E-d-g-e. Say it with me.

Whoo-ooo-wee! What is that stench?! Somebody get me a paper bag stat!  Old words, old post, old ideas.  Damn this blog reeks of stagnation.  Where the hell is the “edge” of/to anything lately?  Alright, the question is rhetorical but there actually is an explanation.  But is there anyone who wants to hear it? Do I care? At the moment not really.  There will be someone somewhere that may get something out of the words that show up at this blog periodically and that’s good enough for me.  Enough deflection – back to the question: “what has happened to the edge?” 

(Got to do it Lenn, bear with me baby).  Timeline(s).  You know, the groove of your life.  The place in the record album the needle falls into automatically because the song’s been playing for so-o long.** 

If you are lucky you haven’t gotten tired of your song but what happens when that once pleasant little melody begins to ever so slowly sound like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard or Yoko Ono suddenly shows up on backup vocals(what was up with that Lars?! James?! Huh?!)  How do you remove heavy vinyl from an ancient turntable with an arm that won’t budge even with the mightiest of go-go juices? ( WD-40)

I cannot speak of timelines without referencing The Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  If you have visited the Wakefield Doctrine blog then you are already familiar with the premise that each of us views the world predominantly in one of 3 ways – as a clark,scott or a roger.  The other 2 ways in which to view the world for most people are more or less latent tendencies.  Those of us (clarks mostly)  interested in self development/understanding, with a desire to achieve success in various sectors of life and the secret to the universe in general, try to incorporate those other 2 ways of viewing the world in a more fluid way so as to achieve more easily (fill in the blank).  Yes, “fill in the blank”.  It should be so easy. 

 (Man, I thought writing this post would be easy).  I was reflecting on the notion that if I simply performed a few tasks each day that were outside my comfort zone, outside of what has become my “routine” then maybe I could facilitate a tiny little shift in my present timeline.  Well, that’s kinda sorta the thing I need to do.  What I came to realize was that the nature of these “tasks” must be of a magnitude as to cause a knot in the pit of my pretty little clarklike stomache.  And, it requires donning a certain scottian “suit” more often than not.  (I am confident I will know when it is appropriate to go rogerian.)  

(Yo, Lunchbox!  Grab me some asprin will ya?) Shifting a timeline takes a little more than a “few tasks”.  But it is like learning any new thing:  practice makes perfect.  All the while we struggle with challenging what is, we begin to build a foundation upon which to lay a life riff so seamless, so perfect it goes completely unnoticed as anything but part of what has always been.   

 **borrowed from clark, author and Progenitor at the Wakefield Doctrine



  1. clarkscottroger · July 20, 2011

    motion is existance…


    • Girlieontheedge · July 21, 2011

      Forward motion is existence. Unless your intention was to say backward motion is existence and forward motion is living……


  2. lenn · July 21, 2011

    Not sure how to frame this..don’t want to sound critical. It seems often that you are just a bit shy of happy. Reaching..searching..in a state of discontent(Is that the word?). Hoping there is sone UNIFYING “ANSWER” out there–some method, or “trick”, that will unlock the mystery–and produce a feeling of being OK. Maybe more than OK–why not a feeling of EXCELLENT? It eludes you, because it does not exist. We don’t become whole by learning a new trick–or a new posture. I think a scott knows–you’re already whole. Everything you seek is already there. It is not lost. You don’t need to be someone else–or partially someone else. You don’t need to import qualities of other people. You are not lacking. You are not misplaced. Scotts far more often feel at home in themselves and in the world, because they accept what is. This is not the same as saying they SADLY, BEGRUDGINGLY, GIVE IN, to an undesired state of affairs. What exists is really alright. What you are is really alright. I think scotts know this more often and more solidly. Clarks fight it..question it..and clarks believe they are not OK, because they just do not know enough. “If I could know a bit more..I’d be more fulfilled, normal, happy, acceptable, ..blah fucking blah..” Knowing a bit more will NOT make you BE more. You’ll just keep needing to reach and acquire knowledge and skill. Fuck that. The only scottian trait that might help you is the one that allows a scott to feel OK in a world that is not bad. Reach IN for that–not out.


    • Girlieontheedge · July 21, 2011

      Look who’s the one getting all meta-physical Birthday Boy! Thank you for your comment but you are seeing the figure in the foreground without benefit of the supporting scenery. As a clark, I will always have a drive to learn more, know more and yes, maybe find an answer or two but there is no mystery I need to unlock. You are absolutely correct “knowing a bit more will NOT make me BE more”. It has never been about that lenn in the sense you mean it.
      I am who I am and I’m fine with that. I am not however, fine with present life accoutrements.
      Let’s get all down and dirty. (as much as a clark can lol) Once upon a time I lived a life in a place where I was financially stable, had a good, secure “professional” job. Various choices and banking/real estate events of 2008 lead to a crash of my own. So what I seek to “find” is a method that will allow me to change circumstances as they are (= shift present timeline). Thankfully there is the Wakefield Doctrine.
      Would you be “happy” with yourself making minimum wage at your age (it is still 1965 here afterall) because the local job market/economy is awful? Would the working environment of a grocery store (no, not the upscale kind lol,lol) suit you intellectually? Sure, you’d have an endless supply of food but really? No, it is not a “bad” world, it is what it is. But it is not where I want to be or where I belong. So all this writing stuff is one of the methods I use to recall a more “normal” life. It is part and parcel of shifting my timeline back to where my comfortable groove is. You know, even as a scott, that there are places one “fits” better. You also know that the longer a song’s been playing the harder it is to get out of your head.
      See, I was all nice and clarklike in my response and that’s ‘cuz they say it’s your birthday…..
      Tell me Birthday Boy, you Lunchbox of all lunchboxes, what’s wrong with pulling myself out of the gutter?


  3. Lunchbox Lenny · July 21, 2011

    Nothing–except you’re not IN a gutter. As Norm Crosby (look it up) would say, you’re on a pinochle. All the time. And yes, I have circumnavigated the sun one more time. Thanks for noticing.


    • Girlieontheedge · July 21, 2011

      Well, you see that depends upon one’s vantage point or is that “viewpoint”? It is the gutter to me but to others it is the way life is.
      “All that it is is what it is”. (where have I heard that before…)
      clarks always notice these things:)


  4. clarkscottroger · July 21, 2011

    ok…I have heard enough! I am convinced! No one….I repeat no need develop or change or do anything that does not already exist. Not only is a cigar sometimes only a cigar, a cigar is only a cigar…anything more to be said on the matter of cigars is indulging in bad, un-healthy thoughts.
    What it is, is all that it is.*

    (*that actually is a constructive mental reference point for most clarks)**

    ** except, that now there is no such thing as “mental” and “reference point”***

    ***like they say down at the pack, if you can’t fuck it kill it but if you can’t kill it then run away!!


  5. clarkscottroger · July 21, 2011

    I think the puppy got startled or something…lol


  6. clarkscottroger · July 22, 2011

    (alright alright! I’m getting to it!) Certain members of this select community of Followers of the Doctrine have requested that I put a little bit of egalitarian gloss to the give ‘n take (in the previous Comments). Something about New Readers and how they might not ‘get’ what is going on, or some such bullshit.
    Anyway. Both L. Lunch Box is correct and DS#1 is equally correct.
    What DS#1 was trying to express was the frustration and effort that clarks experience as they explore their world.
    What Mr. Box was expressing was the scottian view of exploration (and attendant frustration).
    These are accurate depictions of the world. As a clark and as a scott.
    Thats the damn beauty-part of the Wakefield Doctrine..they are both correct! Notice I did not say Lennie did not understand the questions, nor did I say that DS#1 needs to lighten up.
    The key to understanding and benefitting from the Doctrine is the willingness to accept the fact that each and everyone of us walk around in a world that is a little bit different from the other people around us…nothing as tame as saying ‘our geno-somatypic hormonal inclination on our choice of perception’ is different. Fuck that. Really as simple as there are three ways to experience the world: as a clark or as a scott or as a roger. And just so we do think that is not cool enough, even when we experience the world in one of these three ways, we all have within the capacity to actually experience 2 different realities.
    …and thats why we have hats ( for our damn heads!)
    (can I go now? it’s 99 degrees outside and I want to see if I can work myself to exhustion…lol)


  7. Jennifer · July 22, 2011

    I can empathize with your predicament. It can become extremely overwhelming to have such significant life changes. Been there, still doing that. But I’m content. Is that dangerous? Maybe. Life is what it is and I’ve come to accept that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to “better” oneself. But it shouldn’t be at the risk of interfering with one’s emotional health. That is not specifically directed at you my friend. But I believe that, in general, it is futile to try to catch the golden ring. Life is a merry go round. If one is on it they can never go backwards. And if one is not on it there is that treacherous “edge” to watch out for.


  8. Jennifer · July 22, 2011

    A note… life on the merry go round is not always merry but it is always moving forward…


  9. clark · July 23, 2011

    …to the left (or is to the right)lol


  10. rogercoyne · July 24, 2011

    Were I to suddenly depart this life tomorrow, it would be in the hope that I had been as true to myself as I could have been. That may or may not be saying very much, in my case not, but that is not and was never the most important point. We should strive to live in an ever-metamorphasing present. You are a superb and sublime creature, a child of God. The circumstances surrounding that…are simply circumstances. All creatures on the planet seem to inherently know this, save for humans. Babies know it, too…and it seems like it takes the world about 5 or 6 years to sink in and begin to undermine that aura of protective grace that they have around them. What I’m getting at is that we should always search for improvement- but also know that what you’re looking for has been in your back pocket the whole time. And isn’t that truly wonderful, because you might have lost it otherwise.
    Thank you. Thank you very much. – The Right Rev. RCoyne
    I just read the above comments again, and I just re-hashed what was there already. Lenny got this one spot-on. Go L-box!!!


    • Girlieontheedge · July 25, 2011

      (I’m channeling Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon when I say….) Ok,ok,ok,ok! Did no one hit play on the vid, while reading this little toastette of a postette? Huh… Don’ t get me wrong – I love reading the comments left in the box after the audience has left the theater but please tell me, you of all people Rev. RCoyne, did you not smile once? (I know that you did)
      You have made a good point in your opening statement. I, along with you, hope that I am “true to myself”. It certainly sounds simple enough doesn’t it? You see, that is the key to it all.
      What happens when one is not true to oneself?


  11. clark · July 25, 2011

    yeah! (what she said)…the challenge that DS#1 is presenting to all you clams is this: you experience the world as rogers and scotts, take three steps to the left and see the world through clark-colored glasses…(no, just for fun, len)
    What DS#1 bets you people will see ( I do not share her probably too-high opinion of your capabilities) is this: the price of true creativity is pain and discomfort; the ability to believe in anything/everything comes at the cost of the security of believing something without question, clarks do not suffer for gain, they gain from suffering (the lucky ones)


  12. Jennifer · July 25, 2011

    ‘the price of true creativity is pain and discomfort.’ perhaps. unless you’re a scott who has a momentary incredibly monumental (fleeting of course) idea and has someone else do it for them and then takes credit for it. lol


  13. Lunchbox Lenny · July 27, 2011

    “They gain from suffering..” Good stuff. But, in my experience, the “gain” should result in at least a momentary relief from suffering. With clarks, they gain from suffering–and then keep on suffering. I know they’s clarks and can’t he’p it. But, jeez, cheer up once in a while. “Pain is the touchstone of growth”–heard that somewhere–but, celebrate the growth. Shut down the pain factory for a couple of shifts. Then, if you need to (and you do), go back into full production, all three shifts. Bitches.


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