I’m in love with Mickey Rourke. Signed, GirlieOnTheEdge

Today I’m in love with Mickey Rourke.  “Why?”  Well, I was doing a little research and found myself at the You Tube.  Got to looking at some MR vids… damn, he was a hunk in his younger days.  Gorgeous hair (sigh).  “No, no, I haven’t seen all of his movies.  Not even close.”  The list is quite extensive.  Older readers may remember him from movies like Diner, Body Heat and 9 1/2 weeks.   I never saw Rumblefish or Pope of Greenwich Village.  But Sin City was ground breaking no?  (don’t get me going on Robert Rodriguez!) 

Today Mickey Rourke is one of my favorite actors.  He fascinates and impresses me.  The intensity with which he imbues his characters…melts me.  Yes, good acting (for the most part) but it’s his ability to immerse himself so completely into a role that dents my soul.  How does he do it?  You totally believe he is that person.  He appears to  completely surrender himself to the character the writer has put before him.  Good acting?  Sure.  But what is it that allows an actor, to find the place where the present, literally, does not exist?  What do they do with their own life when it’s time to be someone else?  A made up character with a made up life complete with all the accoutrements?  Look at the character Harry Angel of the film Angel Heart.  A most excellent movie (in my opinion), with very fine performances from all.  Click on this link  “I know who I am”  and tell me this is not “good acting” (love DeNiro in this role. dee-lish.)  Btw Molly, this one’s for you.    

So how is it Mickey can do this thing?  Can so totally “be” the character?  Part of the answer is that Mickey is one of my people.  He’s a clark.  Perpetually tortured (self tortured), living inside his head, the internal world, while at the same time attempting to interact with the outer world.  You know – with all you other people out there!  The Wakefield Doctrine tells us that clarks view/consider themselves in some measure ( by others)  as outsiders, “blue monkeys” as they say over at the WD Blog.  What else do we know about clarks?  Well, seems we like people are sometimes considered/seen as all or some of the following:  aloof, distant, snobby, unfriendly, fearful, passive, quiet, weird, nerdy, brainiaclike.  At the same time, we are very often considered funny, creative, friendly, compassionate, unconventional, talented, freaks.  (“talented freaks”.  like it! of course, I do!)

I’ve ridden the Tube in London, the T in Boston, the Metro in DC and many a midnight train out of Kingston, R.I.  In all of those instances, I felt the lure of “drifting”, if only for the duration of the trip, to a place that wasn’t in the present.  I imagine that for an actor, approaching a role might be like that.  Like taking a trip where the scenery is different, people are different and there is an opportunity to stop the world that is everyday life.  Sounds pretty magical to me.

Today, I seem to have wandered off course!  Mickey Rourke to acting to clarks to the Wakefield Doctrine to rail travel.  Topics aplenty that could/should be expounded upon.  Such a tease.  “Is there any way to wrap this up in a more contiguous way?”   

Not today.  Today I’m just in love with Mickey Rourke.  Signed, GirlieOnTheEdge



  1. clarkscottroger · July 5, 2012

    there may a hint as to the nature of the dilema confronting all clarks at one time or another…the problem of invisibility.
    (if you are a clark, and the chances are pretty damn good that you are)… you have had the experience of going out into the world on a day like any other day, and realize that you are effectively invisible! You talk but nobody hears… you react and nobody notices…you want and well, that happens all the time lol

    So the mechanism, the nature of the thing that allows Mr Rourke to be such a good actor might be related, non?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 5, 2012

      Oui. What is kinda cool about knowing the Doctrine and thereby being able to identify Mr. Rourke as a clark is having that fact confirmed simply by watching/listening to him in various interviews. In all manner of things he is a clark. Now, were you to ask Mr. Rourke (in your own interview) if he ever felt as if sometimes he felt invisible my guess would be that he would answer in the affirmative.
      Again, we have some consensus but at the end of the day what does it do for people reading this blog and these comments? My hope is that there are some curious enough to click on the Wakefield Doctrine link and take a look at what seriously is virtually a foolproof tool. Tool for what? Anything and everything is the simple and vague answer.
      One of the basics tenets of the Doctrine is, if you know how a person views the world, the personal reality that exists for that person, then it follows you can know how they will act and react (in that world). Talk about advantage!! Totally. No more floundering about trying to figure out how to interact smoothly (or not) with that person. All I can say is, if a person has the patience to learn a foreign language then that individual has the patience to learn the the Wakfield Doctrine aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers. And will forever be changed.


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