs and notepads. So, that will be ; pop tarts, milk, red chairs, notebooks, a story, a poem, and a satellite feed for the 50″ LCD ( preferably LG or Sony ). And pillows. Lots of pillows.


    • Girlieontheedge · April 14, 2011

      Mighty demanding, eh? So it shall be. On one condition. Blankets. Bring blankets for all.
      (The satellite feed will take some finagling. In the meantime start setting up the chairs….)


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