One person’s edge is another person’s…..

It’s Valentine’s Day and I would like to give one to Pink.  The Wakefield Doctrine!  Is it really coincidence that the kids in the beginning of the video are of the age around which we all become either a clark, a scott or a roger?

To head off the scotts out there – no I am not depressed.  To head off the rogersget over it, people use bad language in songs all the time.  Yo, clarksWell, it depends on your mood doesn’t it? LOL 

There’s been a Rage Against the Machine song circa 1998? playing in my head for days now but the melody from Perfect is stuck on replay in my brain causing a commotion.  Better give them some airplay today as well don’t you think? 


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY clark(s), scott(s) and roger(s)….



  1. Molly M. · February 14, 2012

    I *love* that P!nk song. A friend, who has always struggled with depression recommended it to me, about a year ago, because he could so identify.
    …and yes, a four lettered vocabulary is definitely mood induced.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 14, 2012

      It is a great song! Having said that, I see how it can send some people into a deeper “funk”, and at the same time lighten someone’s else’s mood…heck at times it can bring a smile to my own (damn) face:D
      I particularly like the video as I immediately thought of the Doctrine. LOL


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