A’hem…the edge is this way Miss

In case you hadn’t noticed, Girlie has been away from the big screen sitting on the big desk.  That’s correct.  For several weeks now words have been coming and going like the trains in Grand Central.  No layovers here.  In and out.  No sign of conductor, ticket taker or passengers for that matter.  So, I still stand (or stand still) on this here platform and wait for the next train.   No sense tapping my high heeled foot impatiently right?  Wrong!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with loosing patience.  No sirree bob.  Think I have all day, all night, my entire life?!  Eee-gads!  I want a trainload of inspiration and I want it now!!

Unfortunately, Friday has come and will go without a certain plug of a certain thing associated with a certain blog.  (psst…the Wakefield Doctrine).  That’s correct.  I have removed the crutch and have fallen to the ground.  But I fully intend to raise myself up for the gazillionth time.   (“yeah, this is going to be the last time dammit”)

Back at the station platform, it’s the same as always of late – I have not allotted sufficient time for any type of unloading process.  Not only do I have to unload the aforementioned crates of inspiration/words/ideas, I have to organize them and set them up in an appropriate fashion.   How else will anyone make sense of this blog?!  I say this sarcastically as there are plenty of clarks out there who will read between the lines, or more importantly, find something they can translate and apply to their own selves.  “Yes Lenn there is someone out there who doesn’t find this blog site totally irrelevant.”  You see folks, my friend “Lenn” is none other than Lunchbox Lenny from one of my much earlier posts and otherwise known as Downspring glenn over at that other place.  Lunchbox is a scott and as such has little patience for mind babble.  That I am sure is what he considers all this today.  Bullshit mind babble.  Me?  I call it stalling, filling in the page, waiting for another train, practice, putting up something, anything on the screen. “Hm.  What else can I go on about…”



  1. Jennifer · July 1, 2011

    good to have you back Girlie!


  2. clarkscottroger · July 1, 2011

    nah, don’t try to explain creativity to a scott….(with the exception of AKH) they perform, they don’t create.
    that point is constantly made by scotts….”hey man ya gotta wow ’em, mugg on stage, drop yer pants…that way everyone will be lookin at ya….now thats entertainment…”
    attract atttention? sure…
    create something that has not existed before and have the power of Will to make it visible to others?…thats work for a clark…


    • Girlieontheedge · July 2, 2011

      Yes, it is work. And isn’t it amazing how the Doctrine is a tool by which to tolerate differences? Expectations (of people) become more realistic in a sense thereby reducing a whole host of needless emotional reactions/responses. And energy.


  3. lenn · July 2, 2011

    Au contraire mi hermana. No. This I liked. I felt the longing for inspiration..the frustration..and the determination to write something anyway. I understand this post. I enjoyed the tone, the topic, the clever word play.I have no problem with “bullshit mind babble”–some of the best poetry and song lyrics are born of it. It is bullshit suffering that leaves me cold. Clarklike lamenting about the “pain” caused by your own thoughts–seems like a waste of suffering to me. We all gotta suffer some, I guess. But let the universe bring it to YOU. You shouldn’t be hunting in the wilderness of your own musings for it. We all gotta suffer–but we don’t gotta suffer all the time. So…THat was my complaint before..


    • Girlieontheedge · July 2, 2011

      ….And some of the best artworks were/are born of it as well…..but not all clarks “lament about pain”. It may appear so but is not. As an evolved clark, I recognize the tremendous waste of energy that goes into “suffering” but at the same time acknowledge that often those times prove the most creative.
      Glad you found enjoyment here.


  4. lenn · July 2, 2011

    Your website wouldn’t let me go on and on. It lets YOU go on and on. Anyway. In between times of the truly inevitable suffering–let’s just have fun. You clarks have a seeming attraction to self-inflicted anguish. If your thoughts disturb you–change your thoughts. But THESE thoughts..today? Nice. Doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly important every time. This little “inside baseball” glimpse of the struggle to create..I feel like we were given a “backstage pass”: Thanks.


    • Girlieontheedge · July 2, 2011

      Well, yeah…..it’s my blog afterall:)
      You’re welcome Lunchbox. You’re welcome.


  5. clarkscottroger · July 2, 2011

    …thereby demonstrating that it is impossible for the 4 blind men (who encounter an elephant) to agree on what they have seen.

    The real value of the Doctrine is to allow (us) to know that what we perceive other people doing/thinking/feeling is only our limited understanding…(this) value is that I know that, for the scott, all the hyperactivity and shouting is not just mugging for the crowd…it is their way to interact with the reality that they are experiencing…and I know (because of the Doctrine) that as rogers seem to be totally centered on themselves, it is not an insufficiency…it is how they must be in order to be rogers…and for us…well, this Comment kinda ‘splains the world of a clark…lol


    • Girlieontheedge · July 4, 2011

      It does ‘splain Ricky, it does. And the clarks out there reading will know this without doubt.
      An interesting point you brought to mind in a recent conversation is the fact that what I may write in reply to a reader comment is not necessarily “read” as I would have them read it. (unless the reader is a clark).


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