She went off the Reservation….looking for the Edge

Girlie has left the building.  Not to worry.  She always finds her way back.  Well, at least she used to…

“What? What happens if she doesn’t come back?”  Well, I suppose that depends on your perspective.  If she reaches the edge as in ledge or cliff or whatever it is Don Juan references then she will have achieved a feat worth her efforts.  If, on the other hand, it is simply the edge of a cliff famous for diving….well that is anybody’s call.  Once a good swimmer, her diving skills are at best average.

A topic presented itself over at the Wakefield Doctrine  recently that had to do with the “permeability” of realities/individual “worldviews” –  frame of reference if you will.  If you are not familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine yet, take a look at an excerpt from the post dated March 26, 2012.  Gives you an idea of the basic premise of the Wakefield Doctrine:

a) We all have individual realities, call them worldviews, frames of reference, but they are our realities. Nothing weird, the world at large is still the same and we all agree on all the big things, i.e. the law of gravity, the ocean is wet, yodeling sucks and there is room for improvement in all our individual lives.  But when we say worldview or individual realities we are talking about how the world looks from inside your head. Real as real. Not ‘pretend you think it is one thing, knowing it is something else.’ Real.
2) everyone’s personal reality/worldview is one of three characteristic types: the reality of the outsider, the clark, the aggressive/predator populated worldview of the scott and the definite and quantifiable social matrix of the rogerian personality type. We all have the potential for all three, are predominately one of the three and still retain the capacity to experience the reality of the other two personality types.

 OK.  So my regular readers know that I am active over at the Wakefield Doctrine as Downspring#1.  I admit to a carryover from there to here and today is obviously no exception.  I am after all, a clarklike female and, in my case,  on a particular mission.  I began sometime back grooming my two other “aspects” ( rogerian and scottian).  I believe that I am able to summon my rogerian aspect in such a way that I can leave the world of a clark and experience the world of a roger – I can feel the emotion that is inherent in that world.  The times I have done this, I felt as if I connected with people in the way that rogers do – through an identification/emotional way.  It can be exhilarating, it can be fun, it can be comforting. rogers feel

I find the bigger challenge however is accessing my scottian self at will.  This world, the world of a scott is a simple one.  The Doctrine uses the analogy of predator/prey when speaking of the scottian world.  Simplistically speaking, it sure is.  It is about challenge.  It is about dominance or submission.  Ranking is mandatory.  A scott must always know where he/she stands.  It’s about energy and certainty and movement.  I will admit to having donned a scottian suit a time or two but found myself  truly viewing the world as a full blown scott only a couple of times.  Hint: for most clarks, that particular immersion leaves us with a bit of amnesia….  that is to say, once the “episode” has passed, the emotional content/memory of the event is being remembered/recalled through the lens of a clark.  scotts act

The question that I alluded to wa-ay back when is this:  if you can genuinely step into one or both of the other 2 worlds (in my case the world of a roger and the world of a scott) – in Doctrine terms – actually experience the world of a roger or the world of a scott,  do we bring something back (from there) to our own world (selves)?  In other words, can we say that by virtue of having experienced another frame of reference as a member of that “place/world”,  we have absorbed the experience and all the energy associated with it into our “dominant” selves?   

Our bodies have a memory, everybody knows that.  Where else would we have gotten the  famous “it’s like riding a bike…..”  Therefore, it’s safe to say that (in my case) after participating in the world of a roger as a roger and participating in the world of a scott as a scott,  the experience(s) has certainly become a part of my frame of reference.  clarks think

 OK.  So maybe this is all sounding a little confusing.  A little “out there”.  But it’s not.  What the Wakefield Doctrine offers is a fun, yet spot on method – theory – by which to navigate your world.  It can take you to places you’ve never been before, it can show you landscapes previously unknown, it can change the course of your life.  The best part?  It can also be rather fun.  I don’t know any other self-help method, theory of personality, process of self-discovery/development that offers what the Wakefield Doctrine  does.

See you soon……


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