My time at the edge of the anti-universe – an informal interview.

That’s right.  And it was only a little over 800 miles away in a southerly direction  (yeah, southerly. shoulda taken a hint from that, eh?) So, it is indeed the anti-universe, this state where I live.  The geographical one.  Not the mind one. (at least I tell myself that)  “When did I first realize I was living in the anti-universe?”  Well, I think it was when I would watch the local news.  At least twice during a newscast I would look over at my SO and ask incredulously: “What? Did you understand that? What?  What did they say?! That didn’t make sense”.  And don’t even get me going on the use or should I say, misuse of the English language.  I understand that slang has sidled it’s way into all sorts of spoken venue, but the news?  Instead of hearing reporters speak like this: “The police apprehended the suspect….”  You will hear something like: “The cops took him down…..”. 

OK.  Bad reporting does not an anti-universe make. (am I doing it now?! talking like them?!)  It is more than that.  You might call it cultural comparison – or a lack thereof?  A sense of civilization? Not quite that either.  I struggle with verbal wherewithall to make definitive statements as to the veracity of my claim that I live in the anti-universe.  And frankly, that frustrates me.

So let’s take another tack.  Regardless of economic circumstance, you are who you are.  Whatever it is that makes you you, whether clark, scott or roger, the essence of your personality does not change dramatically when you move to another state.  Except if you find your self in an anti-universe.  “Yes, yes I do believe that there are other places where the anti-universe exists.”  I’m getting a strong sense of deja-vu right now….Oh yeah!  I seem to recall talking a little about “cultural” things in the ever famous Turquoise tube top, tattoos and the edge of oblivion…. post from May 7, 2011 or the equally infamous follow-up July 13, 2011 post.

Having said all this, creative expression is the one thing that may, may be what changes first.  In an anti-universe.  Or perhaps it is the first thing to go….how would you know??   How could you know?  Perhaps I have created my own bias?  “But if I’m here and you’re here, doesn’t that mean”… Maybe I need to leave, then come back in….



  1. thewakefielddoctrine · March 25, 2012

    Richard Linklater…one of the true success stories for our people! damn

    (little know fact…Linklater’s first movie, Slacker, is an infallible roger detector! Play that movie and the rogers will stand up and run out of the room within the first three minutes…

    The Post? oh yeah! er…well, let me ask you this, ok? Like if that is what you think is an anti-universe, then what is filling the void for the anti-universe then, huh? can you tell me that? didn’t fuckin think so…

    the answer is… ( and though the Progenitor roger did not know it, those ‘dits’ are the answer) (to the question)….that I implied.

    “You’ve been told…”


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 25, 2012

      I concur on your first two points. Slacker forever prejudiced my own roger towards certain “type” movies. He himself barely got through the cab drive scene. When asked by my roger who told me of this movie I gave him the name(of the person.) Now, when I bring home a movie considered an “indie” type of movie or if it bears any resemblance to Slacker, my roger will ask if it is a (insert name of person who turned me on to Slacker)movie. LOL

      Long live the Lady….and the Wakefield Doctrine!


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