Resources at the Edge. Renewable or Sustainable?

“Nothing is scarier than the truth”….  “Would it tear you apart…would you scream it from the rooftops down until it’s over and you’re older…” 

Alright.  Today was a bad day.  No, no.  This is not one of those.  I don’t have those “gee, I had a bad day today – my boss yelled at me, I had 3 people quit on me, my husband/wife wrecked the car, my ipad got stolen…,”.  At least in my mind I don’t.  I don’t have “a bad day”  like that because I don’t measure it against the backdrop of a typical ok, moving along at a pleasant pace, life.  Life for this Girlie has taken a detour -a rather wide gaping turn to the left at that.  Stopping  just this side of ,well, you know where.  So how do I qualify a “bad day”?

In case I don’t mention it elsewhere, include this post in the “bad day” as already I’m off to a not so good start.  The rogers who are reading have already pointed their cursors (in unison) to the back button or, at the very least, are now giving their computers a verbal cue to “abort present page and go to…” 

I know!!  The writing is stodgy, the flow not so flowy and the context…is there any?!  (“What the hell is she talking about” is what you’re really saying)  I mean, where’s the feeling, man?  Where’s the special k of an enjoyable GirlieOnTheEdge post?    Damn.  I know what you’re thinking and I agree. (the post stinks. get it outta here!)  What constitutes a bad day is extremely subjective.  For me, a bad day is one in which I do not feel as if I have been productive.  And I’m not talking silly shit like cleaning the house, walking the dog or anything like that.  I’m talking about the kind of bad day where I flounder about like the proverbial fish out of water.  How awful is that?  Have you seen a fish flail around on the hard, dry ground gasping for air, trying to find it’s way back to it’s watery habitat where only minutes ago it was happy and carefree?!

The one thing I realize at the end of this non-productive day is that I sort of redeemed myself and the day (if  just a teeny tiny bit. no? really?) by sitting down at the computer and coming here.  To the Edge.  One more time.   One more time to throw some words up on the giant (only in my mind) screen in hopes that one day I will get better at doing this thing and that one day I may know that others enjoy it as much as I do. 

Note to the clarks out there
:  1) Yes, lists are good; 2)  Prioritized lists are better and realistic ones more so; 3) Ya better have a backup plan* to the original because without it, there’s a chance you may feel a fish out of water; 4) Never take your eye off of Distraction.
* The word “plan”, especially if capitalized, should be tossed from your vocabulary.  Hint: subsitute the word “option”.  Sounds more relevant and feels a tad less odious.  LOL

Also, to my friend Lunchbox Lenny  – “it’s OK Lenn, to be this way.  To write this way, ya know, as a clark to clarks, every once in a while.  Because I know they’ll get something, somehow out of this jumbltron ‘o words:)”      

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