it’s lonely at the edge….

I missed my plane to Paris last night.  I was most distraught.  I had been anxiously keeping my eye on the time so I’d be able to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  There were several stops to make before heading out and had I been by myself I would not have been delayed.  But I was not alone.  Seems I was traveling with another person and damn if that person didn’t  keep me from boarding that plane!  Kept me from the City of Lights…

Again, another exotic dream that tap, tap tapped at my brain with a (just out of reach) allegorical stick.  What?….what is my unconcious brain matter trying to tell me this time?!  Seems lately, there’s been no shortage of dream dust for this Girlie….

Yes, I’m back at the dream factory.  If only I could record my dreams to video I am positive there is potential for some screenplays.  I’d like to think the finished product would be compared to Tarantino/Rodriguez with a touch of Kubrick but most likely it would be more Lynch/Nolan and if I was lucky, early Linklater.  Hell, that wouldn’t be so bad…

….Talked to the Progenitor clark this morning….here’s a snippet of early morning conversation between 2 clarks

 Progenitor c. – “are you working today?” Girlie – “no”.  Progenitor c – “are you doing anything that makes it worth being alive?”  Girlie – “I’d like to think so”.

Is there anyone out there familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine who would not recognise that as a totally clarklike conversation?  Damn straight.  Let’s skip the part where I ask who but a clark would get it (the verbal exchange).  So let me go straight to the horse’s mouth, to the well?….whatever. What is up with  ( clarks)?!  WTF is up with “I’d like to think so”!?**  What a girl! (and not in a good way…no, in the bad way, like when girls accuse a guy of being “a girl” about something). 

There was a new scott driving around in the Dashboard last Saturday night.  If you don’t know what I am referring to by now, well you had better read some other stuff at this blog, say like,  Slam-a-ja-am at the edge of the Wakefield Doctrine .  Anyway, Alex (Crabtree that is) made reference to his kind with a pretty cool descriptor – Alex described how he, and scotts in general, pretty much just rip out the rear view mirror and drive full steam ahead.  Borrowed or not, a pretty cool, concise view of how scotts navigate life.  Got to get me one of those vehicles.  Seems I’ve only been renting one short term – need to own one.  Yeah, own it, as in live it, as in auto pilot on, nav system go, full steam ahead and do not, do not look back……don’t know when I’ll be back or what will happen….don’t wait up….. 

**s’where I give you the floor, Maestro.  Nobody else is going to….hell, no one else can….or can they…..



  1. Molly M. · October 26, 2011

    So, is it a clark like trait to have vivid dreams that evoke strong emotion? Especially those of panic and distress?
    And yeah, I’d like to rip the rear-view mirror off and burn some rubber too… But only for a while. 🙂


    • Girlieontheedge · October 26, 2011

      Pretty much…especially the vivid, very detailed part.
      Let me know next time you’re ready for a road trip. LOL


    • Girlieontheedge · October 27, 2011

      My apologies Molly, if my first response to your comment was on the brief side…..the reason clarks have such vivid, detailed dreams, the reason those dreams evoke emotion, the reason clarks often can recall the details (of dreams) has to do with the fact that clarks are “of the mind”. You are familiar enough with the Wakefield Doctrine to know that of the 3, clarks live inside their (our) heads. Our imagination knows no boundary, the abstract for us is nothing more than an alternate viewpoint. Within dreams, all the emotion that has been repressed, stifled, zippered, whatever, in our waking lives has the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side. Dreams are also a vehicle through which our creative self can express itself. It is also the playground upon which our fear(s) can run wild…
      …..think I had better get that second cup of go-go juice… try and shake off last night’s nocturnal activities….


      • Molly M. · October 27, 2011

        Your first comment left me laughing… Finding a kindred spirit to travel with would be a blast!

        I am finding it amusing that there is a reason for the vivid dreams — I was just blaming it on the moon. 🙂
        So tell me, do you dream songs too? I don’t know how many times I have dreamed a song, even before I knew it existed, or had a song take over a conversation in a dream. The other night I kept dreaming I was talking to some man who I knew and trusted about something (I have no idea what)… but songs kept taking over the conversation, “…it was long ago and far away and so much better than it is today…” and would wake me momentarily, then the dream would begin again and “…as long as your gone we may as well pretend I’ve been dreaming, coming straight from the heart…”
        I finally got up, it was so annoying. lol


        • Girlieontheedge · October 27, 2011

          I concur!

          As you know, there is validity with regards to the moon’s phases and tidal effects so you are not being too silly:)
          I have dreamed music playing (some reall good stuff too) just as I have dreamed in color but I must say I have not had a song take over a conversation (in a dream).
          It is not surprising that your dreams are filled with lyrics, both known and unknown (budding career on the horizon?). Lyrics and music appear to occupy a fairly large part of your waking life . Makes sense – that which holds great weight or significance while awake would do so while not awake. One carries over to the other proportionately perhaps…
          Do you see significance in dreaming the song(s) or significance in the lyrics? Or neither?
          I think it’s great that you are able to wake but then go right back to the dream again. Whenever I have tried to return to a dream it inevitably does not work or at least not in the way I wanted!


  2. Molly M. · October 28, 2011

    When I can put the dream and the music together, I have always found a significance…
    Example: I dreamed of my cousin who was 7 months pregnant and single. The lyrics I heard in the dream were, “Floorboard’s filled with baby toys, and empty coke bottles and coffee cups. Driving through the rain with no radio, trying not to wake her up. Just a cheap hotel, with a single bed,
    and cable TV is good enough for me and Emily.”
    When I woke up I knew that my cousin was having a girl and her name would be Emily. I wrote down the lyrics because they were so different than anything I had ever heard. The song debuted a few weeks later, and little Emily is in 1st grade now.


    • Girlieontheedge · October 28, 2011

      Very cool!
      Years ago I had a specific dream involving a friend from high school and college. After graduation she got married and moved to the next state over. Although I hadn’t seen her in years, one day I woke from a dream and that afternoon called her. When she answered, I asked her when the baby was due. She couldn’t believe it! She was just then walking through the door, coming back from her dr.’s office, who confirmed she was pregnant. I used to think it was a Pisces thing -the mystical, prophetic dream stuff…..could it be a clarklike characteristic?:)
      btw, did everyone, including your cousin, believe you and your dream?


      • Molly M. · October 28, 2011

        I never actually talked to the cousin who was pregnant, but when I told her sister (after the baby was born), she said that that song was the confirmation in the name choice.
        And yeah, people in my family believe me. They know me. 🙂


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