James Brown played baseball…briefly on the Edge

Believe it.  The “godfather of soul” played semi-professional baseball.  His life was hard, his determination fierce.  He was a man with a mission.  James Brown a scott?  Well, we will leave that to the folks over at the Wakefield Doctrine to comment on that one. LOL. 

I don’t know that it was all that common for performers at the time of Mr. Brown’s up and coming to have 2 of  every type of musician/performer in their band – 2 or 3 guitar players, 2 bass players, 2 drummers and that’s in addition to percussion!  Let us not forget the horn section and the everpresent, ubiquitous “backup” singers.  Poppa did have a brand new bag…and I for one, carry it on occaision.

Mr. Brown is my companion today.  Not the “Mr. Brown” from one of my all time favorite movies.  Not today.  Today we’re dancing to the beat of soul searching funk, we are down and dirty with the Godfather of Soul.  No morass of a Monday bogging me down!  Anyone can dance on a Monday, you just have to know who to tune into.  Who is it you want on the soundtrack of your first day of the new week? 

Be careful people.  Be careful.  There’s power in music stronger and more potent than anything known to man.   Use it wisely.  For your own benefit and the good of others.  Dance when you have to, sing if so moved and above all share when you feel good….


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