You want Br-Edge-fast in bed?!

Damn straight I want it in bed!  Why not?  

Man….what do you do when you have a post title and nothing else? (Many of you know what I’m talking about….right?) Today’s post title appeared out of nowhere, rolled off my brain tongue onto the keyboard.  I typed it carefully in that auspicious spot at the top only to what? Have it mock me?  I mean, there should be at minimum 2000 letters racing  this very minute to put themselves together to form words.  And not just any words.  Creatively placed words, words formed in pleasing configurations, words that when read confer upon the reader all manner of postive emotion(s).

So I ask again, “Br-Edge-fast in bed?”.  Honestly, why the heck not.  For most of my life I have done the most pleasant of things in bed (you can do that in wa-ay more places than bed, trust me. LOL).  For example, I love to read in bed.  Morning reading as well as night reading.  Morning reading… at just the right hour, as dawn starts to slip through the cracks in the window, when early morning silence is as soft as chenille and I’m all co-zee among the pillows…delicious. 

Then there’s nightime reading…..this requires a specific starting position and ending position.  Sometimes.  For today’s purposes, I will refer to the side on side positioning relegated to nightime reading.  While fully awake and taking no beverage with you, get into or onto the bed.  Being under the covers is not a requirement for nighttime reading as it is for morning reading. What is required is that you read more or less while lying on your side, the pillow(s) scrunched just so (feather or down pillows will fold in half beautifully), so that you are not completely horizontal.  After about 20 minutes or so, switch to your other side. 

Now this is where it gets tricky.  If you are using a bedside table lamp when you switch to the “other” side the lighting will have changed.  It will be more of a strain on your eyes.  This, my friends, can be a hazard.  The strain becomes such that, unless the book is absolutely riveting, your eyes are going to get tired and you are going to drift.  And you will most likely have lost your place.  Without having turned back to the other side.  The side where the light shines more brightly.  The side where the words and their meanings can be seen more clearly.    

Br-Edge-fast in bed?  Please.



  1. clarkscottroger · September 17, 2012

    I will use (and then credit source*) a phrase that I trust is origninal and un-heard** by all Readers, save one: ‘aerobics for the eyes’ is my current use for books and beds!

    * the Progenitor roger is the source that I am providing to any, properly credentialled agency with an interest and such

    **is an important consideration, this ‘un-heard’ state, otherwise viewed with sufficient magnification, one would see all the little, tiny scratch marks left by the cilia of the ears what heard this phrase first! This is not spurious or otherwise non-serious! I am a person for whom, a newspaper can exist in an un-read and a read state. And I can damn well tell the difference! Of course, this was an issue in the past when I cared about reading the newspaper. I do not care to read the newspaper anymore…I will admit to ‘looking at’ the newspaper while consuming heat-damaged bakery products, bit Read? no.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 17, 2012

      I do like that phrase “aerobics for the eyes”. Bravo you, bravo the Progenitor roger.
      There is all manner of possibilities with the reading thing, especially at night the least of which is the potential impact upon one’s dreaming…..
      Nice of you to stop in and discuss a literal interpretaion of this post. LOL

      Curious – what is it you “see” when you look, but not read, the newspaper while consuming your damaged baked goods? And does it have any impact/and or use as you proceed about the day?


      • clarkscottroger · September 17, 2012

        I see why it is I have choosen to consciously
        avoid exposure to the media of current events
        (newspapers, radio, ‘TV’ and, most importantly, conversation*).
        I look at headlines, when I see that they are
        especially egregious, I avert my eyes with a
        sense of satisfaction that in a good sense is
        the virtue of a sense of self-respect, in the
        bad sense the rightousness of the
        religiously/culturally impaired.
        I always remember why it is that I
        avoid this mental/spiritual poison and
        feel renewed resolve.

        * this is the trust test of the determination one
        has to avoid the spirit sapping stuff that we are
        all being bombarded with every damn day… you are
        in your office and someone says, “and we should….
        because they… and god is on our side…except for
        the weather, which is our fault for bringing one….
        except the goddamn scientist’
        this is the time that will try your resolve, because
        if you are willing to shut out all the current events
        then you cannot indulge in the single comment!
        No near-beer allowed! lol
        …and besides, you will not want to advertise your
        position on current events…you will otherwise get
        a bunch of bullshit about how ‘you can’t go through
        life without knowing whats going on in the world!!’

        the answer, of course is, ‘yes, yes you can!’


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 17, 2012

          I agree that one can remove oneself from the
          onslaught of “news” that is generated each day.
          You are correct in that it does indeed take determination
          and a great deal of resolve. And I can tell you – it’s
          good for you in the way a good diet is: promotes better
          health and energy!!
          It used to be that I would be able to go about a
          week without looking at the news or a newspaper. But then
          I would take that first glance, you know, just a little
          and then it was over.
          But I kept at it and now I am woefully “unaware” of oh
          so many “events” and facts and such. Why, when Neil Armstrong
          died I was clueless until 2 days after the fact!
          But the important note to make for oneself is what will be
          accomplished with the time saved, the energy not expended,
          the attention that can now be directed elsewhere……


  2. Jennifer Wilson · September 18, 2012

    No newspapers. No news. Hell, no T.V.

    In bed? Yes that’s the most typical place… and
    that’s all I’ll say on that. Being a scottian female
    that’s a tough thing to do. But since “that” is not the subject of your post I will respectfully keep it to myself.

    By the way, how the heck do you read in bed in the morning? Not position-wise. Personally I wouldn’t be able to. Need to get up, have my tea and check my e-mails. I suppose that qualifies for morning reading. But in bed? Wouldn’t be able to do it.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 18, 2012

      Well, I guess the reply that was just sitting here
      was not meant to be as I seem to have deleted
      it by accident!!
      The reading in bed is an indulgance. A rather pleasant
      self indulgance. For me, it is associated with seasons,
      in particular fall. Once upon a time, when I lived
      in a land where fall was special(to me), it was great
      to every now and then awaken in magical early morning
      light, when the air began turning brisk, just enough to
      cause you to have to pull up the covers a wee bit more…
      and reach for a book, it could even be a magazine
      and just for a little while escape/wander/travel….


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