Girlie and the Wakefield Doctrine, edify…, I mean edgify this…

Have to be honest folks.  The title to today’s blog popped into my head days ago, the reverb of sarcasm still echoes in my brain.  (Decided last minute against adding  “mofo” at the end.)  Alas, I find myself still using the title for today’s post but for an entirely different topic.  Sort of.  It’s about those rogerian women.

Allow me to set the scene (as I would the dinner table?):  It’s 1:24 pm on a sunny, smokin’ hot Saturday (in the shade) somewhere on the central, east coast of Florida.  I am enjoying a delightful dish of strawberry yogurt into which I tossed some juicy, chilled chunks of pineapple and a few bodacious blackberries.  Berries really liven a dish, don’t they?!  It’s quite pretty to look at, what, with the honeymoon red of  the strawberry swirling with the lemon yellow of  pineapple.  Berries black as space seal the deal on a lighter than light treat.  A perfectly light, tropical snack for a sultry spring day.  And it’s good for you too! 

How was that?  Did that sound rogerian?  As some of you know, GirlieOnTheEdge is a clark.  I have made mention of this fact in previous posts although I don’t know that I have gone into detail of what it means to be a female clark or if you prefer, clarklike female.   If you are  a new reader today, allow me to direct you to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) THE roger’s VeryOwn and/or Ms. AKH’s Blog for further enlightenment and general fun reading.

Where the heck was I?…ah, the Wakefield Doctrine is a gender/culture neutral theory of personality predicated on the idea that each of us views the world (primarily) in one of 3 ways:  as a clark, a scott or a roger.  Each of these terms or names are based on real people.  They are the Progenitor clark, Progenitor scott, Progenitor roger and from whom the Doctrine emanated…..”CUT! “CUT!” “Stop now.  Everyone.  Didn’t I say to keep it simple.  Why do you have to go on and on and on.  Let’s take it from the beginning please.”  

Here’s the deal – I was challenged by the Creator of the Wakefield Doctrinethe clark in cyberresidence, to write about rogerian females. How can you spot one?  What are the giveaways about rogerian women?   Let me think for a minute.  Um… find me a rogerian female who does not like some form of country music, be it Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, or Kenny Chesney and I will demonstrate how I walk on water.  This very same rogerian female can simultaneously be quite fond of the Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, or Depech Mode (original back then Mode) .  What does this statement say about  rogerian females?  It says they have eclectic taste in music.  It also says they will always like the most popular of whatever genre is the flave of the month.  Subsequent attachment to the musician or group after their peak of popularity is only as strong as their initial interest.  

rogerian females are protective.  Of self and those they hold as being within their circle of friends and family.  Mindful of what others think, they are not comfortable standing apart from the crowd like our female clarks.  Conformity and continuity is all to a roger as it provides stability and predictability.  Don’t upset the apple cart” was most likely uttered by a female roger in a tone of voice that would strike fear in the heart of Superman .  

If rogerian women are fashion aware, they will dress on the more conservative side.  That is not to imply dull or boring necessarily, although some do suffer from a lack of creative vision.  The majority of rogerian women have the ability to dress well and would never be turned away from an establishment for lack of  “appropriate attire”.   Some have an affinity for wearing sweaters.  Harriet Nelson (the Wakefield Doctrine Redux)  was before my time but I would bet she wore her fair share of sweater sets. 

Got to end this soon.  Let’s talk grudge holding.  female rogers are the best at it.  For a day, for a lifetime or any time in between.

Oh, yeah.  Have to mention that today is Saturday and that means that the Wakefield Doctrine Blog takes itself on the road tonight.  Literally.  That’s correct.  A live call in Blog where anyone can ask a Progenitor or Downspring a question pertaining to the Doctrine or anything else for that matter.
Here’s the time, phone number + passcode:      8:00 to 8:45 pm EST Dial: 1-218-339-0422 Enter Passcode: 512103#

See ya around.  Regular programming will return.  Maybe. 



  1. clarkscottroger · May 14, 2011

    a bold statement…and allowing for Doctrine being gender and culture neutral we still would benefit by looking at the 3 types as Homemakers, especially that rogerian female person
    As was suggested, perhaps they are the creators of tradition while their opposite number (genderatically -speaking) be the purveyors and promotors of (said) tradition and history.


    • Girlieontheedge · May 15, 2011

      I agree to the extent that all 3 types, clarks, scotts and rogers have capacity as “homemakers” but stand by the notion that it is the rogerian female who is the most “serious” of homemakers. Excellent reference in your post at the Wakefield Doctrine Redux of the 3 types represented by past T.V. Moms. Perhaps you would care to update that list for younger viewers:) Would be helpful. (don’t forget to include Mrs. Partridge) lol
      As to “creators of tradition” – I may have to side with the Progenitor roger on this one. I see where you are coming from but rogerian women in general are not known for creating new things. They are excellent however at representing what is and has been established. Perhaps there are those (female rogers) with a creative edge (latent clarklike qualities?) who embellish established tradition.
      There is much room for conversation here. Nice to “talk” about somebody else for a change. rogers need some of the spotlight too. l-o-l-ol


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