Is there an edge to the bottom? Damn right!

Excuse me….still a little somnobulistic yet – 2nd round comin’ up.  As far as coffee goes there is definately a last call.  Brb with second and final of the glorius go go juice…

So where was I? Lost the thread again (note to self: get bigger needle).  It must be the same for many of you writing people.  As soon as your head has been invaded by another person’s voice (for more than a minute or 2 that is), it becomes next to impossible to weave/sew/knit what might have been a toasty little sweater or scarf or mittens or in my case, a little doily.  Yeah, I said doily.  Victorian, antiquated. Kinda like me.  Dammit!  Had some nifty shit a little earlier.  So what do I talk about now!!!

Alright…..last night’s dream elements/objects:  very, very nice Lincoln Continental similar to what Big used to ride around in, only white; yachts of various sizes; church/retail building; and, of course, the obligatory scary characters of the human kind.  The last thing I remember before the alarm started ringing was that I was telling a friend of mine (from another lifetime/timeline) that if she got tired and couldn’t tread anymore she could/should float.  Enter yacht, sitting in, not so much the ocean, more like a bay – far enough from shore that if you decided you could swim to it (the shore),  it would take an hour or two.  If you didn’t get eaten by ocean prey meandering into the bay first that is. (it’s a dream so naturally there are all sorts of sea monsters lurking just beneath the surface. lol)

Yeah, yeah.  I get the dream interp. 101 about the floating, blah, blah and blah.  What I always, always wonder is if there is anyone reading that interprets elements herein the way I do. The aforementioned sweater vs. doily for example.    

My friend Lunchbox Lenny…let’s give a big hello to Lunchbox!!….would read this and think “get offa your ass Girlie and stop indulging. Don’t be a drudge!  Gestaldt the damn limo, yacht, water…and that fucking doily.” (see, Lunchbox Lenny l-u-v-s saying that word (in this case I refer to “doily”.    Something about the different, funny ways you can say it.  Oh, and the kinds of words you can rhyme with it.  

Damn, the sun is now well over the horizon which means it is time for me to stop.  If I cannot write a post before the sun rises then I don’t write a post.  That’s the thing.  Words for me come best at dawn, before the light of day streams through and shines light upon them and reveals…


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