To be decided at an edgier time…

Talk about walkin’ the edge.  There are times when the lines are so blurred how does a body know for sure?  How do you know when you’ve crossed the demarcation line?   

“I woke up fine so I told myself today
 there are no problems chance of ricochet
 It is not certain it isn’t always clear
 All I know is I won’t accept the fear

 Walking blindly I found myself alone
 there were no signs no little stepping stones
 With which to guide me I stumbled then I fell
 Who knew the edge could send me straight to hell

 I woke up fine so I told myself today
 there are no problems chance of ricochet
 It is not certain it isn’t always clear
 All I know is I won’t accept the fear


The journey’s far from over or complete
There still remains for some a front row seat
If you have the patience and a little time
Then walk with me across that moving line”

The excerpt above?  Just tryin’ something out.  Storytelling  through blog, poetry or song lyrics (“whadya think? country? blues? pop? not sure what musical direction to go”) is supposed to be cathartic.  That’s all well and good but unless there is a definitive outcome as a result, then what’s the point?  Spur of the moment words almost always do not emanate from spur of the moment events or emotion, therefore catharsis should result in something.

“Something!?” How very vague, so very clarklike of me to end this post with such ambiguity.  Ambiguity has such a bad rap.  It really shouldn’t.  It is my humble opinion that leaving as many doors open allows for as many thresholds to be crossed.  What’s wrong with that?     



  1. Clairepeek · January 12, 2012

    Why should ambiguity be a “bad rap”? Ambiguity leaves space for reflection and discussion, which ultimately is moving forward. I do not know how forward one can go when walking on the edge… especially when the line is blurred…
    Nothing is something and sometimes something is nothing… but then rhetoric often helps ones catharsis. I liked the excerpt… not very cheerful but I walked with there for a while ^_^


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 12, 2012

      I know, right? lol
      I agree that ambiguity can serve a purpose. It depends on the context. The “edge” (found in GirlieOnTheEdge)is both noun and adjective and geez, I’m thinking adverb every once in a blue moon:) You have hit the nail on the proverbial head Miss Clairepeek in that it is all about forward motion. Or in the least, an attempt at forward motion. You know the old saying….if you are not moving forward you are moving backward and as one gets older the velocity increases in larger increments(either direction)!
      Damn excellent parting clarklike thoughts! And thank you. It’s a work in progress and no, not very cheerful but that’s ok. It’s all about the forward motion…..


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