Topsy, turvey, and tottering on the edge of fashun…

Back by popular demand?  LOL  I cannot figure it.  Ever since it’s first publication on 5-7-11,  there is consistent activity at Girlie’s post, “Turquoise tube tops and the edge of oblivion…”.  For the last 4 weeks there has been a singular hit each and every week.  Of all the many, many posts gone by, this one is consistently viewed, albeit on a somewhat irregular, regular basis.  I ask myself: “why this one and not another?” (actually, there is one other – keep reading).  Give me a minute will you while I conjure those words for a mini review.  BRB.  In the meantime, relax, listen to some music.  This won’t take long….

First things first:  Girlie does not, repeat does not wear a tube top of any kind, of any color.  (hint on the fashion front: only Elvis could get away with the rhinestone jumpsuit. Only Elvis.)  Girlie’s sister postette from  7-8-11,”Turqoise tube tops and the edge of…..” is also viewed with the same irregular regularity. 

So nuggets to nuts, I went and re-read both posts and checked the stats.  Despite more comments on the redux version, the original was still viewed more times.  It was in the original where I was trying to convince myself that if I was viewed/seen/thought of as being a tad on the, shall we say, “different” side, then it was due to a cultural difference. “Yeah, sure.  Whatever you want to tell yourself.”

“To change one’s frame of reference is not to say that “who” we are changes.  A clark* in Virginia is still a clark* in Florida, a scott* in Rhode Island is still a scott* in Idaho and a roger* in South Carolina is still a roger* in New Mexico.” 

[Got it.  The theory of clarks, scotts and rogers is gender and culture neutral.]

Flash forward to follow-up TTT post.  Huh, thought it would be heavy with life altering shit….wait.  It was because it referenced however lightly, my attempt at a script re-write, my ongoing attempt at altering life at will.  This, within context of  being a clark who, to be honest, is both a huge advantage and disadvantage all at the same time.  Let’s face it.  The odds at getting a new script taken seriously are huge .  

“Enough!”  Lets’ move this thing along already…!”  What is this post about? What is the point? Does fashion of any sort have a bearing on this conversation? Are you sure clarklike females can be considered fashionable?  Is this post simply about plugging the Wakefield Doctrine? (well, why not – it’s only the single most useful tool in the Universe with which to alter/build/and repair one’s life. who said self-development/evolution can’t be fun!)

Speaking of fun, I’m finished here.  Need to go and work on the other post, the new one that’s been sitting in queue.  So in case you find yourself grumbling a little for having spent the time to read my post today, this one’s for you. 


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