“How do you know you’ve crossed over the edge?”

Excellent question!  Can I answer it objectively?  I was sitting, writing this draft with all distractions possible (plus 2) with a side splitting, going to explode headache to boot!  Wtf, man!  The creative dam had seemingly broken and right on cue arrived the distractions:  verbal, musical, physical. (“hey, let’s fuck with her now because in an hour she has to go and stand in a world that is not of her making.  what? I’m telling you it isn’t. whadya mean she can change it?!”) 

“Bring it on” is what I am not saying…..out loud.  “Let’s just try to persist, try to plod on and through the obvious attempt by the “universe” to stop….”  Well, that’s at the crux of it all isn’t it?  Stop what?  Progress?  What does that mean?  I knew then what would happen in a few short minutes.  I’ll be forced to stop this activity because it is damned near impossible to proceed when my thoughts have been successfully scrambled by…. the….. Timeline Task Force (TTF)!! 

There, right there is the white elephant in the room.  Come on.  You can carve out a little more space.  Besides, it’s my elephant and it’s my house.  “Timeline Task Force?” Well, it’s a term I use to describe inertia and otherwise induced events that seem to prohibit forward momentum away from what presently is my timeline, my “place in the world”….the world my body is creating every day.  Sometimes referred to as my “perfect world”.   Confused?  Natural reaction since “perfect” implies ideal, without fault, etc.  But not in this case.  For my purposes, well for yours really, I’ll say that we wake each day to the world our body has created.  The habits, the action/reaction cycle, the routine, if you will.  Even if circumstances are not “ideal” we proceed as we always have done because our bodies are used to it.

For those of you out there who may read this and think “oh, what a sad little clark. Worry not!  There are changes in life worth fighting for.  For some, the day to day of one’s perfect world may require a little tweeking every now and then, say a new car is needed or some weight needs to be lost.  Then there are those who face a steeper incline.  (me? I love getting on a good ellipitcal….)

Saturday morning news flash!  Thought this draft was headed for the trash.  Everything up until this paragraph was written a couple of weeks ago.  Usually, after that length of time the only place for those words are in the draft trash.  But fortunately for me, returning to this draft was not accompanied by frightening, cosmic shenanigans, which is what happened to the RagMan the other day.  Now there’s a frightful experience.  Have to wonder who’s been f*@#n with his universe.  LOL  Yes, all of that is saying “go to the Secessionist Rag and read some stuff.  Heads up…if you smoke cigars, ya better leave them outside…you just might spook the RagMan.


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