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I’m on a Ramones kick right now.  Theirs is an amazing story.  Their music is amazing.  “Yes, I did just say that”.  Listen to it.  Upbeat, happy high energy, Jan & Dean inspired, weird ass shit.  Puts a smile on my face every time and it gets me where I need to be.  Besides,  it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play on bass!  Sure, everyone knows “I Wanna be Sedated” and “Rock ‘n Roll High School”  but what about one of my all time favorites Bonzo Goes To Bitburg?  Huh?  Ramones Mania is the only Ramones cd I’ve got but it’s enough to get me by.

One of my brothers took me to my very first concert – Johnny Winter.  (Note to self: future post on Johnny, “Life is Hard and Then you Die, Winter).  There were 2 other bands opening.  Middle band was Leslie West (yes, I am in “relic” contention).  The very first opening act?  Correctomundo!  The Ramones.  I can still see the frenetic movement of black leather jackets, white shirts and of course Joey’s signature hair.  It was quite a rowdy crowd, lots of drunk people, an arena full of 15 – 20 somethings looking for a rockin’ good time. LOL

I felt bad.  When the booing began.  Yup, the Ramones were eventually booed off the stage.  But ya know what, Leslie was booted early too.  It was Johnny everyone wanted to see – Johnny Winter, not Johnny Ramone.  A shame.  This was at the advent of their career, no accolades yet as the first punk band, etc.  They were still raw and…..original.  

There’s a story from when the Ramones played a show in London very early on.  A couple of members of the Clash were in the audience.  After the show, it was either Johnny or Dee Dee who asked Paul Simonon if they were playing out.  Paul’s response was “no we just rehearse….we’re not good enough yet….” to which Johnny (or Dee Dee) responded  “hey, we suck man … just get out there and do it….”.

Here’s to everyone out there still trying……
Yours truly,
Girlie(OnTheEdge) Ramone

P.S.  Anyone else think that Joey Ramone was a clark?



  1. RCoyne · October 10, 2012

    Could the great state of Florida possibly be fomenting a Ramones cover band?
    Is fomenting a real word? You still have that Aria bass? You’ll need a bigger amp.
    Bet you can find an old SVT pretty cheap, but you’ll need two roadies to carry it. Striped shirts at Old Navy, too. And you really should get a Mosrite bass, or maybe an Eastman copy of a Mosrite bass. Maybe I’ve had way way too much coffee.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 10, 2012

      Ssh…don’t be leaking the news prematurely. LOL
      Yes, yes it is a real word …..
      But of course! I will never part with my first and only bass:) Sadly, I have not played any Ramones on her. Have been favoring a ’90 Gibson Thunderbird. When the Aria gets new strings, she get some hours.
      You’re right! Should be thinking about that rig. And right again! I’d need at least 2 strapping, striped shirted young men to haul that SVT. Everybody in horizontal stripes!!!!!
      Ah, the back up bass. Maybe a red one…..
      Will be looking for a manager…You could double as security! LOL
      Download some Ramones into yer earpiece, grab another coffee and I guarantee you will have the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Na, na, na, na, na


      • RCoyne · October 10, 2012

        Ooh, nice. Those are great basses, and very collectable too.


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