The Edge of life lessons, tough love and the Cat…

There may or may not be a select few who, upon arriving at today’s post, will question the wisdom? the audacity? of writing a second post headlining…..the Cat.  Known in certain circles as Arthur, he is, (like King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table), a legend.  The origins of this legend?  A small, southern Rhode Island community circa early 1980’s.  All I can say, dear readers, is that the feline in question (for those who have witnessed) is a Diety among Dieties.  And someone you do not want to mess with!    

If you have any doubts about what I have written thus far you have to go no further than here .  I dare you to ask the Ragman how it was he found himself in the parking lot of The Wakefield Mall this past Saturday night, a little before 8:00 pm EST, standing, waiting beside his car.  He will tell you he was there ostensibly to physically participate in the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In Show“No, he did not step into a black Lincoln Town Car with tinted windows but he might as well have….”

If we are lucky enough, there will be a person (or the Cat) who crosses our path and demonstrates for us that life, reality itself isn’t always, shall we say, linear.  They will lead by example, show us the ropes and in the case of the Cat, demonstrate that Magic is as real as the keyboard I am using to form these sentences. 

You see in the picture, the Cat (Arthur) and his young acolyte (Jamaal).  (“Why yes, fortune did look favorably upon Jamaal the day Arthur took him under His paw.”)  You know what is amazing?  Never, during his brief tutelage, did Jamaal ever question or complain about his training.  Not when he found himself snatched up by the scruff of his fluffy little neck, dangling precariously from Arthur’s mouth (for purposes of relocation more pleasing to the Cat); not when he found himself flung (in a single swipe from the larger than life paw) to the far side of the couch because he was blocking the Cat’s view of the T.V. (“hey, it was the playoffs for goodness sake.  what’s a Diety to do?”)  In Jamaal’s young and formative mind, hanging from the jaw of the Cat now and again or being “helped” to the other side of  the couch was simple payment for life lessons learned.

Lessons such as “the act of looking is not the same as the act of seeing”.  Or that “not seeing a thing doesn’t necesssarily mean it does not exist”.  It is true that very early on Jamaal learned to never lose sight of the Cat, even while engaging in something as simple and congenial as taking nourishment together.  You can’t see it in the picture but our little acolyte, without lifting his tiny head is, in fact, periodically looking at his Mentor.  You know, just in case….     

 [did someone over at that other blog make mention of good bass playing? I got your bass playing right here buddy.  right here.  oh, btw, there is more to come.  and heads up – it’s gonna take a big ole lint brush to clean up all the cat hair]   

3 thoughts on “The Edge of life lessons, tough love and the Cat…

  1. RCoyne May 15, 2012 / 8:53 pm

    Ok, now. This is the second time…I distinctly remember Arthur ( in this timeframe) as being much, much older, battle-scarred, with a cast on his arm. In these two, he’s much younger. Or do I just have gaping holes in my grey matter? And yes , they’re arms, if he says so.
    Nice to see the old place…pretty cozy, for a hovel…


    • GirlieOnTheEdge May 16, 2012 / 8:04 am

      “in this timeframe”. Damn what a potent little group of words.
      Thank you for your comment for it, and the conversation I had a short time ago with clarkscottroger, has convinced me that the Story needs to be written. You know. For posterity’s sake.
      The cast was on his right arm. I can provide pics. (of course lol)
      Younger? Gaping holes? Battle scarred? Older than the stars?
      The few pictures I have of the Cat were taken at the old place. Which does raise the question of age.* From his arrival at Treasure Road to his subsequent arrival at the “hovel” I see a personage that knows no age. But then, that is the lens through which I see.


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