H-edging my bets by backing off? No Way!

What a funny idea! LOL  Back off? A clark back away? Don’t think so.  Sure, I may have been in a funk for a while.  Alright –  a LONG while.  But I’m back.  And baby, am I ever.  So guten tag to all you fellow soldiers of the “what happened to my life and how do I get it back?” brigade. 

So here’s the deal.  If you don’t know it yet ‘cuz you ‘re the new kid, I am a self-declared clarklike female.  So what does that mean?  It is a most excellent question and  I would love to be able to give you a simple, succinct description of the clarklike female.  Does this help?  Textbook definition would say that it is the way I look at life.  You know, the lens that filters my perception of the world and everything/everyone in it.   My characteristic behavior(s) is based on how I view the world…as a clark

…being of the female persuasion, it means (among other things) I have a “unique” fashion sense.    Accessorization of the little black dress takes on a whole new meaning for a clarklike female LOL  Don’t believe me? Go ask a couple of them like  Molly or Claire.  You could even inquire of or our very own scottian princess (AKH of Doctrine notariety).  And don’t forget to ask about the footwear thing.  No, it’s not just that we enjoy unique coverings for our feet.  It is the pairing of those coverings with what we are wearing that sometimes has people scratching their heads.  Yes, these are descriptions of physical identifiers only but listen, I didn’t intend to expound upon the Wakefield Doctrine. “That’s not what it looks like to me.” 

“What? Examples of clarklike females?” Consider:  Uma Thurman, Kristin Stewart, Gwen Stefani, Byrdie, oh and the patron saint of we like women Diane Keaton …….. Geez, just click on the link and visit the Wakefield Doctrine,  already.  Take a gander.  If nothing else, visit the About, Clarks, Scotts, and Rogers Pages.  I’d like to get into the definitions and explanations of Doctrine things but frankly, I am finding myself way-ay off course.  I was talking about hedges?  Edges? Gambling?  “WTF! WHO got me off track?!  Yo!  In the back row!!  Stop it!!!”

Is there an original contiguous thought left in my head?!  Sorry, guess I lost the moment.  So like a clark to get distracted like this.  It all starts out rather simply, innocuously even – let me just check a vid for that link and a clip for  this… then I start thinking of other things until….well, you know until.   The original thought has morphed into something else and I am left looking at the clock thinking “damn, if I didn’t have to go and be a volunteer librarien-ette today then I could write a really cool post.  SureRi-ight.  Always with a circumstance to stand in for what might have been for what could be and will be when I have more time to myself when I’m by myself to think and create and focus…  (sigh)   

Bottom line?  I lost it.  Will have to be satisfied with h-edging my bets that I can bow out gracefully and move on.  For now – here’s a post with lots of links to a great blog.  The Wakefield Doctrine is fun and funny, it’s life changing, well written and there’s a whole bunch of really cool people that hang out there.  If you’ve got a sense of humor, some imagination and an open mind then I am sure you will find something there that made it worth the trip.   

It’s nighttime now and Girlie’s looking for the road to brigadoon. Guten nocht my friends.



  1. Jennifer Wilson · June 24, 2012

    Seeing the link http://wakefielddoctrine.com/2012/02/23/clarklike-females-part-1-and-you-sure-that-they-are-not-just-stuck-up-the-wakefield-doctrine-and-personality-types/ to “clarklike females ( Part 1) …”and you are sure that they are not just stuck-up?” the Wakefield Doctrine and personality types I just couldn’t resist re-posting to Facebook. How would you hedge your bet? Clark-like female? Scottian female? We’ll see what the facebookers have to say. My bet is that it’ll be mostly males that respond (probably in an un-Doctrine way)

    Thanks Girlie!


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