Au bord de jour de fete…

I must confess to a certain “disconnect” to certain holidays.  Memorial Day is numero uno on that short list.  Don’t get me wrong.  Even being a clark*, I do enjoy some of the holidays.  As a matter of fact, at times I enjoy altering and creating semi-tradtions (holiday) of my own.  (Can’t have ’em stand as is and enjoy them by the books, now can I>;] ?)  What would that** tell the world?

Once upon a time this particular holiday for some reason engendered within me a certain cynicism.  Since one is never really “cured” of cynicism, I must admit to being a “recovering” cynic?  Anyway, today is Memorial Day and once upon a time I would sit and reflect on what has been and what damn well better come to pass.  For it is a somber day. 

If my facts are correct,  Memorial Day was originally intended to be a special day to remember individuals who “served” our country by giving the ultimate sacrifice.  A day to honor those who lives ended prematurely and at the hands of violence.  So why do so many people party hearty ’til they drop with nary a thought as to why we have this holiday?  How did the “tradition” of  Memorial Day barbeques begin?  Thousands of people will be (have been) hooping and hollering over a barbecue pit or grill or giant hole in the beach sand for 3 damn days.  Do you think they will be doing the same while sitting at restaurant tables or at the family dinner table today?  [Is there still such a thing as “the dinner table”?  As in “Dear, would you please pass me the bread?  Sure honey.  Sally?  Hand me the bread basket so I can pass it to your father”.  Now that is something to be “memorialized”. ]

Where was I? Remembering.  If there are no “fallen” then let’s remember who we are, what dreams we have and what is most important to us.  If that happens to be how much more money you can make this year, or what newer model car(s) you will buy this year or purchasing a second home in the Hamptons, good for you.  Me?  I’ll be thinking that maybe, just maybe I have a second chance.  I’ll honor the me that has gone before and celebrate a me that has yet to be.  And hope I wake up tomorrow morning.

Happy Memory Day!

* the Wakefield Doctrine
** Tells me I’m a roger, as in the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers


One comment

  1. Jennifer Wilson · May 30, 2011

    I completely agree. It is sad that the true somber meaning of the holiday is lost on so many people. Particularly with all of the current foreign shit going on. We lose young lives “taking care” of other countries, but we can’t even take care of our own people. I had an older woman come into work today and her son was in the Special Forces. She was just disgusted with what Memorial Day has become as far as a holiday. I couldn’t agree with her more.


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