2012 A review at the Edge…by WordPress.com

Today’s post?  Is good-bye and thank you.  I close the door on 2012 and extend thanks to all who ventured with me at the Edge.  I look forward to opening a new door, a door that will lead me where I have not yet been.  May I see you there from time to time while I walk along a new path.

The “complete report” making up the link below and which accompanied the picture above, was recieved by yours truly yesterday.  GirlieOnTheEdge is a blog among thousands if not millions that can be found on the internet.  Each with a creative mind behind the scenes, each of those minds working at different paces, each producing unique content.  I look forward to learning, laughing and discovering even more in the coming new year as I travel to my favorite blogs and venture to new ones.

The “complete report”  includes links to some folks I have enjoyed reading and conversing with over the last year.  Please stop by their house and see what they’re up to.  Cheers!

Click here to see the complete report.


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