Hey! To the Edge…the Ragman cometh

“Hey!  You finally made it.  You realize that you made a whole lot of people wait, don’t you?  I mean the studio was all set up – comfy and cozee like.  So, today, I think I’ll just kick back.   Hit it Mr. C!”

Ok, you guys… just like we planned…leave the boats on the beach, and we’ll cover them with camoflage…I know, it’s too quiet…they must know we’re coming…ok, find some branches and stuff, we’ve got to keep moving.

What? What did you say? No branches? What the hell kind of island is this?

Balloons? Did you say balloons? That’s all you can find??

All right, fine, then. Everyone grab balloons and cover the boats with them. We have to get going.

What color?? It doesn’t @#^$%#@ matter what color!! Damned rogers…just get some %@#@% balloons over there! ( OMG…why is there a link to that word…what the hell?) No, don’t click on it, just #$%$#$# get moving…

The balloons are dead? All dead? What does that even mean??

There’s no air in them, and they’re just lying all over the beach?

Well, untie the little knot, and blow them all back up again. And !@%$^& hurry up! ( Another link! Hurry, they must be onto us!! )

No, they will not float away!! It’s not helium, it’s CO2. Don’t you remember the formula?  How did you people even get picked for this mission?

Ok. Finally. You certainly all made enough noise. You’re lucky it’s supposed to just be clarks over here. scotts would have been all over us like white on rice.

 Now let’s go…slowly, slowly…stay down, and conserve your ammo.

What ammo? Is that what I heard back there?

Where is the @#$%!@ ammo?

In the boats? Where it will stay dry?

If you are dead, does it matter if the powder is dry? Does it? Take two rogers and go back and get it. We’ll wait here. !@#$% rogers

And do not, I say again, do not click on those blue links.

We’re in. Finally. It’s just too damned quiet out there…let’s send out a scout…yes, you…no, there isn’t a special scout hat… the one you have is fine…just do it, or I swear I’ll shoot you myself…

He’s back. He found a …message in a bottle….from …Claire and Molly.

It says something about owning something, and being ‘ mushy’.

Give me your ” clarkish to rogerian” translating dictionary, we’ll look it up.

What?? Where did you leave the dictionary??

 In the boat. With the powder. Where it’s dry.

!@#$%$ rogers….


All right then, Ms. Claire. Let’s have at that first question, and awfully sorry for keeping you waiting.

For rogers, it is mainly a matter of validation. Depth of feeling is how rogers bracket themost important aspects of their lives, and to be able to validate those depths is critical to development. Many people will mistake overt displays of emotion as supposedly being sincere, where it is really likely just immaturity having its way. So; immature displays are typically overt in nature, as opposed to a deeper, quieter conviction that fosters validation. The deeper you can truly feel it, the more you own it.

And Molly, that is precisely why some rogers come off as ” mushy”; you are watching a person confuse volume of emotion with depth of emotion. The seasoning’s not there yet. Hopefully it will be, given enough time.

But there is another aspect of the situation you describe; three rogers, all males, all claiming you as ” BFF”, and all with a propensity to drink too much. A little frightening. There is certainly a pattern at work there, and you hold a 50% share in owning it; because they are each one a separate situation, regardless of their similarity.

Being all rogers, I would venture that they are each one very enamored of you; therefore, there must be something that clearly separates you from the other local females. This is likely where the ‘clark thing comes in.  The drinking probably helps them bolster a bit of courage ( better some Dutch courage than none at all ) when in your company.

From a distance, and with them all being rogers, I would bet heavily that at least one is hopelessly smitten, but thinks the secret to be well-concealed. And as a roger, he thinks he’ll valiantly take it to his grave.

He probably won’t make it that far.


Ok. Let’s get those responses stuffed back in the bottle, and move up the beach a ways…who’s on scott watch?




  1. Molly M. · May 2, 2012

    Thank you Roger. Your ‘mushy’ explanation makes a lot of sense.

    As to the three rogers, you are right. They each are a separate situation.
    –One is my brother (who thinks the world of me).
    –Two has been hopelessly smitten since we met, when he was 14. He use to propose at least once every three months, until I got engaged (even thought he was engaged to the woman he is now married to for the last 1/3 of that time). He didn’t drink until he got into the military, and the first time he ever called me while drunk was his 21st birthday.
    –Three is a complete mystery to me. He is one of those friends that I love dearly, but he is only a friend when he chooses to be… therefore, I have a hard time believing most of what he says.

    P.S. Hope those scotts didn’t put any holes in your boats. 🙂


  2. Clairepeek · May 3, 2012

    No apologies necessary Roger 🙂

    The depth of feeling is a very interesting aspect indeed and suddenly I realise why long and meaningful conversations are at the centre of my life… most of them not being of my initiative. Very helpful, thank you.

    Three words I keep in mind then volume / depth of feelings… validation… own it. Okay it is more than three words, so what…


    • RCoyne · May 4, 2012

      You’re quite welcome, ladies. Glad to be able to shed some light on something/ anything.
      Alas, Molly…the boats have been stolen. Robbed. Pilfered. We had two-way radios,but they were in the boats with the other stuff. We may have to establish a colony here.


  3. clarkscottroger · May 3, 2012

    lol (btw one of my favorite jokes: “Ok the answer to your problem in one word: the Wakefield Doctrine)

    we know that the key to understanding others is to infer the world that they (the other person) is witnessing, as opposed to the one that we are seeing (unless, of course we are clarks…lol)

    roger’s answers provides us with a valuable insight…(a) direct view of how a roger perceives the world and it is these ‘extra layers’ that are not normally ‘visible’ to clarks (or scotts, for that matters) that is helpful.

    It is important to remember that it is the ‘medium’ of our respective realities that is the important element….

    clarks think (and so our way to manifest in the world is in the rational/intellectual realm)

    scotts act ( and so they shout and they prod and they seduce and they push the physical world…all to get an echo of their presence in the world)

    rogers feel ( and they ‘see’ the emotional element in all people, the connections that we all have (yes, even clarks) with each other and the world at large…they are as loud as scotts but they are indirect…in a sense a roger rings the emotional bells in the other person…lol)

    and so with roger’s insights, we can look to our own, respective rogerian aspect and perhaps have more of it available to our pre-dominant selfs…

    …now about those scotts!! any one have some kibble? lol


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 4, 2012

      Thank you for your comment clarkscottroger. No one will be surprised when I say that I am in agreement with your words. In particular though, I like and find these words as it pertains to describing the rogerian worldview helpful: “…they are as loud as scotts but they are indirect…in a sense a roger rings the emotional bells in the other person…lol”)


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