Beware the collapsible edges…or perish

Scary post title.  Well, the implications are scary to me but that is not what I am going to write about today. (nice stall there, eh?)  “Not Today“.  Could refer to anything.  Example 1:  what if when you drive up to the coffee shop drive- through window like you have for eons and place your order for a medium hazelnut and glazed donut the cashier simply says “Not Today” in a particularly annoying sing-songy tone, dripping with sarcasm like the glaze that awaits all those donuts. 
Example 2:  (I am sure everyone has done this and on more than one occasion, I know I have) you are in the checkout line paying for your groceries and the cashier asks you if you would like to donate money to (insert topical charity).  I simply say “Not Today“.  I hold the donut glaze inflection and instead look directly at the cashier and time my smile to coincide with the last syllable.    Damn.  2 words can take care of it all.  

[I’ve realized recently just how valuable having a specific, singular topic is to successful blog writing.  Well, a start at least to successful blog writing.  I mean what does that even mean “successful blog writing”.  [Hey! Where’s my wingman.  You know, the one that peeks out from the side of the stage with the hooked cane thing, then he/she gingerly places said hook around my delicate neck and ever so gently guides me offstage.  Yeah, that wingman!]

As anyone who frequents cyberspace knows, there is a plethora to say the least of reading material out there.  And blogs?  Who could possibly read them all.  Which is why people for the most part create or develop or expound upon  a singular focus.  Have a passion in life?  Write about it.  That’s what people do.  The internet has provided a venue for the biggest show and tell show in the universe.  Or this side of anywhere, USA. 

What?! I’m still live?  How many times have I told you….!  Ahem, in case you hadn’t noticed, I must have already toppled over one of those collapsible edges.  Since, as everyone out there knows (right?), there is more than one collapsible edge, perhaps I am not doomed afterall.  That’s it.  Edges.  I could go on and on and on about edges, the different kinds of edges, the implications of edges, the slang use of the word edge, etc., etc.  I bet people will be on the edge of wherever they sit or stand to surf (the net) Why, they might even run across this blog.  Will they read a good post?  Inevitably some will answer “Not Today” but that’s OK.  There will be a  post one day that resonates from the bottom of the canyon over which this Girlie has temporarily tumbled.

WAIT!  Are those fingers I see scraping the canyon wall? YES! YES! YES, IT IS!  The significance of “Not Today” was hit home by the creator of the Wakefield Doctrine this morning.  Yeah, that again.  But seriously, the point being if there is something you don’t like about yourself, your life, your friends, your family -if you are not satisfied with nor accepting of certain behaviors whether your own or some else’s, is it not simply a function of a decision to say “Not Today“?

Now for this morning’s ode to a Doctrine…..



  1. clark · June 3, 2011

    the Kryptonite Song!!! yeah great tune…! so do the following:
    a)take 3 pictures of your world tomorrow…(choice is yours, but there needs to be three photos to represent your life (‘frame-of-reference’ to the cognescenti).
    b) post these photos in the next Post
    c)tell us what is good and what is bad as represented in dem photos


    • Girlieontheedge · June 4, 2011

      Obviously, pictures did not appear in the current, and to this post, “new, next post”. It is an interesting concept and one in which I have no doubt the actual doing will have much more effect than simply talking about it (the concept).
      I know, I know. What am I waiting for?!


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