Turquoise tube top, tattoos and the edge of…..

Back by popular demand!  Although my digital statistics keeping/tracking program is elementary at best, it has provided me with this fact:  someone, somewhere, consistently reads my May 7, 2011 post “Turquoise tube tops, tattoos and the edge of oblivion….” and consistently  searches “turquoise tube top”.  Which tells us what?  That tube tops, particularly turquoise ones, have made a fashion come back?  This is/was somewhat true in some parts of the world. (where I live they have never gone out of fashion).

So what was so special about that post?  Nothing if you ask me.  Liked the title. That had potential.  But really, it was my wondering aloud about being a clark  in a (sub)culture where “different” is only relative to my immediate surroundings.  The author of  The Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) contributed a comment.  This is what stuck with me:

 “remember that the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers is culture (and gender) neutral. And while your own personal outward expression of your (clarklike) nature may be more in the main stream in one sub-culture relative to another, it is still about being the outsider.”

Now, if I can untangle the silly string from my thoughts…… Yes, I am a believer.  I do believe (for I have seen it, h-a-l-l-e-lu-ja!) that people can be labeled a clark, scott or roger.  That is to say that people view/perceive the world in (mostly) 1 of 3 possible ways.  The characteristic “traits” of the remaining 2 are somewhere within us tip toeing around just below the surface.  My own challenge has always been to access my scottian side at will – not because I am forced to under extreme conditions or because I got sideswiped by inadvertently taking a nap while standing up.  No, I mean to deliberately, without thoughts of self-consciousness as to right or wrong , appropriate or not of a particular situation decide “hey, I think this here scott here needs a bit of scottian pie in the face” or “hey, I can relate to anything and everything as well as the next roger”.  Once a clark, only a clark?  Yes, and no.

What that means is that if I can know how a person looks at things, if I know how they perceive the world then I can know how to interact with them.  O-o-k, but am I being disengenuous if, for example, I start talking with some rogers at work, get to know them and one day find I am “one of the gang”.  Does this make me a roger?  Does it make me less of a clark?  Is that even possible?  No, methinks not.  What it means is that anyone including myself has a method (by) which gives direction on how to communicate with anyone.  A method that can get me through some doors, into some parties, a date with a handsome movie star (no? really?) or an invite to a regatta? (well, maybe).   

Where is the info on turquoise tube tops?  Nowhere!  What’s the point of this post? I don’t know, but thank you for stopping in and letting me indulge a bit while I wait for the ever elusive inspiration train.    

Huh, I guess if Carrie can pull it off…..na-ah.



  1. Lunchbox Lenny · July 8, 2011

    Turquoise tube tops would be a great name for a rock band. Hope you’re not mad at me Girlie for all the hilarious stuff I wrote on that “other” blog. Just kidding. Actually, you’re very interesting over here when you’re writing to all of us. When you’re only talking to another clark–the Vortex of Boredom descends and no one can listen and stay interested. So, it speaks to your point today. I think when your audience includes rogers and scotts you adapt–and recruit your rogerian and scottian side to “flavor” the conversation. And..voila..it becomes interesting..compelling..fun.


    • Girlieontheedge · July 8, 2011

      How ’bout “Vortex of Boredom” for a band name? LOL
      No, Lenn. I’m not mad.
      It is true. clark on clark is not for scottian ears. Just noise to you guys. It’s not really for rogers either unless they are in an indulgent mood.
      I am always inclusive here at GirlieOnTheEdge….
      Nice of you to stop by.


  2. clark · July 8, 2011

    This is learning a language(s), you may learn to speak Swahili, but your skin color will not change, you may swim in the fjords and call to your new friends on shore, “Kom in! Vattnet om jävla freezin!” but your eyes will not turn blue.
    But is that so bad?…to be able to think in another langauge ( in your case, rogerian and scottian) allows you to see others as they see themselves and not how you want to see them.


    • Girlieontheedge · July 8, 2011

      No, no it is not a bad thing. Nice example. For me, seeing others as they see themselves is quite enlightening.
      Appreciate the input.


  3. Jennifer Wilson · July 9, 2011

    Your Eclectic Musings is the place to be. No headphones necessary here. For me your posts always evoke imagery and I can visualize what you are saying. Always interersting. Always clever. Always thoughtful.


  4. Jennifer Wilson · July 9, 2011

    p.s. love the video!!


    • Girlieontheedge · July 9, 2011

      Good show in it’s day. (Now you can identify the clarks, scotts and rogers. lol)


  5. clarkscottroger · July 10, 2011


    • Girlieontheedge · July 10, 2011

      What did you expect? No, let me change that to “what else would you expect”, “what would you like to see?”


  6. RCoyne · July 11, 2011

    Top Ten Things That Made Me Feel Really Old Lately;
    1) The 22-yr old at work who bought a Strat on my advice ( good) because he is a huge SRV fan ( good) but was not aware that ” Voodoo Chile ” was a cover.
    Sorry about the lost connection on Sat., Ms. TubeTop. I was throwing groceries on the belt at the checkout line with one hand and maintaining my cellphone with the other, and it just went away. Called back, but too late. Or maybe it was the green laser eyes of death that I was getting from all those around me. Why do they hate me so? Is it because I’m beautiful?
    Confused in Cranston


    • Girlieontheedge · July 11, 2011

      Dear Confused in Cranston,
      Here, let’s reinforce that age thing – your Strat buying 22 yr old was born in….1989. Which means he/she was 10 in 1999. . Yes we are older:)
      No worries CC. I was a bit dismayed at the lost connection (glad you were not taken hostage at the deli) as I was looking forward to asking about Dark Orbit. My first venture out my ship blew up due to radiation!


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