It’s no longer Monday at the edge…

…right now the sky is cryin’ and I feel like drowning in my own tears… if only I could burn the picture of you…at the crossroads… been your whipping post too long, gonna run to the hills before the sandman enters….maybe join a chain gang ‘cuz nobody, nobody loves me like my many miles to go before I sleep…hell, let’s give them something to talk about but you know – she’s already made up her mind…I’ve been out walkin’, I don’t do that much talkin, these days….

It’s later than it’s supposed to be.  I mean, I started this post almost 3 (now 4) hours ago when the sun should have risen but it couldn’t.  Heavy clouds filled with Noah’s flood waters let loose with a ferocity that felt oddly comfortable today.  The color of early morning, complete with appropriate rain/wind sound effect(s) was the perfect accompaniment for morning coffee.  But alas….there was a runaway child, running wild… as it were and well, the interruption came crashing onto my creative shores.  “Say, they don’t make “go away and let me be”  in a spray can do they?”

(“It’s even later now.  Hope I don’t die before trying to complete this mess”) Don’t ask me why Stevie Ray had come to mind.  Maybe it was the weather (no, there will be no puns today) and then snippets of lyrics came to mind from timelines come and gone – bad, somewhere, nowhere, ever present.  But here’s what’s different than what you all expect (Glenn).  This morning’s little postus interruptus is not indulgance in lost emotion from days of future past (passed?).  No, what this is, is simply an exercise.  I’m all about that lately. 

Since I am accepting of the fact I have lost the original creative thread of this post, I might as well stumble on.  Long have I had the thought to knit?, sew? macrame?, glue?? .. wait .., weave! an autobiographical chronical with absolutely nothing more than song lyrics. (“that and a post from hell done entirely with music vids.  how original.  a digital version of the mix tape. to my own damn self”)  Shit! Where’s that… crazy train…. you got a motor like a brand new car, so start it up for me….

Over on the FB or “the Book” (as the clark would say), is one Seven Ravens, known affectionately at the Wakefield Doctrine as Molly M.   She is a clarklike female after my own heart as they say because she is metal chick extrordinaire.  What makes her so is her almost? devotion to some of the very same metal gods as yours truly kneels before.  “So what?  So what?!”   

Here’s what – the unique attachment that clarks make to music, their “storyboard” if you will.  Sure, everyone else, the scotts and rogers out there do this thing as well.  The difference with clarks, and maybe it’s just we of the female persuasion (what? there’s a persuasion around? really? whadya mean no acappella today?!), is the bonding /infusing emotion to a particular moment of a particular event, day, interaction, etc. with the music/song de jour which then permanently bonds itself to particular timelines thereby creating an amazingly reciprocitous relationship that lays the foundation of the tool with which to build the perfect escape/indulgance.  (“Yes, Glenn, “mood music.  I could have just said, a clark’s mood music is more personally intense, since clarks internalize more than scotts and rogers”)

Here’s a disappointing fact:  today is Wednesday.   Not Monday.  Late by 3 or 4 hours isn’t so bad – on the same day.  Late by 48 plus hours?!  What say JB?… the words had all been spoken but somehow the feeling still wasn’t right and still we I continued on through the night (and days) tracing our my steps from the beginning until they vanished into the air…

Apologies to the Brothers for not using their rendition….



  1. Lunchbox Lenny · November 2, 2011

    Reciprocitous. Great word. Great name for a rock band. Heavy metal? The linking of music to memory and mood is powerful. Second only, I think, to smell. Smell evokes mood and memory. But music does too. Even bad music has a “hook” into our past sometimes. “Nights in White Satin” That song was playing when I had my first “intimate encounter “(this means:sex) with a woman I thought I loved.Brings me RIGHT BACK to that event every time I hear it. For just a moment–I love that girl all over again. ‘Til the song ends. But it is astonishingly real DURING the song. Hope you enjoyed this reciprocitous comment.


    • Girlieontheedge · November 2, 2011

      Yeah, sure:) Of course metal!
      Agreed. You’re right. Think vanilla and cinnamon and pumpkin pie on the one hand. Or the smell of Cuervo on the other. One good. One bad!
      So, what I hear you saying is that there are all these damned “hooks” hovering over our “psyches”. Freddy Krueger’s got nothin’ on them auditory/olfactory senses!
      I sure did Lenny… See you back here again.


  2. RCoyne · November 2, 2011

    For all you mechanics out there; Albert is not only playing left-handed, but strings are upside-down as well ( normal for right-handers ) so you have to be twice dyslexic for this to make sense. And this is one of those videos where Gary got yelled at for being so loud. What great tone though.


    • Girlieontheedge · November 2, 2011

      Thank you for this bit of information on behalf of myself as well as all the “mechanics” out there. May I count you as my resident roger for such things as these?:)

      Damn this is good music!. Would like to keep writing this reply for as long as the video plays so gee, what can I talk about? Got home from work just a little bit ago. Listening to this vid rips open a part of me and lets loose all the “bad” stuff from the day… Albert and Gary just put the last suture in. Feelin’ good now….


  3. Molly M. · November 3, 2011

    I once read a story composed entirely of song lyrics. I remember thinking that the author was amazing (and that she knew a lot more songs than I did!).

    Did you ever get those mixed tapes for boys? Only to realize (years later) that they weren’t just sharing their favorite songs with you?!? Why not do a digital version for the whole world? Nobody is going to understand it the way you do, but still…


    • Girlieontheedge · November 3, 2011

      I would have liked to have read that story. Ah, but I am sure she was much older than you:)

      Actually, no. I never received one and I must say I have only made one in my life. It told a story to the ex, allowed for a certain carthartic self indulgance on my part, and satisfied a bit of my creative self all at the same time. I’ve always enjoyed the role of dj, whether it be catering to customers while they shopped (previous life as record store manager) or providing the (musical) backdrop at a party. (oh, alright. so I only threw one party in my life but damn, it was fun. Hey! maybe that was my first “ordeal”. LOL. ( Molly, make a note to ask clark about “ordeals”. As a clark you must know of these things)

      Funny you should make the suggestion of an autobiographical digital mix for the “whole world” as it has always been present in my mind to do such a thing. Coincidentally, you have targeted something difficult for me to pin down to words – the concept of doing a thing for the “whole world”. Once upon a time there was sufficient cartharsis in writing for oneself. With technology as it currently stands, think how good that self can feel writing for everyone and anyone in cyberspace! Or creating that ultimate “mix tape” for everyone to hear. Im glad you stopped by. Prior to your suggestion it was a thing I tossed about half seriously, but if ever I was to write an autobiography (musical or not), it might best be written in that format. Wow! Now that that pressure is off, I better go and write that down on a piece of paper! (different from writing it on a/the “list”) We clarks love keeping lists of things we are going to do, don’t we!!

      No, noone will, but how awesome to weave a life story from lyrics telling the life stories of artists both living and dead. To perhaps give life to a long forgotten artist, uncover the veil of obsurity for another or simply pay homage to one’s favorites.

      … so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key….


      • Molly M. · November 3, 2011

        I found the story: Goodbye – A Chained Melody
        And there is a follow-up called ‘Forgive Me – A Chained Melody’

        “… so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key….”
        I couldn’t agree more.


        • Girlieontheedge · November 3, 2011

          Thanks Molly for the link. Will check it out.

          As I knew you would…


  4. clarkscottroger · November 6, 2011

    so what of the ‘un-invited guests’ that seem to be a result of efforts deliberately ‘calling forth’ the secondary and tertiary aspects of your damn personality.
    Huh, what about that?


    • Girlieontheedge · November 6, 2011

      I am so very glad you ask this question clarkscottroger. And so very happy to attempt an answer for you. First though, allow me to reference a coupla things for any new readers: 1) I will often reference a theory of personality known as The Wakefield Doctrine 2) I will sometimes remind folks that I am a clark . 3) Some of us “oldtimers” about the Doctrine (and some astute new readers, otherwise known affectionately as FOTDS) recently have gotten into the habit of sussing out the ranking of an individual’s secondary and tertiary aspects (of their personality). For me, a clark, I am (at the moment) in flux as they say. I have recently been attempting to bring more to the surface the scottian aspect of my personality (inner scott) while at the same time sharpening my rogerian chops. Luckily for this purpose [but otherwise cursed (rogerian lament/complaint)] I work in a most excellent petri dish for this sort of thing: retail.
      Back to your question Mr. CSR. Not entirely sure what you are asking. No, really… I have been working overtime at “allowing” my scottian and rogerian selves to “surface” and find that I feel less and less discomfit as a result of this. It is the putting on the suit. Day by day and little by little, my department store suit is becoming more and more couture. Why just today, at work, I received an external affirmation of my scottian self. An older (but not ancient) stock person (male) was walking by and stopped by my register. Simply to say (and I paraphrase some of this) “Denise, I remember when you first came here and you were so meek and mild….”what are you trying to say Chuck?!” (I demanded good naturedly) He went on to say he couldn’t help but hear a strong/demanding, person over the store PA requesting (a mgr key, carryout, etc). I kidded him in a fabulously rogerian manner and he then went on his way.

      AH HA! Now, I know what you mean by “un-invited guests”. I think. These “guests” are surprising me at times, shocking me at other times, amusing me and, on occaission, scaring the dickens out of me.
      Is that such a small price for evolution?


  5. clarkscottroger · November 7, 2011

    tru dat


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