“Hey taxi!…”where ya wanna go?” To the edge of course!

Oh-k.  But what does the fine print say?  Always with the fine print. What is up with that?  Why is the important, potentially scary stuff always relegated to the bottom of the page in that teeny, tiny print? 

Alright, so you read the post title, maybe you listened to or are listening to the musical selection.  Pretty obvious, eh?  Moving.  Leaving.  Changing.  Altering.  Evolving.  True.  True.  True.  True and true.  (yawn – gimme something else…some thing)

What are the life changing moments/events portrayed in movies that catapult the main character/protagonist into action?  Are they ever good moments/events?  No!  Of course not!  Is there always a happy ending?  Right again!  No, there isn’t always a happy ending.  Yet that doesn’t keep people from making one last ditch effort at (fill in the blank)

Was in the library recently and decided to see if there might be a movie or two worth checking out.  Being the weekend, the selection was pretty much picked over.  Until my eyes fell upon Everything Must Go.  Huh.  That’s what I’ve been thinking lately.  Pulled it off the shelf and saw that Will Ferrell was on the cover.  (Not a favorite although I did like him very much in the film Stranger Than Fiction.)  Started reading the front cover first instead of my usual flip to the back.  I was highly suspect of the single line reviews:  “Sharply funny”  or the other one “A real gem”

Look at the front cover, flip it over, read the plot synopsis and then tell me how in the world this movie is a comedy?  According to the Detroit News:  “Everything Must Go is an unflinching comedy about what happens after life falls apart.”   Where is the humor part of that again?  Quick, get me some of what they’re smoking at the Detroit News and maybe I can find humor in losing your job,coming home to find your wife has thrown you and your stuff out on the front lawn(same day) taken up with your sponsor/friend, falling off the wagon trying to drink it all out of focus…..  Or any of all the other “personal challenges” that accompany timeline deconstruction.  No.  No mind altering substance can convince me of the humor of such things.  This is not to say that humor cannot be found within those places.  Totally different thing.   But I digress. 

I’ve always been pretty good at sizing people up (a common clarklike trait), analyzin’ and dramatizin’ (long live the Lady! that in and of itself is saying something, trust me on that one!).  But what good is “suss-sight” in reality, in practical terms?  It may head off a con man, an insincere lover, a fairweather friend perhaps but really what are the practical, self applications?  Can I suss out my own damn self?  Of course fool, of course.

In support and endorsement of it, I will restate for the record, that the Wakefield Doctrine is proving an invaluable tool of late.  For many, life’s journey is pretty straightforward.  A more or less uncomplicated, road trip with decent maps.  For others, the Rand McNally was left behind – on the kitchen table or worse yet on top of the vehicle.  Bummer!  The trip is bound to veer off on a few unauthorized exits.  Shit happens, right?  

Here’s the deal.  The Doctrine tells us that we all view life through the lens of/ experience reality as, predominantly a clark, scott or roger.  Whatever your predominant bias, there always remains the ability to see/experience the world as a scott or a roger would.   As a clark, this can be an asset on the (neverending) road trip when the maps were stupidly (or is that intentionally?) left on the coffee table or more accurately, under the pile of books and magazines stacked on the bedside table.  

(“any readers left? 1? good enuf”)  The purpose of this ramble-ette today?  Restating outloud my sincere intent to alter my timeline* when everything seemingly points to disaster.  Why?  As an example of the efficacy of the Wakefield Doctrine of course!  Besides, I have been languishing in a non creative, dusty draft hell for weeks.  Quick! Someone, anyone get me a broom stat!.**

* make sure kids when you attempt this thing you are in good physical shape. trust me   on this one
**reference to cleaning one’s island, the tonal as Juan would say    



  1. Molly M. · January 26, 2012

    “Silly me. That was my cleaning broom!” –With Hazel

    I don’t think I’ve ever left my map anywhere, but I know I’ve been talked out of it a time or two — in favor of a more scenic rout! Forget that! I did my research, marked my path. I think I’ll stick to it!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 26, 2012

      Hm…not familiar with the Hazel reference.

      Good for you Molly! Yes, it is sometimes easy to get talked out of one’s “map”:)


      • Molly M. · January 31, 2012

        Sorry. That was suppose to say Witch Hazel — from Buggs Bunny.


  2. friendofola · January 27, 2012

    …”clarks loves they maps”

    There is a clue to the inner workings of the clarklike frame of reference in this simple, yet grammatically incorrect statement.

    (Hint: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Korzybski )


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 27, 2012

      Really? I’m thinking that clarks are prone to scoff at maps after a certain point. We tend to rely upon our own “inner maps” if you will.
      I see you have referenced Alfred, “the map is not the territory”, Korzybski. Just what I need…more somewhat obscure information from a geo-philo-dough-sophic scientist. LOL
      Thanks for stopping by friendofola.


  3. RCoyne · January 29, 2012

    Damn. Last time I heard Les Dudek was in Bonnet Shores. Nice how the powers that be will toss your ass around like a pingpong ball when required. Scruff of the neck.
    At the risk of intruding…would a few words of advice, roger to roger, be acceptable?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 29, 2012

      Funny how things pop out of nowhere sometimes. I looked for Les once before on the youtube and I swear there was nothing! Then one day I look him up on the google and surprise! He was born in the same hospital I was born in (only 7 years earlier). Next time I looked, Les was all over the youtube. Nice, uh huh… and after the neck burn wears off, ya damn well better be able to spot some paw prints. lol
      Who would not want to hear (the) advice, one roger to another? The floor is now given to the roger from Rhode Island.


      • RCoyne · January 30, 2012

        In order to prevent myself from going on at length in a comment, may I suggest stopping in at the Rag over the next few days; I can feel a somewhat lenghty post coming on. But for now;
        I am a great believer in the concept of mental imagery. Try this one on if you would;
        You’re standing in a desert valley. You’re looking at a large, ferocious tornado that is picking up speed and coming straight at you. The storm represents the emotional turmoil that you find yourself engulfed in. If it reaches a critical mass, then the damage will be catastrophic.
        Now, envision that there is an electrical cord running along the ground, from the very center of the storm and going right past your feet as you stand there.
        If you turn around, you’ll see that the storm is plugged into an outlet in a wall directly behind you. ( This is imagery, it doesn’t have to make practical sense.)
        Now the hard part. This part represents your capacity to exhibit control over your circumstances.
        Turn around, reach over, and unplug the damned thing. Visualize yourself doing just that, and then visualize seeing the storm begin to slow down and dissipate.
        And now…count how many distractions that your brain comes up with to prevent you from doing it.
        On the surface, you want to believe that you have control…but the deeper, primordial , uglier motive is that …if the storm sweeps you away along with everything else, then you can’t very well be held responsible for the consequences.
        And therein lies the tragedy; because that is an illusion.


  4. clarkscottroger · January 30, 2012

    hey, mind if I butt in with a counter-point? (old SNL gag, “Shana, you slut!”)

    Your representation of the dynamics expressed above, I do not disagree with, however on a most fundamental level I do (disagree), and the reason for this can be expressed in 1 word: the cat.*

    (For the ‘benefit’ of anyone following this thread, who did not happen to spend time in the company of the above correspondents during the late 1970s and early 1980s, this reference to ‘the cat’ is simply short-hand for the forces of change that can be set into motion. Often set into motion and then forgotten, the forces nevertheless are real… imagine the situation: you hate your job so much that you say to yourself and everyone around “I would give anything to not have to go in today…” 2 weeks later you break your leg….like that only more imaginative and usually more time delay…)


  5. GirlieOnTheEdge · January 30, 2012

    Some very fine points being made. I too am a big fan of imagery. But I am also of the opinion that there are times when circumstances are such that there comes a point when it’s too late to pull a plug. Preparation then becomes the most important thing. That and choice(s) moving forward. Choice implies intent, from intent there comes will, from will comes all else.
    And then of course there’s the cat….long live the cat:)


  6. clarkscottroger · January 31, 2012

    …best advice (seeing how we totally left behind the idea of ‘talking’ in a manner that anyone else will get)…is from our friend from Sonora, “sweep the island (of the tonal) clean…you might just survive”.

    That, a good Memo spoken in a high, clear voice and no telling where you wake up next.

    (Hey, look at it this way, yesterday you might have been a 90 year old clarklike woman with Alzheimers, terminal cancer and an IV of decreasingly effective morphine,,, lying in a bed in a nursing home with a 3 minute window of lucidity… don’t let her down!)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 31, 2012

      It is the most excellent of advice. And, for all my readers out there who have not lost the proverbial thread, the other tasty tidbit to keep in the candy jar is to use death as an advisor. (appreciate the lovely imagery. may I have the fortitude to conjure such a scene daily in order to walk my path with heart.)

      In conclusion, (unless anyone else cares to comment) I’d like to thank our representative from the Secessionist Rag, RCoyne for stopping in. I know I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to his new Post(s). I also appreciate the multiple comments from clarkscottroger of the Wakefield Doctrine


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