The edge of madness that is black friday

Greetings.  I suppose it had to happen. My public admission that I have become not only my parents but the grandparents I never knew. (“would they be proud of me? whatever”).  Yes, I know I have claimed to have ceased watching the news and/or news programs but not in the absolute, never, I swear upon my all of my dead relatives’ grave, sort of way.  So that is why, today, this stupidist of days, Black Friday, I just viewed the Buzz people listing the top toy gifts for boys and girls.  AAGH!  I hate the apple people. I hate’em.  Tell me what is wrong with actual crayons?  Have I missed the news broadcast in which it was revealed by undercover journalists that Crayola has been using carcinogenic properties in the making of their crayons?! Whaat? It is stupid and sad and totally stupid (“I said that already?”) There is this new thing called the I Marker that is used on an I Pad (“yes, I know it’s spelled with a small i. again. whatever”). You “color” with the marker on the screen. Tell me, someone, how this can be fun.  Is it not enough that kids nowadays can use a Crayola gizmo and melt down their old crayons, or new ones for that matter, to create their own special colors?  Or use crayons that will glow in the dark?  Never had those when I was a kid.  How cool is that?  So here’s my favorite (not): the Cars app for the I Pad in which you have an actual little car that you, (get this), race around on a track on the stupid I Pad?  Um, you all know what’s wrong with that picture.  If you click on this vid here [you tube=] you will see our future, well actually, you see present day.  Pity the child who does not know, will not know the magic of a book.  Not the words in the book, but the holding of an actual book with a binding, with pages that have texture, that if you are lucky have a smell of history and nostalgia.  Alex over at Extreme Writing  feels the same as does Molly of Seven Ravens fame. We had a brief discussion a coupla Saturdays ago on The Wakefield Doctrine Saturday night drive call-in show about the demise of the artifact known as a book. 

Think I will start buying books again.  Think I will start frequenting the used book stores again.  Who remembers the wonder of  being able to stop time  by simply walking through the doors of a Barnes and Noble or if you are lucky a store of the magnitude that is the Harvard Coop in Cambridge, MA? (“Is it still called that?”)  Books.  Magazines. Prints. Music. Art and art and art and history and life and all that is magical……magic.  I still believe…..



  1. Jennifer · November 25, 2011

    Sad but unfortunately true. Books used to transport me to another place. I would get lost in them. Such a shame.


  2. Lunchbox Lenny · November 26, 2011

    Books. I couldn’t agree more. I will never own a Kindle–or whatever those things are called. The tactile experience of reading an actual book. We will surely lose it in our lifetimes for most people. Not me though. I’ll be one of the last holdouts. People will talk about how quaint that old fella is–actually reading a book. One of my favorite things to do is shop for a book. I once spent an hour looking around in the store and did not find a suitable book. Still thoroughly enjoyed the hour. Last visit to Barnes and Noble, however, I noticed a large section of the store has been converted from bookselling space…to Kindle-related space. Pissed me off a little.


    • Girlieontheedge · November 26, 2011

      Damn. I have not been in a B & N for several years. If ever I go into a big box book retailer I will have to avoid that part of the store. I’m with you Lenn. No kindle – if I can’t bend it (only slightly! watch the binding) and feel it and smell it then forget it!
      One of my favorite memories of my one and only trip to France was browsing through old books in an open market and finding a copy of the Little Prince (in French of course). The bookseller was not present. There was a jar into which a person could leave payment for any book purchased. Love that book:)


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