…the “party’s over so get the f***k out” and to the edge…

Title and vid for today’s post are from the same album (duh).  Dragged it out and put it on the other day not as a bandaid but rather as a help aid.  Once upon a time, I would play this entire cd before heading into work.  It was a marvelous source of energy, maybe more a source of emotional content.  “Emotional content?”  “Yeah.”

Let’s (try and) drag “EC” (emotional content) out of the closet.  We all know what it is but do we all know why we need it?  Do we all know how valuable “EC” really is?  Emotional Content is the state of being during which wonderful things can be made to happen, it is the state of being during which, as an individual, you can make things happen. 

(“I know, I know.  Getting a little too clarklike….I know, I know….they can read about the Wakefield Doctrine over there and other places….)  But you know what? I don’t care.  If a reader stumbles upon this blog and doesn’t care for the words herein, all that is necessary is a click of the mouse and poof! they can be somewhere else.  I’d like to think that with the proper emotional content, I can more or less do the same thing with various aspects of my life.  No, those “various aspects” won’t disappear with the click of mouse-like fingertips or anything but……

It is possible to change one’s life.  It is possible, with proper emotional content to set the things in motion that have the potential to bring about change in one’s life.  “But what does that mean?!”  If I listen to heavy metal, I can get a new job, a husband/wife…..?  “No, not literally.”  What I speak of is accessing the place within oneself, the one way deep and sometimes covered with life’s overgrowth – and using it to re-shape your immediate day to day, walk-about world.  It is not about just feeling energized.  The subtlety is in the ability to allow your body to do most of the work and let the emotional content act through one’s body.  (Yo! bucko! ya lost ’em on that one!) OMG! (scotts out there just went to sleep .  The rogers?  The ones still reading this post are wondering why they (are still reading this post) because if it’s not on the FB then it can’t be very good anyway.) 

The FB* version of this post:  the body knows first, let it guide you… energy begets energy which in turn facilitates change…focus, feed and sustain…. fight inertia, keep forward motion….and change is more than just a notion* * 

*a mostly rogerian place and a huge scottian feeding ground
**nod to my buddy Lunchbox Lenny and the Progentior roger



  1. jennifer · October 20, 2011

    Do I detect some scottian elements? Turned down a few notches of course. Except the one word that scotts just love to use in the title.


    • Girlieontheedge · October 21, 2011

      To clarify, the first part of the title is a line taken from the Skid Row Song, “Get The Fuck Out”. Most excellent song. It is, of course, from the CD entitled “Slave To The Grind”.
      Funny you should observe any scottian element as my own self experiment has been to experience life in a more scottian way. Again, to clarify, it is the feeling I am after. It is the energy, it is the attempt to manipulate my mind in such a way as to let my scottian body take the lead every now and again just as I have been grooming my rogerian “side”. Yesterday was, in fact, emotional content deliberately steered towards altering my world view….to that of a scott and/or roger. clarks were not allowed while I was at my workplace yesterday. That’s right. I put out the sign “no clarks allowed – (clarks)will be escorted from the premises”. I burned the house down and was a woman on fire…..LOL
      Don’t know about today but at least for one day, I used emotional content to change the way I viewed my world.


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