Bleeding heart be damned…I love that metal edge!

“my heart caught on an edge so very long ago 
 I never noticed  the blood
 dripping like a faucet needing one more half turn
 was mine
 and neither did you
 notice the tiniest of tears
 as the unraveling continued one more half turn
 until singularly and quietly
 the rended edges smoothed themselves
 cautiously cauterized to blend  
 once again end
 upon end”

I might be all over the place in this post I just don’t know yet.  I figured out my special brand of getaway hooch, free no less (how dangerous is that!). It’s 80’s metal.  As a clark of the female persuasion I am particular to certain guitarists  who although they now be older are no less impressive.  Since I hold thousands of musicians in the highest esteem methinks today I shall focus on a few of  my obvious favorites (and hope I will be forgiven for the ones I do not list!).  Let me see now….. keep it short and simple….and in no particular order except for Michael….

Micheal Schenker, and brother Rudolph, Mathias Jabs, Glenn Tipton, KK, Yngwie, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, George Lynch, Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Impellitteri…  (“what? I should stop this? why?! what? they’re sayin’ what? shit…i’m still gonna post the vids…”)

So how many dead people have you spotted…and truly I did not set out to present a memorial to Ronnie but I really like this rendition of Dream On.
(it was never even a favorite)

You know, I’m just not sure.  Listening to metal from back then is like having the best sex you’ve ever had only 100 million x better!


19 thoughts on “Bleeding heart be damned…I love that metal edge!

  1. Molly M.

    I love that version of Dream On, and Ritchie Blackmore’s playing never gets old… though I’m not a big fan of Deep Purple. 🙂


    1. I just happened to stumble on it. Love everything about it and I must say I wasn’t a huge Ronnie James Dio fan except he did have a powerful voice and sang with some killer bands in his lifetime.
      Ditto about Ritchie:)


      1. how the hell do you equate music with sex? why so cryptic? come on out with it already. oh yeah, i forgot you’re a clark… who the hell knows what’s swimming around up there.


  2. Clairepeek

    There are musics that never get old… gosh… what a cool post ^_^.
    “sing with me, sing for the years”
    my husband calls me something like ‘hard-rock/metal gal’… I caught up on this a bit late, but I still love it… Yngwie made me discover one of my absolute favorite Swedish singers: Göran Edman (sang on Fire and Ice album)… and I really like Blackmore. Ronnie was a fantastic singer, no comparison (although still not my fav’)


    1. Never! Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it:)
      That can only be complimentary. You are the first female to admit to liking Yngwie. lol It may be old but Fire and Ice was a great album!
      I will look into Goran Edman…and really, who doesn’t like Ritchie Blackmore?


        1. Don’t ever stop!
          Thanks for the link:) I wil check it out for sure.
          Funny you should ask about Ritchie. I had been “talking” to Molly M. not long ago (a fellow “hard-rock/metal gal”) and she told me about Blackmore’s Night. I can’t believe I have not been keeping up with this! Thank goodness for the younger generation to keep me on my toes! LOL


  3. LOL In retrospect,yeah, I can see how those comments appear:)
    Appreciate the input and visit, especially to an older post. Mind if I ask how you arrived there?
    As to other places I write, I can be found at the Wakefield Doctrine. There I am known as DS1.
    Hope to see you here and there again!

    P.S. Your country of origin?


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