What edge?

“When one jumps over the edge, one is bound to land somewhere.’
     – D.H. Lawrence

I wasn’t there yesterday and, ah.. doesn’t look like I’m gonna make it today.  According to Mr. Lawrence then, I am nowhere.  “What are the ramifications of a no show”?  I’m not sure what it means for you, but I can tell you this – it has an awful lot to do with mediocrity.  Who can be satisfied with that?  For example,  I love Italian food but would I want to eat it every night of the week forever?  No!  After awhile I would begin to crave something else, anything else.  Variety is the most necessary condiment in my recipe for life. 

That’s it.  Maybe I need to look at life as I would a recipe.  Check.  Next – what kind of recipe would I like to prepare?  Gourmet?  Low-cal?  Meal-in-Minutes?  Casserole-on-the-Go?  Damn!  Who knew there was such an endless list of choices.  “How long would I like to spend in the kitchen?”  “Geez, hadn’t thought about it ’til now”.  Do I really have a choice?”  “No, not really.  And by the way, the ingredients do have an expiration date.  That sour smell?  Think it’s coming from you….” 




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