Damn! It’s on the edge of my tongue….

What a song of defiance!  Damn right I can (go home).  You can if you are referring to driving yourself after work to the place where you sleep everynight.   You know, the house or apartment that you own/rent.  Your belongings are there, your wife/girlfriend/kids/pets perhaps.  “O-OH….I see.”   NO, you don’t see.  ‘Cuz that’s not what I’m talking about here. 

This video was shot about 15 miles north of where I now sit typing whatever the hell turns up on this page.  A depressing thought in actuality since I am approximately 1, 250 miles from my “home” of origin and where I spent the first decades of my life.  “O-OH…I see.”  No, no I don’t think you do see.  ‘Cuz that’s not what I’m talking about.   Alright, listen.  Pull up that chair, there over there and let’s see if I can make this simple.   A challenge for sure as clarks are known to have that shit backwards.  “What shit?”.   The shit of clarks having diffiulty with the “simple” things in life and the difficult, holy shit stuff?  That seems to come easy.  Like in, “ah…, never gave it any thought man, just sort of did it.”   What in blazes is that all about?

What is it all about indeed.  A clark could drive himself/herself crazy dwelling on that one too much.  The “simple” thing here is finding the place within oneself that feels like home.  The good place.  The place you can go and know who you are, what you are.  Don’t read me, read the damn lyrics:
“Doesn’t matter where you are, Doesn’t matter where you go, if its a million miles away or just a mile up the road, take it in, take it with you when you go
who says you can’t go home”.

Why don’t you join me this Saturday night for The Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call-In Show?  It begins at 8:00 pm EST and ends around 8:45pm EST.  It’s pretty simple to do.  You dial  1-218-339-0422 then, when prompted, you enter Passcode: 512103#

Tomorrow night I’ll be home if just for 45 minutes….



  1. clarkscottroger · June 18, 2011

    almost….but still an illusion.

    There is no place, there is no home…there is here and there is now, there is no past (at least not a standalone, not-connected-to-a-given-timeline) and there certainly is no future ( other than the habitual, replaying of all past stimulus responses that passed for a life up to this point).
    …and yet this is not a negative view!
    How delightful this ‘examin ’em game is!’
    We get to think and work and struggle and try and get at the thing we know is inside of us and… and we almost do, and yet the real payoff!….the reason we keep playing this game…(and co-incidently the reason this game is so addicting) is that when we are done (…*this* time)….time has past!! Oh boy!…several minutues…hours…days have gone pay with relative ease!
    How delightful this game!
    (there are those of you, your type begins with r and ends with ‘err’ and rhymes with roger…you people are now in your own special version of this game that the blog writer brings to our attention…the ‘thank god I am not like them game’…)
    What a delightful game!


    • Girlieontheedge · June 18, 2011

      Wait a minute, let me put down the mirror…..and brush the sarcasm off my arm!
      I concur, it is all illusion. Anything we think that may be, could be, is not. However, it is not always a delightful game and that is a shame. The challenge remains that it is a race against the clock. A clock that starts from the moment we wake each day.
      In non clark language – we can only affect what we do at present time. The reverberations these actions may or may not cause can not be known ahead of time. Sure, there is always the game of “probability” but ultimately, there is only now, this minute. What will I do today to make my life (fill in the blank)…..now. (long live scotts! lol)

      Got to take the wiig off my haid now and go out and walk the path. Appropriately said (and I indulge) as I am reminded this day 1 year ago when I assisted Alex to walk a path with heart and leave this world the warrior he was. I need think only of him today.


  2. Girlieontheedge · June 20, 2011

    Yo! Lunchbox Lenny! You out foraging today? Ain’t gonna work with me baby. Now “sit your ass down binyon…sit your ass down”.
    The post (to which your comment was not applied) was a light and airy little ditty. Didn’t ya get it Lenn. Listen to Jon and Jennifer boy. Don’t they just make you so happy. Doesn’t it just give you a smile so big they’ll have to surgically remove it from your face? (thanks Chevy) Huh, Lenn. Lighten up buddy. Lighten up.
    Check it out…”my name is on the Social Register”.


  3. Lunchbox Lenny · June 21, 2011

    I must have not “got it”. The post was fine. It was the exchange between the two clarks that burned my circuits. All I got out of it was that clarks seem to be in some kind of existential agony–at least most of the time. So–you know–settle down..enjoy. It’s all good. But not Bon Jovi. That’s not good. All the rest? Just stop frettin’ so damn much about your thoughts. They is just thoughts–not real THINGS. You clarks…battling all day long with the words that run through your damn heads. Go DO something. Stop thinking so much. But then, that would be unclarklike–and probably impossible. Clarks is so ponderous. But, you gotta love ’em. Somebody gotta be ponderous, I guess. Glad it ain’t me.


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