! Someone’s been talkin’ bout GirlieOnTheEdge?

Good day!  I would like to thank Clark for the “shout out” over at his blog the Wakefield Doctrine.  I have been attempting to follow, however slowly, many of the folks he’s mentioned recently who make up the tremendously varied world of Bloppy Bloggers.  Who are they?  They are a diverse, dedicated, prolific and talented group of writers.  Truth be told, they’re all a tad intimidating!   You see,  I’ve  been suffering from a rather extended bout of writer’s block these last couple of months.  To add insult to injury, I’ve been bogged down since last week with the “galloping crud” (as my Mom would say).  Somehow, knowing this group is out there gives me hope I can get over myself  (and the “crud”) and get back to writing! 

The HUGE lesson I’ve gotten from trying to keep up with the various writers of the BB Group is that the key is:  write, write, write!  What I don’t know is how in the world these people (you people of the BB’s) do it?!  Truly, I have great admiration for the intense dedication this group of writers’ have for their craft.    

In keeping with the tradition of receiving an honorable mention, I would like to pass the Blog of The Year 2012 to the nominees below.    

Cyndi Calhoun at Pictmilitude.  Maybe, just maybe it is coincidence that she also is a clarklike female. LOL   Hers was one of the first blogs I visited after Clark turned me onto the Bloppy Blogger Group.  I thoroughly enjoy the blending of Cyndi’s take on subjects and life. Her photographer’s eye is tres cool.  Having dabbled in photography myself, I had an immediate  interest in a blog that combined writing and the taking of pictures – art through pen and lens.

Michele L at Muses.  I first “met” Michele when she commented at the Wakefield Doctrine Blog.  She was pretty certain she was a roger.  So was I after reading her comment but I knew if I went to her blog I could probably tell right away. Sure enough:) Michele writes with ease and keeps the material coming! Love the poetry and the fact that she just “mixes” it up.

Roger Coyne at the Secessionist Rag.  Roger’s blog of “eclectic scribblings” is truly that.  He can be talking music one day and civil war history the next, sharing recipes or gardening advice then be describing firearms of the early west.   He has a really pleasant way with words.  A way that often has the story telling itself.    

Molly M. has a place called Journey which leads to other places of intentional words.  Of writing and creativity, insight and humor and wisdom.  A modern day frontierswoman, she loves James Hetfield and that’s ok by me.  I love Metallica!  She is multi-talented, multi-faceted.  She should write more.

Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine.  (Got to do this).  The Wakefield Doctrine blog speaks humorously and intelligently about life, relationships and how easily we can learn to understand the people that make up our individual worlds.  the Wakefield Doctrine, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers is the most valuable tool I possess.  You can’t stop writing.  Ever.

P.S.!  For anyone who read this post upon first publication, this is an addendum.   Seems in my total state of headcoldedness, I failed to stick to format (gee, a clark sticking to format. go figure. LOL).  A cool little part of being named in this Blog Award is that those nominated reveal 7 (you sure it’s 7 and not 5?) things not commonly known to others or even to themselves!  Here goes (hope I got this right):

1) I seem to have a hidden talent for using chop saws – accuracy and latent “joe carpenter” instincts?  Who knew?!

2) most folks don’t know that my favorite movie genre is martial arts, followed by any kind of action movie with well done violence (yes, that may be controversial but there’s no hiding the truth)

3) Even though they are frightening to look at, I still feel guilty for having the occaisional HUGE-ass Florida spiders (better include snakes too) killed when they are in or near the house.

4) As much as I love living in a small beach town I cannot do without a bit of city life, ie culture, shopping, energy.

5) Speaking of – I was present in the City of Boston, MA for the very first First Night Celebration.  It was the best New Year’s ever!

6) I am not a fan of New Year celebrations although I stay up until midnight anyway.

7) My own, personal New Year begins December 26.

Thanks to all who have visited GirlieOnTheEdge.  Hopefully you have enjoyed the words here. In particular, I would like to thank the person (or persons) who, for whatever reason, keeps the post(s) Turquoise Tube Tops, Tattoos…. alive. It encourages me to keep trying!!!



  1. RCoyne · December 25, 2012

    Why in the world is it galloping? Where is it going? Are you supposed to go with it?
    And what in the world is it?
    Thank you for the kind review. Although I would rather vote for you to win an award, because your stuff is always very well thought through. You know of what you speak, and that gives it a real sense of authority.
    At work at the moment, where the Ghost of Christmas Past roams the halls, showing me the error of my ways. He’s so negative. He runs after me, shouting ” but wait…there’s more…”
    Here’s hoping you are enjoying a crud-less Christmas.
    I am so glad that I don’t even know what that means.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 26, 2012

      All very good questions but I’m afraid the answers went to the grave with my mother…I have my own definition however, it’s too gross to talk about the day after Christmas and all. lol
      You’re welcome:) I always appreciate and value your opinions on my writing.
      It was a shame you had to work on Christmas Day but surely, the Ghost was a gift? Hey, he didn’t show up in front of the building driving a cab, did he?:D
      I promise never to divulge or describe to you what it (galloping crud – eew!) means.


  2. Julie DeNeen · December 26, 2012

    So glad you have joined the BB. I look forward to getting to know you!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 26, 2012

      Thanks! I look forward to getting to know you too Julie! I don’t know if I can keep up with you and everyone in the BB, but I look forward to trying:)


      • Julie DeNeen · December 26, 2012

        That’s okay. You don’t have to keep up all the time. We’ve all
        turned our notifications off on Facebook
        because there is so much activity. 🙂 We do
        what we can! 🙂


  3. Jennifer Wilson · December 26, 2012

    Really enjoy reading your posts. As always, your post is mindful and reflective. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year!!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 26, 2012

      Thank you Jennifer. I am glad you enjoy my posts:)
      Good timing as I observe this day, December 26 as the first day of my New Year.
      Happy New Year to you as well!!


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