..a little plan-ting, a little edge-ing, you know…

Watched the movie Deathrace last night.  By myself.  Yeah, really.  You see, we clarks of the female persuasion are a little different.  But you know what?  Not gonna go on and on about that.  You can just read all about that over at the Wakefield Doctrine, or the other place

Where the heck was I?!  I was outside doing my cardio workout getting the old endorphins worked up when some words started to drip into my brain.  By the time I got around to pouring a cup, well, it was gone.  But I’m going to put on another pot and try anyway.

My thoughts started to perk around the notion of “Plans” and how clarks are famous for “Plans”.  Over time the concept of a “Plan” has taken on negative connotations by yours truly (and self aware clarks everywhere).  It became associated with the lesser of the clark like attributes of living in the future.  As opposed to today, the now, at this moment.  True to a point. 

It occured to me this morning that there is nothing wrong with plans, everbody makes plans.  The challenges occur in the post execution of the “Plan”.  The big one, the master, last heist of my career kind of “Plan”.  We’ve all seen enough of those movies to know that there are only 2 outcomes.  It boils down to a matter of choice, a matter of being able to make a decision at the drop of a hat, to adapt to the moment and keep the f@#* moving. 

Once you make the statement “I’m in” you have to be prepared to deal with the situation on a contemporaneous basis.  Either it works or it doesn’t.  What happens afterwards is your choice.  It’s all about choice and the funny thing about that is you don’t ever really have the luxury of time.  You can’t go on day after day “thinking” of what to do, you just have to be in the moment and do the thing that makes sense at the time.  You cannot be distracted by superflous details (imagined or not), you cannot take the time to entertain all the infinite scenarios that “might happen if“*! 

Is there a point I am trying to make here today?  For this Girlie there is.  It’s simple, make a choice now.  We can create our own prison.  And it can last a lifetime but if there’s a race available, am I going to step up. What will I do for my freedom? 

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Since mention was made over and over again in this post about clarks and the Wakefield Doctrine, feel free to call this number tonight between the hours of 8:00 pm EST and 8:45 PM EST:
                      1-218-339-0422 then Enter Passcode: 512103#

 If you do call you will have the opportunity to inquire first hand about the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  Let’s face it.  Everyone is either a clark, scott or a roger.  We’ll be “driving” around Wakefield tonight as in every Saturday night between the hours of 8:00 pm EST and 8:45 pm EST. 



  1. clark · June 4, 2011

    you cite Doctrine correctly as it applies to clarks, but you may be overlooking an inference as it pertains to a message being receieved by the other (two) types.
    (If they happen to read this) a scott and a roger will get a different message…

    the nature/quality of the message they get is the basis of a whole Post, but for Commentational purposes lets simply accept that your words will be interpreted differently by others.
    The ‘others’ in this case is not the ‘others’ as is commonly used, i.e. ‘…other people’, oh my what must they think! (or) ‘…other people, I certainly do hope they understand!’ (or even) ‘ other people, if only I could talk to them, they would see that what I have to say is not so odd’

    No. Not those ‘other people’, those are everyday differences of nuance and inflection and intonation.
    I am talking about ‘other people’ who live in different realities, or at very least different psycho-socio-philosophic contexts. They can ‘read’ your Post and they may even speak the English language, but they will never, ever, ever get it.


    • Girlieontheedge · June 4, 2011

      Yes, yes I did. Oh, most certainly scotts and rogers will have a very “different” read on what is being said here. I did not write in order to include or exclude. I wrote in an attempt to verbalize certain observations of reality as interpreted by a clark. They will get it, but you know what? Hearing how some of those “other people” react (or not) to any of the words presented is still of value. And appreciated.
      Having said all that, the value of this post for me presented itself almost immediately. The “hook” or whatever you want to call it is more involved (in the brain of a clark) and given that space is limited, the question one asks oneself is “what is it I can do, what can I write, no, make that how can I write that will keep a person’s interest, whether scott or roger. ” ?
      I will know those who “get it” and for those who do not, no they will never, ever, ever get it. They can’t. But hopefully they will continue to read and enjoy and on ocassion engage in some comment pong with me.
      Thanks for stopping by today.


  2. Jennifer Wilson · June 5, 2011

    What I got from it was the “musings” of a clark. Nothing more. Nothing less. Simply a clark thinking out loud.


    • Girlieontheedge · June 5, 2011

      Thank you for your comment. It complements rather nicely clark’s comment from yesterday.


  3. AKH · June 6, 2011

    Came across this today. Had to share as it relates to the post:

    “We all have two people inside us. One is a party animal. He wants to get as much pleasure as he can right now. He wants to eat, drink, have sex and generally be merry.
    The other is the boring guy. The kind who saves for a rainy day, eats healthily, never drinks too much, does the ‘right thing’ and probably irons his underpants as well.
    We’ll call the first guy ‘Want’ and the second guy ‘Should’. The mental battle between Want and Should has been going on since most of us can remember. Maybe your Should guy usually wins the battle, or maybe your Want guy still runs amok every now and then.
    Spur-of-the-moment decisions are what the Want guy loves. When we make decisions under pressure, our basic desires are in charge. Try to avoid making decisions under pressure so that you can consider what you should do. When we give ourselves time to think, we’re much more likely to reach the right decision.
    All sorts of weird things start happening when we imagine the choice we are making right now as one in a series. Often not good things. You see the Want guy is clever. He knows we love to lie to ourselves to get what we want.
    No. No ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and no tortuous logic to get what we want. Shut the Want guy down by making one-shot decisions. Am I going to be good or bad, right here, right now?
    You’ll have to discover what type of commitment device works for you. Whatever it is, make sure it’s solid or the Want guy will come and get you!”

    so jeez, who are the Want guys and who are the Should guys (as relates to the WD)? Obvious lol


    • Girlieontheedge · June 7, 2011

      As always, it is nice to receive input after posting words but you’ll have to help me out. Translation? I find myself at a loss for a reply!


  4. AKH · June 8, 2011

    It’s just part of a funny article I came across and immediately thought of scotts and rogers.
    The ‘Want’ guys/gals would be the scotts.
    The ‘Should’ guys/gals would be the rogers.


  5. clarkscottroger · June 9, 2011

    Yeah, agree with that…and the clarks, they forgot them when they went back to the office to write their little article…which would make them rogers with a clarklike sidekick…


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