Treading upon the edge(s) of summer…

Anyone who writes creatively will tell you, when a “creative” idea, impression or “creative” theme presents itself before the brain committee, it is imperative to take heed immediately or risk losing everything that may have been contained in that particular post, article or missive.

Damn! Did I miss the boat on writing an “end of summer”, “here it is fall again” post or what?  So my thoughts circle round the wagons – is there anything in there?  Any usable cargo? No!  Lately, they’ve all been decoys.  I’ve been told that the most successful blog writers have a singular theme, one thing they are passionate about, so much so they are able to write profusely, and in neverending fashion about pretty much one thing. And one thing only.

Do you see my dilemma?  How do I narrow the lens? How do I choose one interest? …… “You are correct”.  Creative writing is about the ability to write about any topic or thing or ……..   



  1. Lunchbox Lenny · September 14, 2011

    Each September the Summer ends.
    Cool night air the winter portends.
    The dull green leaves just starting to fade.
    As Fall descends, they’ll all cascade.
    And fall to earth leaving branches bare.
    For the next eight months..reaching for air.
    Black brown and grey the palate of death.
    The dirty snow and visible breath.
    No cricket noise for months to come,
    No birdsong, no hornet hum.
    No flowers, no lawn, no butterflies,
    Traded for ice and slate grey skies.
    The end of Summer fills me with dread
    Of the long cold months that lie ahead.

    So…Is that a fucking poem or what? Rhymes and everything. Pathos and feeling like a roger in heat. I’m a bard. Ol’ pard. See? I can’t fucking help it. I puke up rhymes for breakfast. It’s a gift from God. Who am I to question it?


    • Girlieontheedge · September 14, 2011

      That is a poem indeed Lenn. The tone is very clarklike:) I appreciate you sharing your thoughts via poetry.
      I never once thought you would question the Big Guy…

      P.S. Can’t wait for the holiday season. I am certain you have a poem for each of them (holidays)
      P.S.S. I know I had promised to write my next post for you Lunchbox. Maybe next one.


    • Jennifer · September 15, 2011

      Love it! Very impressive Lunchbox. Who’d have thought…


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