The Edge-like quality of Nostalgia down in jungleland…

Welcome readers.  I have been Girlie for what seems time immemorial and “officially” GirlieOnTheEdge for almost 2 years.  But has it only been 2 years?  Naah.  I’ve been walking the edge my entire life.  I am a clark.  Sure I can sit here and try to describe what that means but I won’t.  For that, I will once again refer you to the Wakefield Doctrine, aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  I do this for several reasons, the most important NOT being that I am known as DS1 over there.  LOL

The theory is amazingly simple and ridiculously verifiable.  As with any theory, the basics are the easist to learn.  And, as with any theory, it is when you begin to identify, corroborate and apply those basics to your life that you begin to see the threads throughout.  OK.  I’ll try this again only not be so vague and abstract.  You know…. clarklike.

As we say at the Doctrine, “it is for you, not them”.  Simple really.  If you have a desire to better yourself, to explore why you behave and/or react to certain situations or (types of) people in particular ways or you simply want a better/clearer understanding about the whys? and wtf’s! as a result of daily interface(ing) with our fellow humans, then I must insist you explore the Wakefield Doctrine.  The most important detail here?  It’s free!  Not so for most of your “Life Coaching 101″, Turn Your Life Around in 10 Weeks or Less”, Stand on Your Head Facing East Only”  kinds of classes, books, and/or seminars.

I read an article in a back issue of Elle Magazine (March 2012 if you want to read the entire article) espousing the wonders of a life coach by the name of Laurie Gerber, “who is the president of the executive life-coaching firm The Handel Group”.  On page 3 of this article, in big block letters is the quote by author Bliss Broyard  “My life coach told me her unofficial motto is “Maybe it’s you.”  Huh.  Sounding vaguely familiar, no?  The self help industry will never go out of business, it will never not be filled with a multitude of individuals and groups “offering” (fill in your own blank)  Hey, if some folks are able to pay a “life coach” $300/hr more power to them.  If it’s validation from a large group or validation of method by means of “popularity” that you are looking for well, you won’t quite find that at the Wakefield Doctrine.. .  yet.   

The Wakefield Doctrine doesn’t offer action packed exercise classes, or group therapy, unless you consider the Saturday Night Drive Call in Show group therapy. LOL  Actually, those weekly calls can be quite enlightening. [on Saturday night between the hours of 8:00 PM EST and 8:45 PM call this number:  1-218-339-0422.  Listen carefully for the prompt then enter this number: 512103 followed by the # sign.  You will figure out the rest.  BTW, tomorrow is Saturday. Just sayin’] There are actual human voices (FOTD’s)  discussing in real time how the Doctrine works, and all the benefits to be had from knowing the Wakefield Doctrine“Yes, there’s laughter too!”     Plain and simple, it’s a tool with which to  affect change.  Knowing even the basics of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers already gives you an advantage over the next person who does not know of the theory of csrs.  Tell me this – who does not want or need an advantage in today’s world/market?

As I write this, I can’t help but feel that this particular post will be taken seriously by more women than men.  Sorry guys, no disrespect meant and I hope you don’t get your panites in a bunch but you see, women are natural leaders, they are the first consumers, they are the test market of the world.  They are innovators and risk takers. Women will look long and honestly at themselves and always ask why? and then, why not?  We are flexible, open to discussion, exploration and moving forward.  For those reasons alone, we can see the simplicity in the premise that with adjustments, enhancements and sometimes the smallest of nuanced change in our own behavior(s) we can alter what is.  Self-development/improvement is not synonymous with drastic or overly obvious manifestation(s).  It is more often than not the result of a multitude of smaller changes over time. 



  1. clarkscottroger · August 10, 2012

    and the cool thing about the Doctrine (as you alluded to) is that everyone around you will know how to act like the clarks, scotts and rogers that they are! without your having to say a thing (and…it might be best that you hold up on letting them know…at least at first….specially with the scotts and definately with the rogers…you can tell them, lets say… right after never! lol)
    and the call-in show? is fun, not nearly as weird as it might sound ‘on paper’, there is a good chance that you will find it like nothing else you have done before ( damn, just lost the rogerian Readers), but you clarks and scotts? call in yo

    the girlpower angle? there is appearing some suggestive andecdotal evidence of the possibility for what you are describing… (hey!! he said suggestive!!!) topic for discussionation, for sure.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 10, 2012

      Yes, the “girlpower angle“… Care to start the conversation?

      As to the call in show, it’s true. Sounds scary. Who would call in to a stranger? How would a person new to the Wakefield Doctrine know that every Saturday there is a minimum of 3 individuals who are on the line talking Doctrine and all manner of things.

      With the exception of the progenitor roger calling in, I frankly do not believe any roger will call in in the near future. I had been believing that a certain Mr. Crabtree of the Texas Crabtrees was going to call in last week. But alas he did not. If he has read my post today then he now has the number to call in tomorrow. But I better not put money on it…he is a roger after all! (sorry Crabman gotta tell it like it is. ya got to prove me wrong bro) However, there is another Crabtree that has called in to the Doctrine. That would be one Alex Crabtree of the Ohio Crabtrees. A scott through and through. Perhaps we’ll hear the sound of a train whistle sometime around 8:15 tomorrow night. Or maybe….

      We just go about our day each day in the knowledge that all behavior can be explained by the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.
      Thanks for stopping by:)


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