GirlieOnTheEdge…gone wild

Hey! Click on the vid first, then come back and read this.  No, wait!  Read this first, then click on the vid and watch it, then come back, click on the vid and read this.  Yeah, that’s it…

Last Saturday night I called in to the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call In Show.  At one point the Progenitor clark, posed the question, and I paraphrase,  “what if you could go back to a previous timeline, as you are now, and change it.  How would you change it? What would you change?”  Hint: it’s a given that you know about the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers when you go back.  Holy moly! Things would be different.  How could they not? 

Which begs the question, how would life be different?  This requires a clear, and piercing look at what life is like now.  Would you erase what is for what might have been if you could really do this thing?  Would you go back and change only that which you wanted to and still leave the door(s) open that would lead you to the same people only in different roles?  (scotts are not included in this little experiment as they are never dissatisifed with the present – they are only of the here and now – which is not always a bad thing)

Whatever….let’s switch to another “more better”,  idea presented by the clark over at one of his Hub Pages articles.  In his article entitled So how old are you….really?”  he suggests the following:  that at some point we stop “aging” and sort of “lock into”, then hold a mental image of a younger self.  He suggested doing the following:

“…imagine that you are walking along a sidewalk in a small suburban town. There are stores and shops on both sides of the street. This is a small town, and we are in what the locals might call the ‘old section’, meaning that there are no gas stations or strip malls, but there are sidewalks (with parking meters). In any event, the town is small, so the street is only two lanes wide, with very little traffic, so you can see clearly in all directions up, down and across the street. As you walk along the sidewalk, you glance across the street at the reflection in the plate glass windows of a store. You see a person ( you, of course) walking along in that reflection.
The question is, do you immediately recognise yourself?”

Good experiment as it also implies acknowledging how we feel.  And what better describes/represents our feelings than music?  Music encompasses every human emotion and allows for self expression at any age, real or imagined.  Whoever coined the term “mood music” was one clever clark. Most of us define ourselves (everyone else insert “represents” ourselves)  through music whether it’s our own or someone else’s…at some point in life.  Our “mental” age is more often than not defined by a singular genre of music.  Although I love many types of music I have to confess that at heart,  I am a Girlie gone wild…..     


18 thoughts on “GirlieOnTheEdge…gone wild

  1. “mood” music…. I have found that music can either make you or break you, depending on your state of mind. Gotta listen to the right stuff at the right time or you just might be thrown into a mood that you don’t want to be in. Music can lift you up or bring you down. Listening to music affects our entire being, mental and physical. Gotta be bumpin’ to the right beat.


    1. You are absolutely right! The trick is to not get sucked into a mood you don’t want to be in.
      There is a definite symbiotic relationship between the human body and music. It never ceases to amaze me. The power in music is palpable and in this Girlie’s opinion a staple of life.
      What is your “mood” today?:)


  2. think this through again… if you went back…you would leave your history (in the making) strikout on your own…but then (by the time) you got ‘back here’ in the present you would be a whole different person!

    (Since ‘that’ person is currently existing in a paralell timeline) there is no real need to go back in time, just fuckin look sideways…see? over there in the distance…there you are…2 questions now: does that person (over there) care if you want to visit? …what are you waiting for?


    1. Yes, I would be a different person…
      That person (over there) cannot care.
      Hey! Who said anything about parallel timelines buddy! That was not the sentence that was made.. But your point is well taken. At this point it is about the sideways looking. No amount of retrospective revery can replicate the emotional content that once was however, replaying the life vid without the audio is one of the more helpful tools in altering how things might go if not for my own intervention. That and the Wakefield Doctrine. And damn! if it isn’t at work now! (the Doctrine) I am having difficulty at this very moment engaging typical metaphysical, clarklike thoughts so that I may answer your query. Seems I gots me some scottian goin on and need to get back to you on this one buddy. Really. Someone will get back to you. Promise….


    2. I had really intended to read on about GOTE. However, I had to stop to reply to Clark’s statement about her October 14 entry. have you ever heard of the term .” Glittering Generalities?”it is used quite often in political speech writing and advertising. Your first set of questions were thought-provoking. Your surprisingly ignorant and simple answers to your own questions put the whole comment into perspective. CW and whatever the next person’s name is, is nothing more insightful or novel than warmed over Scientology. Perhaps, something that took form over one too many bottles of Merlot, and the motivation of an advertising representative. ‘ we could make a lot of money on that premise.’ Clark, you draw your answers with such strength of will, but lacking any relevance to scientific theory, let alone empirical evidence. Remember, your basic science and the Null Hypothesis.

      While it may be quite possible that there exist parallel universes indirect alignment chronologically with ours, to state it as fact or possibly premise is well a glittering generality. Works wonders for selling a product does not hold much water in a philosophical or theological conversation. So I ask you, Mister Clark with regards to replying to her heartfelt statements. ” coming from a seemingly accepted authority, don’t you owe her more than that? “What are you waiting for?”

      I, Praetorian


      1. (well, what the hell am I supposed to do with the closet full of fricken Orgone Accumulators, huh? suppose you tell me that!)

        In the world of (internet founded) ‘personality’ theory I would put the Doctrine up against any of the multi-choice-I-think-I-Can!-self-evaluating-checklist-of-cathected-adolescent-phantasy system out there! (Yeah!! Amen!!)
        Besides it is not a parallel universe that we are concerned with, it is the decision-based manifestation of past predilictions that you have to watch out for, plus! We have hats!!!
        Good to ‘hear’ (read?) from you I am enjoying the interaction… while we all know that all people retain the capacity to perceive the world in all three characteristic ways ( as a clark or a scott or a roger), there is one dominant form/worldview….so which (nearly free) Wakefield Doctrine hat should we send you?


        1. If I may comment in the absence of one I, Praetorian – very funny opening clark.
          As for the rest of your comment, I leave that to our new friend when he/she returns. Return readers know I have spoken (here at GirlieOnTheEdge) with regards to the efficacy and simplicity of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers just as I have spoken of how fun it can be to utilize. It is what it is.

          I shall venture forth to say that I, Praetorian should be wearin’ a Doctrine hat with “clark” in red on her/his (damn) head! Yes sir. She/he be a clark.


  3. It’s not the clarks who need an explanation. Speaking for myself It’s the scotts (and maybe the rogers) who need it. Got your bread crumbs explanation last night on the Saturday Night Call-in. But….
    btw, for those of you who don’t know what the Call-in is, the info is below. Give us a call and be part of the show! We’d love to hear from you!
    Wakefield Doctrine Live
    Now you can call the Doctrine and your questions will be answered…from Wakefield!! Fun!! Informative!!! You will be a better person for it! Saturday Night 8:00 to 8:45 pm EST Dial: 1-218-339-0422 Enter Passcode: 512103#


    1. True ’nuff my friend. scotts, more than rogers, take a little longer “digesting” the words of a clark. But eventually, there is understanding….that clarks are crazy! LOL
      Appreciate your comment and hope you stop in again!

      For those first time readers of GirlieOnTheEdge reading these comments. I will at times refer to the Wakefield Doctrine, aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.
      Go to this place. I promise your life will never be the same:)


  4. “you gone wild” come on Ms. a well-publicized sanitized hairband from God knows when? If you’re going to engage, engage fully… my thoughts. judging by your writing. I believe you have a whole lot more in you than that. I was going to be so presumptuous as to suggest a video but then that would be my feelings and my thoughts. I will say that if you want to break a brick wall as a statement, or otherwise use something that is not weight in ounces. But in tens of pounds… Or better yet measured in explosive energy.

    As to the ” Wakefield doctrine,” I believe Scientology is still selling tickets to their show. Let me refer you to my reply to ” Clark’s” reply to what you’ve written here. I wish you the best.

    I, Praetorian


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