getting my legs on the edge of a Saturday night…

Thank you Axl……the Doctrine’s got nothin’ on you.

Getting my legs.  Yeah – that’s what this is.  Like the seamen of old, I am simply “getting my legs” at this blog thing.  Time.  Just takes some, right? ( “Like I believe I have a lot of that. lol”)  That is if a storm from hell doesn’t blow me over the side first.  Then, one day, I will be sportin’ some fine and dandy sea legs. (of bloglike proportion)  Adorned with the loveliest tights (“are the polka dots still “in”? whatever”) and the newest Docs around.  According to one of my mags, the boots of every clarklike female’s dream are being treated to embellishment by none other than the famous Swarovski folk .  (“Yes, really”)  That’s correct.  There is a new 10-eye boot bedecked by said crystal people that is to die for! (No lie, Molly!)  My Dolce and G men will have to step back for these.  Whoah! Where was I….

You know, you can call into the Wakefield Doctrine and ask Questions about the Doctrine or anything for that matter, every Saturday Night from 8:00 until 8:45 pm EST.  Follow the simple instructions and enter the secret passcode and voila! you’re riding around the town of Wakefield in the dashboard of a German luxury car with none other than the author, creator, Progenitor clark and a coupla downsprings or 2.  Here’s the number and code: 1-218-339-0422 / #512103.  Easy as pie.

What’s not easy is writing posts when you are feeling like shit.  Hence, this here piece of 10 day old pie.  When I am up and about and more my normal self (ves) I promise to deliver a much more delicious entree. (“no, it’s not the cold medicine…at least I don’t think it is….”)



  1. clark · November 12, 2011

    hey, you know, other than the fact that they will have to dial 27 digits (“…please dial the country code, followed by cultural bias indices and finally the phone and insert fifteen dollars in kronas, or rupees or frozen-head-of-cod into the phone and we will gladly contact you to your party”.) and stay up until 2:00am local time…no reason our Swedish friends don’t call us tonight…hey Sweden has the highest hat per (damn) head capita (lol) rate in the damn world…not counting the US of A
    “Så kom den ner, yo vi är omgivna av Wakefield”


    • Girlieontheedge · November 12, 2011

      I know, right? All they need to do is set the alarm, throw off the bear skin rug blankets and get to the phone. The rest will take care of itself. All things (in life) should be so simple. LOL
      Welcome in advance Swedish friends no matter where you are!


  2. Molly M. · November 12, 2011

    I had to look those boots up! Fabulous!!! Great video too — had to show it to my husband, because he claimed you never got to see Slash’s eyes in a video!


    • Girlieontheedge · November 13, 2011

      They are aren’t they! Saw the pic in last month’s Elle. Not the docs from my day. LOL
      Well, you know, I guess I always took it for granted – Slash always had his head bent with his hair covering his eyes or sunglasses on. Cool.


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