Kitchens are for dancing, so says GirlieOnTheEdge

September.  A hugely popular month for all sorts of things – most schools begin a new year, the season folds into fall midway…. and it’s a popular month for nostalgic indulgance. (No, I will not have the Green Day vid at the end of this although I do love that song. lol)  Happy memories, sad memories, exciting memories.  There is a myriad of emotion swirling around like crunchy, wind blown leaves this month.  So let’s call it Memory Month!

I have RCoyne of Rag of the Year fame to thank for today’s title.  He left a comment yesterday on my Aug. 31 post “Hey Ma! Never knew you were so Edgewise….Thank you” in which he reminded me of a very special activity.  I am sure he will not mind me re-posting his comment here:

“Happy are the downsprings who know that kitchens are really for dancing in.
( That was in a fortune cookie…well, at least should be in a fortune cookie.)”

The exact origins of the “kitchen dance”  may very well be laid at the feet of my mother (no pun intended!), and yet the romantic in me thinks (and hopes) that it is generational in nature.  Passed down, daughter to daughter.  I am certain that my  sister has “educated” her own daughter in this most propitious activity.

What exactly is it?  It is the unique expression of/indulgance in/escape from the moment that is.   And sharing that moment with someone else.  It’s the invitation to take a little, slow Astaire around the kitchen.  Room dimension is immaterial as Albert’s got nothing on the time/space continuum when 2 people begin dancing in the kitchen.  

In younger days, the dancing was most often indulged in around the holidays or special occaisions and, more often than not, in stockinged feet.  It’s a thing that was/is spontaneous, it’s the invitation to someone to move with you within a space not defined, a space without limits and where the music never has to end.

“Don’t forget to dance…don’t forget to smile… don’t forget to dance…if only for awhile…..don’t forget to dance….forget it for awhile….” 



7 thoughts on “Kitchens are for dancing, so says GirlieOnTheEdge

  1. A question, for the historical perspective: did the boys participate? I can picture it, but only if they were in handcuffs, blindfolded, and with a gun upside their heads…


    1. LOL… The boys did participate but not often and when they did it was
      pretty much always under duress. Why is it so many men do not like to dance?!
      You my friend, if I am not mistaken, were danced round a kitchen your own
      self once upon a time. It may have been after much coaxing, however I am
      not thinking there were handcuffs or guns involved.
      Having said that, there are some men who would be happy to
      participate in such a thing with a promise of handcuffs and blindfolds
      (later) but this is a “family” site, therefore I cannot elaborate further:)


      1. Jennifer

        I could but you’d probably censor me. lol
        But seriously I recently met a guy who actually takes
        dance twice a week as well as Taekwondo twice a
        week. Pretty cool I think.


        1. We shall have to leave some things to our readers imaginations:)
          Good for him. He must no doubt be in excellent physical condition.
          I remember taking ballet in college for some “easy credits”.
          What a workout! I both regretted that class and was glad that I
          took it! Can you say cardio-vascular? LOL


  2. martha

    aww – remember those dancing days well. have a picture somewhere of Mom and I doing the Lindy in the living room:) i know we were minus the shoes – and it was a holiday. tho mom did the once in awhile twirl in the kitchen.


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